Fragmented Stories: Space, Time and the Unworthy

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This book contains a variety of my imaginative stories, which vary based on the day, time, and weather of the environment around me. All of these stories are merely shards of their full selves, leaving the reader to be able to piece together the rest of the whole.

Adventure / Mystery
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The First Shard: Atlantis

As the sun set over the horizon, I had my eyes set on the falling sky.

“There’s only one way to fix this.” I told myself, “And It’s at the bottom of the sea.” “Hey, Jack!” I whip my head around. “You ready?” Cherie repeats. I nod, and we jump off the deck into the cold, murky sea. The water hits me like a freezing bullet. I watch the bubbles float up to the retreating surface. As Cherie and I plunge into the depths of the frozen unknown, all I can think of is what lies at the bottom of the ocean. “Hey, Jack?” My radio crackles to life. “Yeah,” I respond. “Alright, folks.” It’s the captain. “You’ve reached your maximum depth. Any more and the suits would implode. We’re sending down a pod.” “Affirmative.” I hear Cherie’s voice break the silence. Several minutes later, in the lifeless sea, some lights pierce the darkness. The pod emerges from the murky brine above us. I pull the hatch and enter the airlock. Once we get seated in the pod-submarine, I hear the engine start, and the pod lurches forward. Further, further, furthest. I watch anticipatingly for what seems like years as the ship’s depth counter slowly rises. At 3000 feet, the whole ship rumbles. “We’ve hit bottom,” Cherie announces, with a blank look on her face. “Alright,” I reply, pressing the throttle forward. We travel along the dark ocean floor, only the occasional shipwreck and small bits of debris floating through the water. I look at our radar, and it shows a massive spherical object in our path. I shake my head and rub my eyes. All so suddenly, we hit a dust cloud. “I can’t see a thing in this," I hear Cherie mutter. The dust begins to disperse. “Looks like it’s dissipating,” I say. The ship exits the could, and suddenly, we find ourselves heading at maximum speed towards a wall. “Pull Up!” I shout. Cherie doesn’t miss a moment. She jams the control upwards, and I feel the ship rise. “What the-,” Cherie says, looking out her window. I look out of mine and feel the air leave my lungs. Outside is a giant pristine blue dome, lighting up the darkness. It gleams with such light that I must turn on the U.V. filters for the windows to be able to see at all. I end up making the call: “Unit 2094 to Base? I think we’ve found something...”

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