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By MinaNiler All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Wren possesses the uncanny gift for reading truth in other people's eyes. But when a new classmate challenges that ability and a shocking truth emerges, Wren must fight her own demons to rescue her peer. Book One of Trilogy.

Introduction: To Be. Or Not. Crazy

Wren Adler
January 26, 2015
Mr. T
English, Section A
To Be. Or Not. Crazy.
Then I’d want to write me all down now,
in a Truth Journal,
before I no longer knew the truth.
I’d want to stack my everything
out in the open,
English, Section A
To Be. Or Not. Crazy.
Then I’d want to write me all down now,
in a Truth Journal,
before I no longer knew the truth.
I’d want to stack my everything
out in the open,
before I eventually separated and scattered.
I’d want to swirl up into the sky to your cloud, Daddy,
before I blew across oceans to my last White Out,
or before any smudged thoughts or ripped feelings
ended up on top of a trash heap.
To Be. Or Not. Crazy.
Then I’d want a powerful back wind
to plaster my soul against a wall—
face up!
That was the assignment:
Write a “To Be” Poem
using the verb <to be> no more than twice.
Mr. T circled “White Out” and put a question mark next to it.
He underlined the ending and put a check alongside.
That wasn’t my real ending, though.
To Be. Or Not. Crazy.
Then I’d want a powerful back wind
to plaster my soul against a wall—
face up!
Because I don’t trust you, Mom.
You’re not Anne Frank’s father.
You’d totally rewrite my diary.
Wonder if Mr. T would have underlined those last three lines
and put a check alongside them.
Doesn’t matter, too personal.
And besides, they contained a 3rd <to be>.
After my last White Out,
to be or not to be crazy doesn’t matter.
To write me all down now,
while I’m still here, does.

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1. Introduction: To Be. Or Not. Crazy
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