James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 14

“Why would he have me meet him this late,” Settfour said, yawning. “Where has he been anyway?”

“I was wondering when you would start talking to yourself again,” said a figure in the corner.

“Luke! Have you been there this whole time?”

“Yes, you bumbling fool,” at this the tall form of Luke Cramden entered the light of the stable.

“It stinks in here, we couldn’t have met somewhere a little less, well, crappy.”

“Very funny Bill,” said Cramden. “Let’s get to work. I need the latest artifact.”

Settfour pulled out the artifact, a necklace of some sort. “I don’t really know why you want all of this crap. Is it even worth anything?”

“No you idiot, its part of my plan. They need to know what is coming. I am giving them a warning.”

“Oh, right, you’re plotting your revenge. I still don’t know why you won’t just let bygones be bygones.”

“I told you not to criticize me. You are nothing but my cover; try to keep it that way.”

“Whatever boss.”

“Don’t ‘whatever’ me. I brought you into this thing, and I can take you out. Now, the next artifact I want is the 17th century Scottish castle brick.”

“That thing is, like, really heavy, man”


“Ok, ok. Geez.”

As Settfour left the barn, Cramden took out a small statue of a unicorn and began petting it, when he noticed that the horn was missing. Anger surged through him, because he knew its power was gone.

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