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Chapter 56: Cossing Lines

Some days later, Stephan and I drove back to the pagoda on the mountain and climbed out onto the open terrace overlooking the city. Dark and endless, the sky was spattered with stars―so close that they seemed just beyond my fingertips. The air was clean and cool; lush tropical scents wafted on the breeze, and we were completely alone in that little world of our own creation.

Unlike our first night, when we ached with lust but didn’t touch, we both knew why we had returned to the pagoda.

I felt the hard stone floor, cold and moist from dew, as Stephan laid me down next to him. He shifted infinitesimally toward me. My insides lurched as if I had lept from a cliff. I leaned into his slightly parted soft lips, tasting his sweet mouth. My stomach quaked, and a warm rush of pleasure spread beneath my skin. The strength of our need, and the speed in which it bloomed, shocked me. But after weeks of mounting tension, any resistance melted away as we explored, touched, kissed and finally released everything in a shudder.

“Too fast?” he whispered, his lips brushing my ear and causing a spasm of pleasure.

“No,” I assured him. “I could not wait a second longer.”

I watched the lights from the motorbikes coming at us in the darkness as we drove back to Skon—tiny bright streaks like the stars that had swaddled us on the mountain. Being with Stephan had been perfect. Everything was perfect. There was no room at that moment for doubt or misgivings. I was completely filled up with love.

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