James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 10

After dropping the body in the lake, Settfour took the artifact with him to his car. This was the 75th artifact he had stolen, so he was halfway done. He never really understood why he had to do this one at a time, but he had learned not to question Mrs. Scrushy. Settfour took the artifact to the hideout and went to sleep.

Denise thought for a while about the man who she had just kissed. She couldn’t explain why, but there was something about him that intrigued her. She also thought about the will, and the thing she left out. “Whoever may find this and bring it back, they will be worthy of my daughter.” She hated that all her life, but tonight it made sense. She went to bed and for the first time in years, fell right asleep.
“Honey! Another artifact went missing!” Mr. Scrushy said.

“Oh dear, darling, I am so sorry,” Mrs. Scrushy lied.

“I need to call the police. They said to contact them if anything changed.”

“Darling, do you really think anyone will be there? Call in the morning. I’m going to bed.”

“I suppose you’re right, I guess I’ll call in the morning, nothing will change before then.” Scrushy proceeded to follow his wife to bed.

As he got into his pajamas, he asked his wife, “Who could be doing this?”

“I haven’t the slightest.”

As Mr. Scrushy lay down in his bed, he was running names through his head, but could not make any sense of it. He slowly fell asleep. As he entered sleepy town, his wife opened her eyes and stared at the man she was about to kill.

Calvin and Sean couldn’t stop thinking about the magical man they had seen this afternoon. Sean, whispering from Calvin’s floor, said, “Calvin, do you think people can disappear for reals?”

“Of course not Sean, that guy was just faking it. There was prolly a trap door or sumfin. Now go back to sleep before my Daddy kills you.”



“I don’t think there was a trap door.”

“I jes said there was, now go back to sleep!”

“Can we go ‘vestigate tomorrow?”

“I guess.”

Shouting from across the hall, Calvin’s dad said, “Go to sleep, you little punks or I’ll eat your brains.” Calvin screeched in terror. Sean wet himself.

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