James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 26

“Finally,” Mrs. Scrushy said, as she opened the door. “Luke. It’s about time you showed up. I’ve been wai-ting.”

“Listen lady, I don’t know what you thought would happen today, but forget it. Open the vault.”

“But Lukey, I have been so lonely. You said we needed to wait for the rest of the artifacts. Just forget about it. I mean, look at this,” she said, waving a hand over her ridiculously hot body.

“Plans have changed. Open the vault. I need to find that artifact!”

“Wait, find the artifact? I thought they were all worthless. What are you looking for, Luke? Tell me!”

Luke pushed her out of the way. He walked to the vault. Of course, it wouldn’t open. He needed the combination, which only she had. “Lady, this is my last warning. I need you to open this door.”

“You need me? Yeah right. You are just using me to get to some artifact. I should have known. Well, now you’re not getting any of this,” she said, folding her arms. “Fine, I’ll open the door, but don’t expect any long goodbyes.” Slowly, Mrs. Scrushy turned the lock. She opened up the vault, and before she could open the door all the way, Luke rushed in and started destroying things. He looked wildly around, trying to find the unicorn.

“Where is it? Lady, where is the freakin’ unicorn??”

“Unicorn? William didn’t have a unicorn. He hated them. They freaked him out. Well, I mean, mine did.”

“Wait. Yours? Where is your unicorn?”

“Up in the attic, I guess. My father gave it to me a long time ago. William made me box it up. Why do you care? It’s just a piece of kitsch. It’s pink - and ugly too.”

“Pink! I need that unicorn. Please show me.”

“Alright, but don’t be expecting me to take back what I said.”

“Aw, geez, lady. I don’t care! C’mon.” Mrs. Scrushy led Luke upstairs and showed him the Unicorn. He smiled darkly as he clutched the statue in his arms. “I still don’t get it, lady. Why did you have it and not William? I was sure he had it.”

“Well, he did have one. That’s kind of how we met. At a meeting of the Vivs, a group my father was in. But William sold his after we got married. My father never forgave him for that, and insisted that I never let him get his hands on my unicorn. I haven’t let anyone touch it until now. I don’t know why, but I trust you. Take it. AND NEVER COME BACK! I HATE YOU!” Mrs. Scrushy’s last outburst sent her running out of the room. Luke slipped out the back door hearing her sobs in the background. As he ran off towards the woods, Mrs. Scrushy watched the man she loved walk away.

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