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Instruments of Peril (Angel Saga #3)

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Beau Brooks, Marie Stryker, Dorothea Hendricks, and Jeff Templeston. These four teens are brought together for their musical talents by a conniving politician, Mayor Crawford, and a mysterious robot with advanced artificial intelligence called Synth. Supposedly, they need a very particular band to win a concert battle against the band of Crawford’s rival village. However, the four protagonists quickly discover that not everything is as it seems in Moonlight Harmony Village . . . Join the band as they encounter a bounty hunter, conjoined twins, an evil entity, and more in this musical third installment in The Angel Saga.

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:

1: Horse Education

“Our ancestors had to fight to survive,” said Beau, brushing his horse. “Of course, they were a bunch of confederates, so it’s a real shame that some of them did. But, then again, if they had all died, I wouldn’t be around to take care of you, Gwenny.”

Beau Brooks was a country boy born and raised in the South. He loved his cowboy hats and playing guitar, but he loved his horse, Gwendolyn, most of all. He was a little naïve and childish, but everyone always said he made up for it with his kind heart.

Beau’s mom came outside from the back door.

“Beau, why is it that I can hear you yappin’ from inside the house?” she asked.

“Sorry, Mama,” said Beau. “I’m trying to teach Ol’ Gwen here about all the wars. Give her an education.”

“She’s a horse, Beau. She doesn’t need no education.”

“I know, mama.”

“You’re the one who’s going to college in a few months, ain’t you? So, it’s you who needs to be focusing on an education.”

“I know, Mama!” exclaimed Beau.

Beau’s mom began to head inside, but a fancy black car heading down her driveway caught her eye. The mother and son looked at each other and said at the same time: “What in tarnation?”

Both of them made their way over to confront whoever was inside the car.

Two men stepped out of the vehicle. They looked like they had come straight out of The X-Files. “Beau, I am here to deliver a very important message,” said one of them. “The mayor of Moonlight Harmony Village is in dire need of your assistance. If you refuse, we will take you by force.” As he spoke, the other man provided hand signal translation to a horse nearby. “Butcher, that is useless,” said the first man. “We don't need the horse.”

“Ireland, the horses need to know too,” said Butcher. Ireland rolled his eyes.

Butcher sighed.
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