Whirlpool Isle

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"These Whirlpools although our greatest defense are also our greatest weakness. They keep us unaware of the outside world and all we do is pray they can't get past them. One day, someone will break through mother, you'd best remember this when the time comes."

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Grim Reunion

The morning sun shines upon the small isle and within a small village, a group of children are training their arts. In the center of the training ground an elderly tanned man is demonstrating a dance to the children. The nearby water follows his fingertips in ten small droplets as they merge to form one giant bubble of water when the hands meet. The bubble bursts as a sudden movement of the hands happens and splashes onto the faces of the children.

“That’s the basis of our Arts, children pay attention, fluid, gentle movements imitate the flow of water and sudden bursts of movement disrupt it. Take that into mind as you practice your dance.” The elderly man says, wisdom radiating from his words.

“But the whirlpools aren’t gentle at all, teach!” The voice of a young girl speaks out.

“Ah, Lynn. The whirlpools aren’t for us to understand, they guard this island from outsiders. They are our greatest benefactors.” The elderly man replies, dismissing the young girl’s comment.

The rest of the children snicker a bit before going to their own puddles of water and practising their own dance. Lynn sulks for a bit before reluctantly heading to her own puddle and doing the same thing.

As Lynn dances, her movements are stiff and her control of water weakens, eventually soaking her clothes as she fails to complete an overhead movement.

“Sigh, Lynn how many times have I got to repeat myself. Fluidity is key! Be more gentle and smooth when dancing.” The elderly man scolds Lynn.

“Yes, teach.” She replies in a monotone voice.

The sunset quickly arrives and the training ends for the day, the children head off to their respective huts and prepare for the next day. Such is life for the children here; wake up, train, sleep and repeat, there isn’t much to do other than that after all. Fishing requires a somewhat deep understanding of the arts and foraging is done by the elderly who cannot fish. Children must only focus on mastering their dance and arts.

Lynn, like many of the children, lives with her grandmother as her parents died from when she was just a baby.

“How was training today dear?” A tender, sweet voice asked the bitter child.

“Same as always Ma, teach’s always going on about fluidity but never how to achieve it! And he scolds me whenever I get it wrong! How’s any of that fair!” She exclaims like a victim.

“Well Percy has always been strict, but the others seem to get it, you know. Are you sure it’s not your attitude that’s holding you back?” Lynn’s grandmother smiles as she pats her grand daughter’s back.

“Though I suppose you are your mother’s child. It’d be too unnatural if resembled nothing like her.” She says, tears beginning to form in her eyes as she reminisces about the past.

“She used to have the same problem!” She finally says.

Lynn’s eyes brighten up as her Grandmother says this. Lynn’s mother isn’t an everyday topic, in fact she hardly knows anything about her, same with her father. It’s all shrouded in an eerie mystery.

“R-really!” She shouts excitedly. “Tell me more! How did she resolve it!” She asked, eager to learn more.

Her grandmother’s face shifts slightly. “Ah, well…” She hesitates. “She found her own way to deal with it I suppose.” She quickly ends the topic. “You should listen better to Percy! He may be old but he was once the greatest dancer in the village!”

Lynn’s expression sinks back to gloomy after hearing this. She never expected anything more than this but it didn’t make it any less disappointing. After dinner she hurried to sleep and began to dream.

Once she confirmed Lynn’s sleep, her grandmother left the house quietly. During the night the village was silent and only the sound of incoming waves, rustling leaves and the occasional seagull could be heard. Within this silence a meeting was taking place in a small cavern.

“Percival. Is it true that Lynn isn’t improving?” A stern voice asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid so.” Percival replied. “I had expected better considering her parents but her nature is much too stubborn.”

“It appears so, just like her mo-” The stern voice was cut off.

“She will not be like her mother. The same thing will not happen again.” A gentle voice interrupted the conversation, hidden within laid an uncontrollable anger.

“Y-yes, Of course not Miranda.” The stern voice backed off.

“Archie, you mustn’t forget.” Percival joined in. “She is still Miranda’s granddaughter, there’s still much hope for us.” He finished.

“Right, perhaps my old age is making me worried about the future..” Archie said, hints of a bitter sadness present in his voice. “Maybe we can stop doing the rituals for now. We haven’t had a disaster in ag-”

“Preposterous! Have you forgotten history already! They must go on without fail!” Miranda cut in, anger and rage no longer hidden behind a false gentleness.

“A-ah yes, how could I forget.” Archie said with fear. “Seems like old age really has made me forgetful.”

“Let’s calm down, we still have plenty of time before the next ritual. All will be we-”


Over in the far distance, outside the whirlpools that surround the island, a fleet of small ships are attempting to sail past the whirlpools. Wooden planks floating adrift indicating what happened to several ships.

“These damn rocks and whirlpools make one hell of a wall boss!” A rough looking man says as another ship is ripped to shreds by the violent currents.

“Well, it didn’t take me 25 years to get out of this shithole for a couple of wooden boats to get through them with ease!” A deranged voice replied. “Tell the rest of the crew that I want in, tonight!” The voice commanded.

The crew aboard the ship knew how terrifying their Captain could be and so without a second thought immediately got to work. Several pirates boarded small rowing boats and attempted to go through the whirlpools only. Seconds later the whirlpools turned red with blood and finally disappeared.

“That’s fucking right, you greedy bastards. Take all the blood you want!” The captain shouted. “Everyone that’s alive, sail forwards towards that shitty village!”

Although they’d been a fleet of 10 ships, their numbers had gone down to just a measly 2 ships and their small troops had dwindled even further. The only reason the ones remaining had left yet was fear. Fear of what their crazed Captain would do to them once they were found.

“You old fucks, we’ll meet again very soon. I look forward to it.” The captain said, laughing maniacally.

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