James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 13

Mrs. Scrushy quietly slipped out of bed. Her husband, snoring loudly, could’ve missed a cyclone without waking up. She slipped on a silk robe, admired how hot she looked in it, and walked out the door towards the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she pulled out a carton of milk. She got a mug from the shelf and poured the milk in. She put the mug in the microwave and put the carton away. She slowly reached down to the drawer that held several kitchen utensils. She lifted the pie cutter to reveal a large, sharp knife. She pulled it out, jumping when the microwave beeped. She quickly closed the drawer and went to the microwave, taking a sip from her warm milk. She held a knife in one hand, a mug in the other and headed upstairs. That’s when she heard a noise from the patio. It was a thud followed by some chatter. She put down the mug and knife. It was probably just some drunken college kids, she thought, but to be safe, she checked the door. There were two men standing just outside the door, a tall middle-aged man and a very short old man. She forced a smile and pulled the door open before they were able to ring the doorbell.

“Oh, ma’am, sorry to bother you this late in the evening, but we’ve had a few reports of noise from this house,” George said.

“We? What do you mean? Are you from the police?” Mrs. Scrushy acted as cute and innocent as possible to get rid of these guys.

“Yes, we are from the police, and if we could just look—” Roger said hurriedly.

“I don’t think…I mean, we haven’t made a peep all night, and I haven’t seen anything strange. You should probably arrest those people who made you come all this way for nothing.”

“Ma’am, we have reason to believe that a crime has occurred here. Can we please come in and examine the premises?”

“I’m tired. I want to go to sleep. Please don’t wake my husband. Can’t we do this in the morning?”

“Is there going to have to be an incident tomorrow morning?”

“Whatever do you mean, officer?”

“Alright, cut the crap, Mrs. Scrushy. We know what you’ve been doing, stealing your husbands artifacts and selling them for cash. Who’s buying them, ma’am?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean, my husband’s artifacts have gone missing, but I’m as upset as anybody about it. I think your source is mistaken, sir.” She pretended to sob, surprised at how easily she could fool them. “Please, just leave us alone! It’s past midnight! Plus, you don’t have a warrant, so you can’t come in. Goodbye.”

“Ma’am – I believe your husband is in dang—“ Roger was cut off when she slammed the door in his face and locked it.

“I don’t know, Roger, she looked pretty innocent to me,” George said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“I am telling you, there will be a murder! Frank told me!”

“I don’t know. We do need a warrant…”

“Warrant shmwarrant, let’s go, I think their bedroom is over there.”

At this Roger and George went to the far side of the house.

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