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City of Stars (Angel Saga #2)

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[2] Masked Boy

Cecil awoke some time later. He could tell he was outside of the city now, because instead of the paved streets and high buildings he was used to, he was surrounded by grass. His leg was . . . healed? Thoroughly confused, Cecil was only met with more questions when he sat up and saw a young masked boy in a hooded robe, looking right at him.

“Who are you?” Cecil asked.

The boy replied, “It’s dangerous in the city.”

“Yeah,” Cecil said. He hesitated. “Why are you dressed like that?”

“It’s better to hide your identity nowadays,” the young boy said.

“Can you at least tell me your name?”


“That’s a weird name. Where are you from?” Cecil had so many questions that he didn’t pay attention to how fast he was talking.

“I have a question for you,” Raziel said. “What were you doing in the city?”

“Personal problems. I was looking for someone, and I didn't expect things to be so bad. They’re so quick and powerful. I thought Pennsylvania was supposed to be a safe place.” Cecil rubbed his eyes and pulled a small lunchbox container out of his pocket, then opened it to reveal a green gem.

Careful to obscure it from Raziel’s vision, Cecil watched the face of the gem—and the people it showed him. One was Cecil’s target himself — the infamous Franklin LeStrade, his distinct long, red hair pulled into a tight bun. LeStrade was in conversation with a person Cecil knew simply by the name Elle, or maybe just L; he had only ever heard it spoken aloud. As head of the city’s security, they had had one or two altercations with Cecil before, and was, in fact, the one chasing him not too long ago. Cecil squinted uselessly to try and make out where LeStrade and Elle were.

Raziel tried to peer past Cecil’s hand. “What is that?”

Cecil drew the gem closer to his chest and stood. “It’s not important. Don’t worry about it.”

“Is it telling you to go back into the city? If so, you shouldn’t listen to it.”

“That’s none of your . . . shoot.” Cecil recognized where LeStrade and Elle were, now. LeStrade had been hiding out in the building just next to the department store. Cecil was so close.

“What is it?” Raziel asked.

Cecil looked down at him. “Nothing. I’ve gotta go. Uh, great meeting you, though.” He waved Raziel off and started back toward the city.

“Wait!” Raziel caught up with him. “Are you going back into the city?”

Cecil sighed. “Yes, I get it; it’s very dangerous—”

“I want to come with you.”
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