James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 17

Calvin Nelson climbed onto his father’s bed and sneakily recaptured the toy he loved. Running off to his room, he felt the surge of energy felt when you have accomplished something great. At least that’s what he thought he felt.

“Sean, Sean, wake up, look what I got!”

As Sean began to get up he saw the glint of the silver in the light. “Wow cool, what is it?”

“Itsa unicorn. Pretty cool, huh, I’m not ‘aposed to have it.” At that, Sean yanked the unicorn out of Calvin’s hand. He began to wave it around as if it was a sword. “No! Give it back. C’mon Sean!” he grabbed one end and they began a tug of war to get the unicorn. Back and forth it went until something cracked. They both let go of it, unwilling to let it break. As they both dropped it, it fell to the ground and shattered. “Oh my gosh, Dad is gonna be so mad!” They ran to the cellar to hide.

As Fred Nelson woke up he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He wondered why the kids weren’t up yet, usually when Calvin had a sleepover they would be out watching cartoons. He walked back into the bedroom and spotted the blank spot on his bedside table. “Oh geez, the unicorn!”

“Boys! I need that unicorn!” He walked into Calvin’s room and saw it, several pieces of the unicorn shattered. He dug through it and tried to find the horn, because it was the most valuable part. “Where is it?” He dug through the rubble, but never found the horn. “The boys!”

He knew where Calvin usually hid, the cellar. As he walked outside to get to the door, he felt a smack on the back of his head. He was a big man, so it only lightly took the wind out of him; he turned around to see Bill Settfour heading his way with a 2 by 4. As he swung, Nelson ducked and hit Settfour in the stomach. As Settfour rolled to the floor, Fred Nelson screamed, “Where are the kids! Who sent you? What is that!” He was referring, of course, to the unicorn horn in Settfour’s left hand. “Gimme that!” He grabbed the horn from his hand and swung open the cellar door.

“Kids are you there?”

Too scared to respond, the kids stayed quiet.

“I am serious you are not in trouble.”

“Yeah Dad, we’re here, I’m so sorry.”

As they climbed out of the cellar, Fred gave his boy a hug. Sean ran into the house to change his pants one more time.

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