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City of Stars (Angel Saga #2)

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All Cecil knows is that the green gem told him he needs to find Franklin LeStrade in Pennsylvania—but the city in question is less than welcoming. While on the run from the mysterious watchers, Cecil meets a mysterious masked boy in the plains outside the city. Together, they must journey to find the true meaning of the gems and how Pennsylvania fell into disarray. Join them as they journey throughout the city, meet a colorful cast of characters, and fight to get to the bottom of the gem mystery once and for all. Could there be an even greater threat than Elle, the headstrong leader of the watchers? Find out in this mysterious, genre-bending second installment in The Angel Saga.

Adventure / Mystery
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[1] Run

Headlights rounded the corner, and Cecil knew he had to act fast. They had found him, but he couldn’t let them catch him. Not this time.

He grabbed his crowbar and broke the window, then leapt into the closed department store. He cut his leg on the way in and stumbled, hitting a shelf. Someone had to have heard that. He limped behind the store counter and hid the best he could. His heart sank as he heard the door break down. They were here — well, one of them was. Cecil frantically looked around for anything he could use to his advantage — nothing. Sitting behind the counter was bound to get him nowhere. He had to look for another exit.

He couldn’t move fast, so he figured stealth was his next best method of escape. He quietly roamed the dusty aisles until he saw an emergency exit, the words “DO NOT OPEN” written boldly on the door. The alarms would ring, but what choice did he have? He pushed open the door and moved as fast as he could, too fast to look where he was going. The store alarms blared in the distance, and his leg shot up with pain. It was torture to keep going, but he knew he would rather die than get caught. He ran down city streets until he couldn’t anymore. He fell to the sidewalk and passed out.
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