James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 4

“The stocks did what!?” Fibbler said.

“Well, sir, they dropped 10%, people aren’t happy with your recent advertisements.” Traves said.

“Alright…who wrote the ad? Get them up here right now!”

Traves ran down the stairs to the marketing department and asked them to come up to see Fibbler.

“What is the meaning of this?” Fibbler proceeded to turn on the recent advertisement on his television. The ad begins by showing a security recording of a man attempting to rob a bank. When the man pulls out the gun, he is struck down by something. It then focuses on the real life images of security coming in and taking him. It closes with the man behind bars and the slogan – “security with speed – Securatron©.”

“It is an ad for our new Stunner© security monitoring system. I believe you approved it last week.”

“I did nothing of the sort. You show a robbery happening and expect to get a good reaction. Is that product even approved yet?”

“I think it is being tested at some banks, it should be ready by December.”

“Well, I am pulling the ad. I am going to need a new one in five days.”

“Five days! Sir, it is going to take a little longer than five days to come up with a new campaign.”

“I am not asking you to make a new campaign; I just want you to fix this ad.”

“But sir, all we have is robbery footage.”

“Five days, and that’s final.”

Roger and Frank went back down to the marketing department and stared at each other.

“Five days! I can’t believe it! As if he doesn’t have us doing enough, he throws this on us.” Roger said.

“Calm down Roger, we can do it, remember that footage of satisfied customers we never used? We could probably use that instead of the robbery.” Frank said.

“Yeah, but that robbery footage was the best thing we have ever done.”

“I know, but the stockholders hold the power here.”

Roger sat down at his desk, still fuming, plotting his revenge.

“I wish the guy would just jump out the window or something, high on his hill.”

Just then, Frank yelled “Whoa! Look out the window.”

Roger looked, and there was Fibbler, falling from his office window. And with a crack, he landed on the sidewalk below. They heard running out in the halls and rushed to see a man running down the stairs. They yelled, “Who is that? Hey! Get back here!” Thus the chase began, Roger and Frank ran down the stairs, but could not seem to catch up with him. As they came out the door, the man was nowhere to be found. They decided to go back to their office. As they were walking up the stairs, Frank noticed a glint of metal on the stairs. He picked it up and looked at it. It was what looked like the back half of a dragon on a metal plate; the other half seemed to have been melted off.

He picked it up. Suddenly he felt the ground rumbling below him and he fell down.

Frank woke in a daze. He looked around and found that he was in a dark room. He fumbled around looking for a light. He ran into a block of some sort and felt a spider crawling on his face! He swatted at it only to find that it was a pull for a light bulb. He pulled it and looked around. He saw several stands with strange-looking artifacts. Half of the stands were empty, though. He saw a door, with a huge wheel locking mechanism. He tried to turn it to get out, but it wouldn’t budge. He realized that he was in some sort of vault. He called, but the sounds just echoed back into his ears. He would just have to wait for the owner to come back. Frank then saw that strange half-melted statue by his side. He pushed the red button on the back of the plate, but it did nothing. Giving up, he leaned on the door, waiting for someone to come and get him.

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