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train boy

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As we all know, there are different types of people and not only people who travel by train but usually we do not really care about such things and just mind our own business. However sometimes this type of traveling person can turn into something quite interesting if we try to be a little bit more enthusiastic about life outside us and ours.

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

«Is this seat taken?»

«No, actually this place is there right for you.»

«Thanks, I guess.»

Then she started staring at the floor and ceiling with a little bit of uneasiness and after I assume 10 minutes of awkward silence, she asked

“Umm are you here by yourself?”

“No, I am actually not. I am waiting for someone.”

“Oh, and who is it?”

«My new friend you could say. Therefore, you do not know that person. I have been in touch with them for about two and a half month but they cannot know me. You know I am talking to them right now.»

«Okay thank you for sharing but I believe I should go right now and leave you and your friend alone. It feels a little bit awkward sitting here. Sorry and see you.»

Then she started slowly moving outside until she noticed a little note near the table, she looked at it rashly and after 7 seconds she had another glance and something sparkled in her eyes and she started mumbling smth by herself like she remembered an interesting story.

«Found something peculiar?»

“No, nothing but, can I ask you, how did you get this note?”

«Like I said before to you, I have a great friend that lend it to me, so I wanted to talk to you about it but you showed no interest in my story, so continue slowly and awkwardly walking away from here. It is your choice.»

After this sentence he smiled so innocently that any living person could not assume that he was a child that could have a sin.

After some reflection, she decided that she had nothing to lose and started slowly shuffling to the boy and then the story started.

He started the dialogue with a question that left her speechless.

«Do you use your wardrobe after THAT?»

«After what?»

“After you know the incident that happened, with your brother and the man? Did you forget or did you purposely do that? Well, anyway tell me what you remember so I could tell you what you still don’t know“


Well it was a usual morning routine getting ready for work, brushing my teeth, petting my cat, drinking hot chocolate, like - as usual but when I started looking for my clothes, there was a letter on my table that I haven’t seen before. Therefore, I decided to check it, because I don’t leave any notes, letters or papers unattended. That is why this piece of paper befuddled me.

THE NOTE stated

„Hi, it is time to get to know each other.

I miss you.”

At that moment I thought it was nothing special just some kind of a joke that my brother left at our house. That is why I didn’t pay it much attention and left it there (honestly I really wanted to throw it away because it wasn’t like my brother to joke like that but who knows), then I drank my chocolate and went outside to get my bike and then to work.

Afterwards my day continued normally. There were some meetings, a ton of papers to work through, those take most of my time and a date with my friend and a colleague at a nearby restaurant that we frequently have dinner at. It that sells the best ramen you could find with the small cute pink radishes, the ones that get posted online(and their taste is as good as their pictures). After some talk about our colleagues and a possible promotion for 2 of our team members, a courier started waving at me through the window, then he pointed at a flower that he had in his hands. I waved back at him like any normal person would do and he rushed at me looking pretty frantic and fierce and gave me a beautiful white orchid. In addition, there as you may have guessed was laying another note for me. New note had a certain smell to it that was truly enchanting but undefinable for me.

I turned it and I saw only one word in it „Our meeting is one step closer, can you feel it? “ I talked to my friends about this story and they encouraged me to have fun with this secret admirer story. Actually, I was rather skeptical and somewhat freaked about the whole situation, a meeting with a person that I don’t know about anything, THAT KNOWS MY BROTHER, MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT AND MY SCHEDULE. However nothing to freak out about but I might need to be a little bit more cautious with my personal information just a self-reference.

I wasn’t always so grumpy and unadventurous, but I had a special lore that created an evil me that is all like hate Christmas, no romance, only work, Grinch style.

In a nutshell: my parents left me and my brother when we were 10 and 4 with our aunt and went on a trip to New Zealand where they eventually settled down and each found a new lover without ever returning to us. Well, it was hard at first, not because we had, some kind of Cinderella story with our aunt but we ourselves, my brother and me believed that we were the cause of their trip and eventual divorce. That wasn’t true one bit, he just had some selfish believes that didn’t go well with having children. I figured that I have my own value and I deserve all I want to have and help my brother to fulfill his dreams. However, it happened much later on (after this story), so let`s continue our story.

After some more talking and drinks I returned home with my new orchid, placed it near the first letter from the stranger, stared at them for some time in disbelief, and went into the bathroom to take a refreshing shower that would help me collect my thoughts and calm down. I opened shower doors, turned my phone on, found perfect shower music (any type of music that you like but with a much higher volume for me it at that instance it was Kpop).

After five songs, I went out to get a towel and noticed something. The orchids color changed, before it was white as a feather of a seagull and now it became sick blue ( so blue that it looked unnatural and abnormal) without even any trace of other colors possible and the smell that actually caught my attention and the real reason I took flowers left as well. I found this course of action quite strange but still somewhat intriguing. However, all this mystery and stranger`s actions made me quite dizzy, so I wiped myself, put my pajamas on and jumped onto bed while searching for something to watch and trying to return to my usual self and forget about that. After two or three movies about puppies that can talk and help their owners in life I fell asleep. When I almost fell into my fantasy world, I noticed that my wardrobe door creaked and opened a smidge but I didn’t have enough interest or energy to pay attention to those movements.

Then it was morning.

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