James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 22

After being nearly trampled by the Official Lungfishfest© Superfloat©, and losing James yet again, Settfour found his car and was on his way to the cabin. He knew Luke would probably rip his spleen out or something, but at least they had Denise. He cautiously stepped up to the door.

“Ah! Billy Settfour! What a surprise. I ain’t seen you’se for an hour or so. Where’s the cop?” The large man robustly shouted.

“Aw geez, Paolo, gimme a break. I lost him again. But you got what you want. Now let me go.”

“Not so fast. She ain’t got the horn. The baby ain’t either. You said she would have it. We need that horn. Where is it Billy?”

“I don’t know, man, I tell ya, I don’t know.”

“We was thinking maybe you had it. You wouldn’t hide such an important object, now would you?” As he said this, Paolo grabbed Settfour by the collar, lifting him ever so slightly off the ground so that he could hardly speak.

“Aw, put me down! I don’t have it. The cop. He’s got it. We just gotta catch him.”

“Oh, like you didn’t do? We could save a lot of trouble if I killed you right here.”

“Cool it, Paolo,” a voice called from the other room. “I think I found a solution after all.”

Suddenly, everyone felt a chill in the room mixed with the stench of manure. Cramden walked in the room. “All we need is one horn. Fibbler still has his unicorn. We have reason to believe it is in his office. We need someone to get into the office and steal the unicorn. Can I trust you guys to take care of it?” He was referring to Settfour and Paolo.

“Sure we can boss, yeah, it will be easy,” Paolo said.

In the corner of the room, Denise listened carefully to the plan.

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