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The Fire Tree

By Libard All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Orphaned at a young age and raised by an abusive grandmother, Aidan is forced to flee the Inquisitor’s Guard who are searching for the Chosen, a girl with a unique birthmark, one just like hers. It was supposed to be a great honor to be Chosen, but the boys and girls the Guard took away never returned. With nowhere to hide, she must run away into Darkling Woods where monsters prowl and it is said Satan’s Tree lives. Together with her friend Griffin, they flee into Darkling where they are attacked by half-human creatures created by Darkling's ruler, a madman obsessed with possessing the Tree's magic in the hope of bringing his beloved sister back from the dead. They are rescued by a mysterious lady who tells Aidan the truth about the ancient and mystical Tree. “When the one that is foretold picks the bloom of the Tree, darkness will be driven from the world.” To her shock and horror, Aidan discovers she is the one destined to pick the flower. Hunted by the madman and his nightmare creations Aidan and Griffin must fight their way across the nightmare of Darkling to the Tree. If she falters in her destiny the forces of darkness will consume her and the world will pay the price.


The Tree remembered when the world was young, when fiery chasms riddled the landscape, their fierce magma reshaping the earth. It was just a sapling then, its blooms mere buds of what they were destined to become. The bark of the Tree was crimson and gold and its flowers were burning flames. The blooms shone like stars in the night and the valley where the Tree lived was filled with light.

Over the ages, many men sought the Tree to steal the fiery blooms legend claimed granted eternal life. Their bones were scattered as far as the eye could see in the valley where the Tree lived. Only one pilgrim hadn’t followed their fate. She had plucked a fiery bloom from the Tree and lived.

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