James and the League of Vivoneely

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Chapter 7

Frank was blinded by a light coming through the vault door. He saw a figure at the door. It was as if an angel from heaven had come to free him.

“Are you…an angel?” he stammered.

“I’m a devil,” she said, pushing him down and crushing his throat with her heel. She moved her attention to the other man lying on the floor. “C’mon Bill, get up. BILL!!” She kicked Settfour until he came back into consciousness.

“Oh, God! Geez, Mrs. Scrushy! I…I didn’t know he was here. I wanted to get out. Please don’t kill me,” he begged.

“I’m not gonna kill you, Bill, but you better get out before my husband gets back. Here – take another artifact. I’ll clean up this mess. Why is everyone I know such a blithering idiot!!”

In the corner of the vault Frank began to shake and choke, realizing he could not breathe. “Get him out of here, Bill. Who the hell is he?”

“Right ma’am, where should I put him? He was just here when I got here. He got Luke’s dragon somehow.”

“Just drop the body into the lake.”

Roger, still standing at the stairs, was explaining to the police what had happened. He told them about Fibbler falling and then the pursuit and Frank’s disappearance. “He picked up this metal thing and just vanished. It looked like some sort of dragon.”

Roger went up to his office, and punched the floor. “What is wrong with me? Jeez, I caused this, oh my God. What am I going to do?” He then lay on the floor and closed his eyes.

As he ran from the dragon, a knight came and began to fight the dragon. Finding a place to hide, he watched as the man fought and then suddenly disappeared.

Roger had been having this dream regularly, and it always ended the same way, with the knight disappearing for no reason. Usually, he woke up, but today it seemed to go on.

He got up from behind the hiding place, and realizing the dream was not ending, he continued to run from the dragon. He ran until he ended up at a large castle, there was a moat around it and he did not know what to do, so he jumped in.

With a jolt, Roger woke up sweating. He felt that he was soaked from the moat. He looked around, and no one was around. He looked at the clock and was surprised to see what time it was. It was time to go, so he went out to his car and drove home.

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