James and the League of Vivoneely

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“Hey James, that was really great,” Denise said.

“What’d I do? I thought I was the hero of this story. I did absolutely nothing this whole time.”

“Well you, um…well, uh…dammit James, just kiss me!”

James was surprised to hear this come from Denise, the woman he had held on such a grand pedestal. From the first time he saw her, he knew that one day…“JAMES!” With that, Denise and James kissed. Everyone cheered, except for Trent. His hatred for this intruder intensified even more. He pulled out the other half of the dragon and vanished. Nobody seemed to notice, except for the ash molecules on the floor, which were slowly melding together.

After the kiss ended, James said, “Hey Denise, will you go out with me sometime?”

“Of course I will, you mean you’re fine with Trent...Trent? Where is he?”

In unison everyone said, “Not again!” and flew out of the room, except for James and UniBoy, who decided to give one last blow to Luke. The ashes scattered around the room, seemingly, Luke was gone forever, but they also wouldn’t return to that room for another 33 pages, so that kind of gives him time.

“Bye bye James,” exclaimed UniBoy as he flew away. Flying was not one of James’ powers apparently, he wondered if he even had any powers. He decided to go back to the station and file his report.

“RICHARDSON!” shouted Plotnik.

“Uh, yes, sir?” asked James

“What is the meaning of this report?”

“What do you mean, I didn’t exaggerate this time.”

“Oh, REALLY? So this League of Vivo-whats-its-name was formed based on the secret language of Unicorns from the “time before time”. And the evil powers held in this Uni-Horn© are responsible for all these deaths?”

“Well, yeah, but when you say it like that, it sounds…”

“…A little far-fetched, Richardson? That’s it, I gave you your chance. You’re fired!”

And for the first moment in his life, he realized that his worst fear wasn’t going to be the end of the world. He felt more energized and ready to face the day. No longer would he be shackled by the in and out of his life, the day-to-day troubles, worries and strife. No longer would he ..“JAMES!”.. he looked up – it was Denise.

“James, quit dreaming and come on!”

“But I can’t fly.”

“Yeah you can, you dolt! Just try.”

James put his arms in the air and lifted off the ground, off to face a new adventure.

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