James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 25

James knew he had seen a cabin in the woods several times. He knew that he only needed to find it once again, and he could save Denise. George was asleep in the passenger seat, and James reflected on the silence and calm he was now under. As he neared the forest, he felt a sense of excitement and power.

After driving a while, he came to a clearing; there was a steep hill and a cabin at the bottom. He abandoned the car, leaving George in the car, asleep. James sneaked down to the cabin and tried to look in the window. He saw nobody. He then heard some voices. He hid behind a bush and tried to listen.

“…she is sure a pretty girl, after this I was thinking I could ask her out.”

“You idiot, why would she want to go out with you?” They walked into the cabin. “You wouldn’t want to date this guy, would you?”

She mumbled. Her mouth was covered so she couldn’t be understood.

“C’mon lady, why don’t you tell us all about it?” The man went and took the tape off her mouth.


“Oh lady, you made a bad decision.” With this he hit her over the head and put the tape back on her mouth. This made James, still outside in the bushes, very angry. He stood up and ran into the room, yelling, “LEAVE HER ALONE!”

“Oh, jeez, who is this?” One man called out, as James ran toward them and started punching them, having little success. In a matter of minutes, James was tied up and gagged. They threw him in the corner and made a phone call.

“Hey, sir, we got the cop.”

“Um...lemme check…hey you – do you have the unicorn?” James shook his head.

“Uh, he says no … Oh you want me to check! Oh I can do that.” He proceeded to walk over and start digging in James’ pockets. After finding nothing, he went back to the phone. “No boss, he doesn’t have it.”

As Fred pulled up to Sean’s house, he thought it was strange that there was no car in the garage or in the street. Fred told the kids to stay in the car and walked up to the door. He rang the doorbell, and waited. Nobody seemed to be there. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. He was about to turn around, when he saw a figure coming through the window. He thought oh good, they’re home. The door opened, and Fred realized what was going on. His last thought was the kids as Cramden shot him in the chest. Cramden reached into Nelson’s pocket and found the unicorn horn. He took it and ran away. The kids saw what happened and were shocked. They ran up and saw Fred lying on the stairs, bleeding. Calvin ran into the house and called 911. When they asked for the address, Calvin handed the phone to Sean. Sean told them and when the phone call ended, they went out to Fred. He weakly turned to the boys and said “You must get the unicorn back.” With this he turned his head and closed his eyes. Calvin and Sean watched, and for once, Sean’s pants were dry.
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