Forbidden Love

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Meet Karra the wood Elf she can use a bow and can heal. She is alone but not for long she meets some strange people that change her life for the better.

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Chapter 1 New Teammate

This annoying quest I picked up is not worth my time but I really need this coin for a better bow and clothing from the town market. To gather pig for a farmer am I kidding myself right now I hate this quest because I can't kill the pig I have to return it to the farmer. I set up bait and traps and nothing seems to work for me. This it the second day of looking for this pig and I am so close to getting it. Hiding in the bushes from witch I was sleeping in waiting for this pig to walk across me. I hear a load snap from the tree branches in the distance, so I hide in my tree above the ground so I can land on the pig. But all I hear is tree branches being broken down out of curiosity I leave climb down the tree and check my traps but have nothing. I look around once again and start to see smoke and smell pork in the distance. I follow the smell to a camp fire with three people sitting. A Knight, a Wizzard and a White witch. I am hidden in the bushes so we'll they can not see me. I notice the pig they are cooking has the tag on its ear.

Karra -how dear you take this pig it was the farmers pig that I was supposed to give back.

The Knight - We where hungry and needed rest before we come back to town and this is what I caught. You nasty Elf go away.

Karra- I'm not a nasty Elf and my names Karra. I need the money from that pig to get new equipment and clothing. You pig! I yelled.

The Knight- I never asked your name you filthy Elf. My names Sir. Lionel to you not pig. And I will help you explain this situation to the farmer and help you repay your debt. This is my crew Mathew our Wizzard, and Roseanne our white witch she heals and helps us.

He picks up my bow and breaks it on his leg as I push him down to the ground he snarles at me.

Sir. Lionel- How dare you touch me filthy Elf.

He pushes me aside and drags me with him to the farmer and explains the situation to the farmer. I never wanted to go with this group.

Roseanne- Please forgive my brother he is very hateful tords Elves since our father was betrayed by one. I will not judge you.

Karra - Thank you and don't apologize for his behavior he should know better then that to treat a woman like this.

Once everything got settled in and I finally got to talk to the farmer he handed me 100 gold for the pig and told me that the Knight paid him off for the meat and I needed my pay for the pig run since I did get all the pigs but one. And he wasn't upset he understood. I was confused but didn't really care to ask why he over paid me for the pig. But I was happy to leave this group behind and go about my life alone again. As I'm ready to talk off Mathew stops me.

Mathew- Please don't leave this group we need an archer for our adventure group inable to get full quests like we want we need a archer. And you are very skilled I can see it in your face.

Karra- Only if I can have food, my own place to sleep and keep this dog of yours away from me.

As I point at the Knight with my arrow. He snarls at me again.

Sir. Lionel - Fine then you need better clothing and to stay away from me you filthy Elf.

He makes me so mad I don't like him at all but I guess I can't fight it, I do need clothing and I need a better income then just a few coins a day. I'm wearing clothing so reviling you can see my belly, my back and my legs. So I can't disagree. I go back to my camp site and grab all my belongings. As we all agreed we would go to the town and set up our camp site out of the town near the trees for shade. We better hurry and set up because it's starting to get dark. Roseanne helped me set up my tent and added a extra room and space for her to stay with me in separate rooms but in the same tent. I didn't mind her staying with me, she made me very comfortable. We finally passed out, I was rudly woke up by a bag being throw at me with clothing, a bow, a quiver and boots.

Sir Lionel - Wake up its early enough for you to get dressed and ready to meet with the King who has requested us for a book of quests. You better take a bath too you nasty Elf.

Roseanne - You need to leave her alone brother she doesn't need this attitude from you now leave her be I will get her ready! She snaps at him.

He leaves the tent and Roseanne starts the bath for me, sets up my clothing, and starts to brush my hair as I relax in the tub.

Roseanne - Sorry for his rude mouth. He shouldn't judge you Karra.

Karra - I have had worse happen to me, this is the first bath I have had in years it feels so nice, my feet are so dirty from the mud and tree branches. I needed this. Thank you Roseanne

Roseanne - Your very welcome once your done with the bath I'll do your hair after you dress.

She turns around to give me privacy as I wash off all the dirt and grime out of my hair, feet and nails. Try time I was done and clean the water was so brown she had to get me three water buckets just to wash it all out. I smelled so different when I was done. It was nice sleeping like flowers. I picked up this camo top, jeans, socks and boots and put them on. I never had to wear boots before so I asked Roseanne to help me put them on because I didn't know how. I'm all dressed as she sat me down and cut all my dead ends off my hair witch was down to my butt. She cut it to my shoulders and put my hair in a bun. I looked like a whole new person.

Roseanne - You are so beautiful with your dirty blond hair and brown eyes. This outfit suits you so well.

I smiled as we both hear Mathew yelling at us that we need to get moving to town to meet up with the King.

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