James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 23

The cell phone rang. Fred picked up and said, “Hello?”…“Oh yes, Mrs. Camp, Sean is still with us, we decided to go to the park.”…“Oh, he had piano lessons, right, he didn’t tell me.”…“OK, I will bring him home.”

“That was your mom, Sean; you should have told me you had piano lessons.”

“Aw man, I hate piano lessons, can’t I just stay with you guys?”

“No, we have to get you back home.”

“But we were ‘vestigating,” Calvin piped in.

“Yeah,” Sean said.

“Well, boys, we need to go to Sean’s house.”

As they drove back to the suburbs, Calvin asked why the unicorn was so important.

“Well son, back when I was in college…”

“My sister goes to college,” Sean interrupted.

“Yeah, that’s right. Anyway, when I was in college, I was part of a group of people, a very secret group of people that hung around and uh, did stuff”

“Sounds real fun,” Calvin said sarcastically

“Oh, like a secret club?” Sean said

“Well, yeah a little bit, but we were all friends and at the end of the year, we all got these unicorns as a sign of our friendship and our keeping the secret. But when one of the men died 2 years ago, strange things started happening. All the good luck we had been having started to wane and since then, none of us have felt safe. There seems to be some sort of power associated with the unicorns, that none of us really knew about. So the reason we need to protect the unicorn is so that we can restore a balance to the world once again.”

“Whoa…that’s a lot of words,” Calvin said.

“Yeah! Blah blah blah unicorn blah blah.” The boys giggled at their new joke.

“Well, boys laugh all you want, but we still have to stop this.”

James pulled in to the home of George, the night manager, and walked him to the porch. His wife swung the door open and said, “Have you found a job yet...Are you drunk? Get out!” She then slammed the door.

“I...urp...told you…uh…she’d be mad.”

“Yeah, you did. Oh well, do you mind if we drive out to that cottage?”

“We’re...going on a…adventure!” George started waving his hand around as if he had a sword.

“That’s right,” James groaned. They walked back to the car and headed for the country.

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