James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 6

James asked the most beautiful bank teller in the world what happened. In a hazy daze, James basically heard that the man came in to rob the bank, and then pulled out the gun and was about to get angry when, he sort of stopped and stared at her and then the police came in, and took him without any struggle. She said it was strange how he almost gave up, like something was triggered in his mind. That was all she knew. James couldn’t think of anything to do except just nod his head. He had wanted to see this face all day, and he was so shocked to find it right in his hometown. He never went to this bank, but he was definitely considering making it his bank. He said, “Have I seen you before around here?”

“I don’t know. Do you use this bank?”


“Well then, probably not.”

“It is so strange, I dreamed of you last night.”

“Excuse me…”

“I dreamed of y…”

“Alright buddy you are creeping me out, I need you to leave.”

“But wait…”


The security guards came over and took James out to his car. Denise went over to Beth and said, “If that man comes back in, tell him I left for the day.” Still, she had a sparkle in her eyes, like James hit something in her heart.

Denise was glad to get home after a huge day. She got to her mother’s house to pick up Trent.

“Hon, how was work? Anything happen?” her mother asked, as always.

“Nope. Pretty boring,” Denise lied. She didn’t want to discuss this right now. She took Trent and left. On the way home, Trent was googling and moogling until he fell asleep.

“Good idea, kid. I could use some sleep too.” She got home, put Trent in his crib, and then fell asleep on the couch.

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