James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 3

James got back to the station to find the whole force buzzing about the bank robbery that had just occurred. When they brought the guy in, James looked over and almost threw up when he saw who it was. It was Bill Settfour, the man who he had just reported as murdered in his last report. His last case concerned a kidnapping. A young girl had been kidnapped by two men, Vance Yarbrough and Sheldon Vickers. James believed that Settfour was a third kidnapper murdered by the other two because he had gone missing at the same time. The two kidnappers stayed quiet about everything, and when James asked them about Settfour, he thought he saw a glint in their eyes, as if they knew. Apparently he was wrong. Right there in front of him was Settfour. He ran over and said “did you have anything to do with the Smith kidnapping?” Commissioner Plotnik turned around and said, “Richardson, do not talk to this man, that case is unrelated!”

Discouraged, James turned back to his desk and sat down, listening to the interrogation led by Plotnik.

“Why did you rob that bank?”

No response


No response

“Can you talk, kid?”

Then, Settfour fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Get him to the hospital right now…Richardson, you guard him!”

“But sir, this case…”

“It can wait Richardson, now get going.”

James helped carry Settfour out to the police car. They were put in the back. As they drove down the street, Settfour, still unconscious seemed to point at his left pocket. James, making sure nobody saw him, reached into the pocket and was shocked to find a strange-looking piece of metal. It looked like the front half of a dragon. Halfway through the dragon’s body, the metal looked as if it had been melted off. What remained was half a dragon on a round basin. It seemed like some kind of good-luck charm. James took a quick digital photo of the thing and put it back in Settfour’s pocket. They arrived at the hospital and Settfour was whisked away. James followed behind, dreading the paperwork he would have to fill out for this guy.

“I need a CTR, stat! Hand me that scalpel! Check his pulse!” The doctors and nurses ran around trying to get this guy back. James waited outside, but when everything got quiet, he stepped into the room. The doctors and nurses were frozen in space. They stood there mouths wide, and Settfour was struggling around on the exam table, just realizing that he was strapped down. James ran towards him to restrain him.

“What did you do?” James shouted. Settfour just snickered and continued wiggling around the straps.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” James then saw the dragon again. Settfour was holding it in his left hand, holding onto a button that hadn’t been there before.

“Let go of the dragon! Let Go!” As James reached for the dragon, both it and Settfour vanished. Just as quickly, the doctors and nurses resumed what they were doing. One of the nurses ran into James, sure that he hadn’t been there 1 second ago.

Suddenly, everyone in the room saw that their patient was missing. James ran out of the room looking for Settfour. The halls were empty, calm, as if no one had just fled through them. James went outside and sat in the squad car, sure he would catch hell for this. He decided to stall a bit before going back. He went to the bank, wanting to know more about what had happened. He walked inside, asked the man at the counter if he could talk to someone about the robbery.

“I’ll talk to him,” a voice from behind called. James wheeled around to see the damsel from his dream. He almost fell down right there, floored by her simple beauty. He suddenly had a deep interest in every word she said.

He stumbled out his usual introduction: “Ma’am, I’m…umm…officer…James Richardson of the…45th division. I had a few…uh…questions about the bank robbery.” He felt like a total jerk. He was never good at talking to the public, but he was especially nervous talking to someone like this woman.

“I’m Denise. I was here when he, well, tried, to rob the bank, but I took care of the situation. I already told everything to that one cop, what more do you need?”

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