James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 29

Carter Jacobsen started at the Bentown police department about 25 years ago. It was his life. He never got married or had any kids, which is why he was able to devote so much of himself to his job. He eventually moved up in the department and was now in charge of criminal investigations. His department had been unusually busy lately with a bunch of seemingly unrelated murders, unknown deaths and more. It began to take a toll on him, as he was more used to solving the “mystery of the missing cookie” or “where’s granny” type cases. But today, he went to investigate the 5th murder of the week. It was a grisly case. A man came to a house, tied up the family inside, and the first person to come to the door got shot. The killer then ran off, leaving two small children to take care of things.

Carter walked inside the police tape and found the family sitting in the living room. They all seemed stunned at what happened, and this was Carter’s least favorite part of his job. Asking the hard questions right after something like this happens can be very shocking to the family.

“Does anyone know who the man was?”

“No, we didn’t,” cried Sean’s mother.

“What did he want from this house?”

“He wanted to steal daddy’s unicorn,” Calvin spoke up.

“Excuse me, daddy’s what?”

“His pink unicorn, it was from a secret ‘ciety.”

“Wait, who is this kid?”

Sean’s mom responded, “It’s the victim’s son, he was coming to drop off Sean.”

“You need to get that unicorn back.” Calvin said. “Daddy said it was ‘portant.”

“OK, son, that’s what we are here to investigate. Where is that boy’s mother?”

“Oh, Fred was divorced, she is in Newark, I believe.”

“OK, I will try to contact her.”

A weak voiced Calvin sat back and softly mumbled, “…no...”

When the other two men came back in they noticed the three people tied up in the corner. “What happened here?”

James said, “Well, we were trying to escape until some guy came in and tied us back up again.”

“Oh jeez, is he still here?”

“No, who is he anyway?”

“Oh, Luke, he’s our boss.”

“Whoa buddy,” said the other man. “Don’t tell them who it is!”

“Oh, whatever, he’s gone, he is gone, right? The guy is ruthless.”

“So why do you work for him?” said Denise.

“I don’t know, why not?”

“Is he giving you any money?”


“Oh, hmm…is he giving you anything?”

“Well, no, but…”

“But what? There is no benefit to working for him, so untie us!”

“No, we ain’t fallin’ for that one, you’se guys just want to escape so you can kill us! We ain’t that stupid,” said the other man.

“Wait, John, they are right…”

“Don’t tell ‘em my name!”

“No, no what I was saying is they are right, why are we working for this guy?”

“He is going to give us the power from the unicorns.”

“Oh really? Think about it. If you had ultimate power, would you give it to nobody?”

“Well, no, but he ain’t gonna kill us when he’s got it, right?”

“Man, he’s ruthless! He’d kill us on the spot! Anytime, anywhere.”

“Yer right! Let’s go!”

“What about us?” James called. “Can we go?”

“Heck no, we ain’t crazy!” and with that, they left.

The three prisoners were left there.

“Well that’s didn’t quite work as planned,” James said.

“No kidding,” said Denise.

“How will we get out of this one?” asked George. And then all three sets of eyes turned to the baby in the middle of the room.

“Trent, NO!” They said simultaneously, as the ground began to shake. Suddenly, they were in a clearing in the middle of the woods. Trent held a tiny melted dragon in his grubby little paw. They were still tied up, but they all shouted in joy. This ended soon as a large shadow overtook the three.

“Oh no! That’s one of the guys,” Denise shouted. “Get away!”

“Wait. Hold it folks. I’m on your side. My name’s Paolo. Here. Let me get you untied.”

“How do we know we can trust you?” James asked.

“Let me explain,” Paolo said. “I was working with those guys to get the unicorns back to their rightful place. I have magic powers thanks to my unicorn. In fact, each unicorn has different powers. When they are combined, they become a Uni-Horn©, a giant horn that has all those powers and more. Unfortunately, the Uni-Horn© was forged at a time when the world was free of evil. It was made by elves in the forests of Pangaea. At that time, before time was recorded, unicorns ran as freely as deer today. The elves found the power of their horns and created the Uni-Horn© to ensure balance and unity among the creatures of the world. But, soon, a great gathering of evil began to form in the oceans. The dragons below Pangaea came out, breaking the land into 7 continents. Into each continent, one piece of the Uni-Horn© was left. Evil took over, and soon the unicorns died and became extinct. Thousands of years later, a special society, the League of Vivoneely, after the elf who had originally conceived the Uni-Horn©, was formed. These men traveled the world uniting the pieces of the Uni-Horn©. In the 1970’s, they united the Uni-Horn©, but its powers did not work the same way they did in the ancient world. In fact, the Vivs decided that its power shall never be used again, and hid the pieces on tacky pink Unicorns which they gave to their daughters. Now, a few years ago, Reginald Grant was killed by Luke Cramden. Luke had somehow found the legend of the Uni-Horn© and now plans to determine the Uni-Horn’s© dark power. This can never happen. That is why I need your help to get the unicorns back to the protection of the League of Vivoneely.”

“Right,” James said. “But how can we trust you?”

“You mean you knew?” The Unicorn Avenger was confused.

“Uh, yeah, it’s pretty obvious,” Denise retorted.

“Heck, even I knew that, and I’m, like, 80. I can’t even remember where I leave my dentures half the time,” laughed George. Even Trent fell asleep during Paolo’s story.

“Wow. So I just wasted a lot of time then, right?” Paolo was ashamed.

“Yeah,” They all said in unison, “So come on! Let’s go save the day!”

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