James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 20

The annual Lungfishfest© was a Bentown tradition. Downtown was full of people, with the distinct smell of fresh lungfish in the air. At the Lungfish-on-a-stick© stand, James and Denise couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

“Denise, after this is all over, do you think, that maybe, we could possibly, you know, go out or something?”

“Oh, James, you are super cute and we have had a ton of fun, but I don’t think that I am ready for a commitment just yet.”

“Oh yeah, yeah, I understand. Ok.” Just then, a loud boom sounded behind the Lungfish-on-a-stick© stand. Running behind the stand, they saw where it came from. There was some construction going on in the sewer system. The man hole in front of the Securatron building had exploded, and three men came out of the sewer covered in soot.

“Oh man! That was loud, I think there is another man down there,” said one workman.

“I can’t go back in, call the fire department.”

James, finding this a keen moment to impress Denise shouted, “I am a police officer, I’ll go.”

“OK, your funeral,” said one of the workers.

James jumped in the sewer and started calling out, “is anybody there?” It seemed strange, there was no residue from the blast, and it didn’t look like anyone else was around. He headed for the next tunnel when he felt a smack on the back of his head. Yes, once again it was Settfour, bound to stop this officer from breaking into this story too much.

Settfour tied the unconscious James up and carried him through the sewer.

The three men from the sewer seemed very interested in Denise, and they offered to buy her some coffee. She said, yes, it would be a good time-killer until James got back. Unfortunately, they took her into an alley and knocked her unconscious; they grabbed the baby and tried to keep him from crying. Unfortunately for Denise, Trent was a very quiet baby most of the time, and this was no exception.

“OK, boys, where did the man come from?”

“That sandbox, right there,” Calvin said, pointing. “He came up out of the sand.”

Fred ran to the sandbox and started digging. He told the boys to help.

“But we’re not ‘aposed to dig it up.”

“I say you can,” Fred said sternly.

“OK,” the boys said simultaneously, and picked up a shovel and started digging.

They all dug for a long time and eventually found the bottom, just a standard wooden bottom, and no hole anywhere.

“Well, its impossible, unless that guy was hiding under here for a long time, it’s impossible.”

“OK, boys, put it all back.”

“AW, man!” they cried simultaneously.

George walked out of the bar, drunker than he had been for a long time. The Lungfish festival was still going on, and he saw a boy dressed up like a lungfish running towards him. This seemed awfully strange to him and he shouted, “Get this …urp… monster out of my site!” He then fainted on the street. The boy screamed and ran away. George stayed asleep for about a half hour, when he opened his eyes. He looked out and into an alleyway, where he saw three large men knock a marvelously beautiful woman to the ground. He stood up, still pretty drunk and ran after them.
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