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The tempted willow tree

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This is a tale of sorrow and adventure, lost and freedom, where a traveller is driven by a persistance to recover a lost treasure in Elderville. He loses and finds new friends and enemies along the way. Finally he faces the tempted willow tree, what will fate bring him…

Adventure / Fantasy
Nise Z
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Chapter 1

Every bitter winter, the villagers will make a sacred offering to the tempted willow tree that lies in as the central element within the forbidden town. The ruins that lay in the old town had been untouched for centuries as dust and the dead guarded it well, the sinuous plague that broke out did its part to exsanguinate all the livestock and the people of the town. The villagers beneath the mountains heard strange melodic tunes that flowed from the wispy smoke that entrapped the town from the rest of civilisation, rich and heavy smoke hung like drapes across the whole town. Those who dared to explore the dereliction never came back, their haunted cries threaded and yarned into beautiful yet sinister notes on a piece of music. Twisted tales of the forbidden town has embodied it self into the traditions of the village, some speculate the willow tree has a God who has come to offer salvation ,other’s fear the dammed willow tree as the pure entity of Evil. The Tempted willow tree was the only thing that grew with life in a haunted town buried with the dead, its mighty stance, with thriving luscious leaves and the virescence of green glow appeared entrancing against the grey canvas of melancholy. Perhaps it was out of adulation or excessive fear which welcomed sacrifice because every year a man or woman or child was to be taken to the tempted willow tree in return, there was peace and harmony. The elder’s held no symposium’s in attempts to change a tradition that tainted their hands with blood, no one knew what happened to the people, they walked into the smoke and vanished like a trick of light. No one questioned the fatuous decisions of the elders, the villagers thought him to be wise, upset the tempted old willow and death and destruction follows, thats how the old tale goes. Maybe it was the preposterous decisions of the elders that caused the lives of the villagers to be marked with a sudden bane of being chosen next or their kin prepared, marked and due. A traveller, a man of two worlds, wandered into an infactution with the tales of the old heathen land and recalled an old bet he had to settle, gathered some what was thought to be courage and welcomed the adventure to find the fey. Wind howled and storms raged on, as he climbed the mountains to find the village in the many book’s he had read. He played his life like it was frivolous as the bitter winter dawned on, contemplating its next victim. The days pulled longer as the cold hailed down, driving it self incessantly into the traveller’s body, a warning, a gift of death at the hands of winter instead of an unprecedented beast. The cold soon became inherent among his organs, his thawed body collapsed onto land.

He awoke with several people gathered around him, his body steadfast against the floor, the cold burning away at his feet and hands. He felt as if he had been in a comatose for day. Nonchalant air drifted in and out of the shed like room he was in, a glow like orange light shimmered mesmerisingly in the corner. The eyes that stared questionably were brown and warm, ginger, blonde, black, green spills of hair escaped between gap of their heavy scarfs around their heads. Each man, child and women were dressed with heavy skins of clothes, ripped and patched over time, it wears grey bundled with animal skin. Each pair of eyes more curious than the other. Big brown eyes honest and in awe, it was as if they have never seen a foreigner or had no visiter at all. There was a young girl who stood closest to him, peering at his snow suit and his layers of buckskin trousers and aged moccasins. She had molasses of honey for eyes, iridescent to candle light, intense and vigilant and her hair, rough and coarse like rope handled into two brave plaits slithering down her chest. They were spilling like a tangled mess, bits of wooden painted symbols hung onto her braids, like amulets wearing away evil. On her head displayed the most intricate design, hand threaded markings sat like a crown on her head. They were twisted and red, it appeared to be in craved onto her naked skin. Her eyebrows glistened with icy frost, and the long lashes framed with frozen water, a heart shaped face with large doe eyes, her ears where hidden under layers of mismatched coloured scarves. Her face was the first face he saw as consciousness faltered in and out of his body.

Splash! a tsunami of water struck his face, it was icy cold and it catalysed his recovery from the frozen coma. like electrocuting every cell in his body to life, he awoke with shock, gasping deep lung falls of cold air. A plethora of murmurs arose, deep chattering and hushed voices, he couldn’t make out their words as they were fast and indecipherable. As his eyes and ears accustomed to the cold, the voices soon sounded like segmented, broken English.

He woke’ a man whispered pointing at a grimy finger at the saturated bundle of clothes, the man’s sleeves were stitched with strange bits of cloth, different textures and colours. He wore a single leather gauntlet, the tips of it peeled back to reveal fingers, calloused and rough. The other hand was bandaged with a verdant dressing, the green chunky paste leaking through the stained rolls of fabric, his figure was huge, a giant towering over the others. Bear skin transformed into a strange kilt tied around his lower abdomen, his hair was untamed like strangled shrubbery, long against his shoulders. He had a handsome face, defrosted of snow and ice.

The young girl stepped forward examining the man and his strange demeanour, his state must have startled the children as they were no where to be seen. A group of adults shifted forward on their heavy feet, scrutinising the new specimen they has found. The traveller continued to breathe heavily despite the icy wind and air piercing his lungs, he looked around the shack where he was held, the light had been a fire burned away silently, his clothes were soaked and his chestnut locks slipped away from his hat, his eyes greyed wide open like a fish jaw when it is deprived of water, he couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or water that carried a lake across his collar. glassy snow or sharp rocks has pierced its way into his heavy snow suit, as it bleed out from his clothes. A sudden excruciating pain numbed his left forearm, he must’ve grazed his arm whilst climbing or slipped from a slope. the recollection of his memories were severely damaged as all he remembered was the dripping darkness.

Who are you? What do you want?′ the girl spoke, her voice far rougher than he had anticipated, it was scratchy like a deserted animal, it was low and sounded like a growl. His teeth chattered against the cold that bled in, and his soaked clothes added another 100 pounds of weight often his often sunken body. ′ I-I am a traveller’ he began, as eyes stared bewildered and anxious, ′ i am looking for Elderville settlement’ his teeth chattered uncontrollably as he spoke, an angry sound suddenly exploded among the spectators. Groaning, shouting and cursing it sounded like an angry mob, contaminated with squeals of high voices and deep grunts. The giant man growled viscously as he stepped away outside, the door that clung onto its hinges swung open as an army of icicles plunged in, he left into the wilderness. ′ No no no elderville is gone, it will not come back... you must leave, he will take you down the mountain and away from here’ the young girl pointed to a man in an arm chair, is disfigured shadow sent shivers down his back. She retreated with apprehension and vexation, her face had glowed red when he mentioned the villages name. Annoyance seeped through her blood as the traveller persisted on finding its whereabouts.

′ Elderville is cursed, if you have come to find Elderville you must wish to die.. one has never seen the people of Elderville but if you are a traveller you must have heard of the tales’ she spoke into the fire refusing to meet his eyes, the chatter died as the people settled down around the fire.

′ no man, women or child born in Elderville lives, they are destined to die. the clouds above is the behemoth, who sings his siren tunes to lure in wanderers. their stench is carried by the wind, the agony and the pain..′ she continued, her voice firm and knowledgeable, despite the look of youth that dawned from her face, her eyes spoke with age and history. There was an unknown, resentment and guilt that resonated from her eyes. Her people sat as the ground shook, the earth pulling in to unite the community. she must be the leader he concluded i n his head, the idiosyncrasies sounded strange as her petite figure and her youth screamed vulnerability, but she will know how to find Elderville and thats all that mattered to him.

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