James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 21

“Rats! Rats! Everywhere there’s rats!” Settfour shouted, enjoying his echo through the sewer. He was getting kind of tired holding James on his back, so took a break in an abandoned sewer main. Luckily, he had saved a Lungfish-on-a-stick© to eat. He took a bite, but bit on a BB. He spit it out and as it hit the water it began to smoke.

“Oh no! Fire, poo-gas, not cool! It’s gonna explode!”

“Get a grip, Settfour. It’s me, Frank.”

“Geez! Whose idiotic idea was it to have you appear in smoke from a BB. I mean, they don’t even smoke in real life. It’s kind of stupid.”

“Shut up. Now, somehow, what you made me do has gotten my friend dead. You never said that would happen. I just wanted to go to heaven, even hell would be better than serving your will in purgatory. Roger went to heaven. I saw him in line. But I couldn’t talk to him, because he was going to heaven, and I’m stuck in-between. How much more of this are you gonna make me do?”

“You’re mine until we get all the artifacts. Then Luke will see what he can do. I told you.”

“Fine, but I am not going to get anyone else killed. Especially not Denise - she was Roger’s girlfriend and even though they broke up, she’s a good girl.”

“Listen, pal, you will do what I say, or I make sure you go downstairs instead of up. Got it? Good.”

“Oh, by the way, Settfour, your guy has gone missing,” Frank laughed as he went up in smoke.

“My guy? Oh no! Geez! You’ll pay for this Frank!” Settfour ran down the sewer main, intent on finding James.

“I…hic…think that you…ugh…should let her go,” George slurred.

“Oh, what’s this? A little hero. Oh, but look what’s ripped off his jacket. He ain’t the police; he’s just a drunken mess. C’mon Lady, get in the truck,” The large man in a leather jacket shouted, showing his friends how powerful he was.

“Yeah, C’mon,” said the weasely guy with the beanie. The other man, a smarmy guy with a Hawaiian shirt on, waited in the back of the truck.

“Where...are…hic…you taking her?”

“None of your business, guy. So scram, before we take you too.” Sober enough to fend for his own life, George gave up and walked away.

“Ya shouldn’t a let him go, Paolo,” said the weasely guy.

“Shaddup, Sal, shaddup. We don’t need any more people in the mix.”

“Guys…guys…cool it,” the smarmy guy said, “We have one job to do, now let’s do it. Lady, where’s the horn? We have been sent on a special mission to retrieve said Unicorn. Now, we checked the baby, and he didn’t have it. That means that you’se got it. Now, if you ever want to see, what’s his name…Trevor…Kent…ah…Trent, ever again, you’ll tell us the whereabouts of this horn before we have to search the hard way.”

Denise spit in the guy’s face, and that’s the last thing she remembered until she woke up in a strange cabin.

“My baby!” She cried as she woke up. She then realized she couldn’t move. Her hands were tied behind her back, which were tied to her ankles. It was a painful position, especially when she tried to struggle. After a few tugs, she decided to relax and stay still. She could hear voices in the background, and then they stopped. She heard footsteps walking toward her, and a door open.

“Hey boys, she’s up,” a scraggly voice called out.

“Well what do we have here,” said the smarmy man. “A little damsel in distress.”

It was then she realized that this was her dream from the night before. This gave her hope; thinking James must be coming to save me.

“Pant…pant…” James stopped and tried to get his breath back. While Settfour was distracted, he was able to untie the ropes around his hands and escape. He knew he had to get back, to see Denise. He kept running, trying to find where he was, where downtown was. He finally picked a ladder, but it led him to some manufacturing plant, so he came back down and kept running. He guessed he had run about a mile, but wasn’t sure. It was dark and he was still a little woozy from the hit on his head. He sat down in the dark and listened. That’s when he heard it, the Official Lungfishfest© Parade Theme Song. He was downtown! He climbed up the nearest ladder and pushed up on the manhole cover when he heard a voice. Settfour! “Hey you, get back here!”

James pushed as hard as he could on the cover, as Settfour got closer. Pop! It came off. He jumped out onto the street and started running. He didn’t put the cover back on and just ran and hid in an alleyway. He heard Settfour come out, and put the cover back on and then ran looking for him. However, right then, the parade came around the corner and in front of the alleyway, He knew Settfour could never get past the parade so ran down the alleyway to the other side. He was now frantically looking for Denise and Trent. He found the Lungfish-on-a-stick© stand, but nobody was there. He had lost them! How could he be so stupid! He thought to himself as he found his car and drove around downtown, looking for them. Suddenly, he saw his old buddy, George, the night manager at the police station. He didn’t look so good.

“Hey, Georgey! What’s wrong! You look like hell!”

“James! I need a ride!” James knew he should probably not let George ride in his car, but he did still.

“La la la urp…get offa her…hic…,” George muttered in the back of the car.

“What are you babbling about, George? You said, ‘get offa her.’ Were you fantasizing about real police work again?”

“No! We’se gotta help her.”

“Help who? Oh God, could it be Denise? George, listen. You have to tell me what happened.”

“Those guys took her. I tried to stop them, but they drove too fast – into the woods.”

“The woods…hmmm...there is that abandoned cabin out there. Maybe that’s where they took her. But who? OK George, lie down, I’ll get you home in a jiffy.”

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