James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 18

Mrs. Scrushy scrubbed the last bit of blood from the carpet. She had gotten away with it again. She simply didn’t have the look of a murderer, and she could get away with anything. She said, out loud, “I’m invincible! And Super Hot!”

“Not quite.” Luke Cramden stepped into the room.

“Oh God! You scared the hell out of me! Dammit! Why do you do that!” Luke was the only guy that scared Mrs. Scrushy.

“I still need the rest of the artifacts.”

“OK. Well, you can take them all now, now that William is out of the way.”

“No, no I can’t. You ruined that. The police might suspect that whoever has been stealing these artifacts is responsible. It needs to keep going on, one statue at a time, so that nothing has changed. In just a few weeks, I will have all of the artifacts I need.”

“Why are you doing this? Why do you want my husband’s junk? We’re not even making that much money on these.”

“It’s not about the money. It’s about returning these artifacts to their original homes. The balance must be restored.”

“What balance? These have been out of their ‘homes’ for centuries, and the world still revolves. I’m sick of this. I want the artifacts back. I don’t care anymore!”

“Mrs. Scrushy, I don’t think you want to be talking to me like that. If you want to live until tomorr—“

Luke was interrupted by a ring of the doorbell.

“Oh, it’s the cops! Get out of here! We’ll finish this later!”

Luke walked out the back door, into the woods behind the house. Mrs. Scrushy wiped the tears from her face and pulled her hair back. When she got to the door, she was smiling.

“Hi, ma’am, sorry to bother you again, but we have Richardson here finally, he wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Oh, I told you all I know, why do I need to talk to him?”

“Well, ma’am, I noticed there was another artifact missing. When were you going to tell me?” James said.

“Oh, gosh, that’s right, my um… husband noticed that last night, I told him to call in the morning.”

“I told him to tell me as soon as anything happened. If he had called, this may have been avoided.”

“Well, at least it’s over, that guy was the thief, right?”

“We are not sure yet. Do you mind if I ask you some more questions?”

“I told you I am suffering here, I am in mourning.”

“OK, well you will hear from me very soon.”

As James walked back to the car he was thinking about how this case was turning, he liked this mystery stuff, but it was a lot harder than he thought.

“Well, Denise, want to go downtown?”

“Sure, James.”

“We are going to check out this window jumping incident, plus maybe we can grab some lunch.”

“Oh, good, that will be great.”

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