Journey To Eternity (Volume-1)

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A group of friends were sent to and unknown world by some mysterious energy and what can be worse then that? They have to learn survival skills to improve themselves so that they can fight the evil forces threatening the world. Will they ever be able to do that? Will they ever be able to go back to thier world? Or they will have to live here forever? Join this group of 6 teenagers who unintentionally became the savior of this world until the eternity!

Adventure / Fantasy
Saif Khan
Age Rating:

What's That?

"Where am I? This doesn't look like Earth?" I said waking up on a Grassy field my Head was aching for some reason.
I looked around while sitting up, There was a vast Grassy land in front of my eyes as far as I can see and behind me was a Beautiful Blue river flowing, coming from nowhere going to nowhere fishes were swimming down the stream.
I sat still for a while to remember what happened before I passed out.

"Finally class is over now I can grab some lunch" I said while yawning and stretching my arms up
Suddenly someone called me from behind "Are you coming with me or not?"
"Of course I am coming, what do you have for lunch by the way?"
"Some special stuffed Sandwiches made by my Mother! And you?"
"I am going to eat yours, Hehe" I said with a big smile on my face.
"You never take your lunch with you D" Said Tony with a sigh.
Tony was a tall boy with muscular and perfect body. He had Black curly hairs, overgrown from Behind and a handsome face with Violet Eyes. I never thought I will be a friend of his But gradually we became best friends.

"By The way Tony, why don't you call me by my name Daniel?" I said while stuffing my mouth with Sandwich I have taken from Tony. We were sitting on one of the benches in our Soccer Field, some boys were playing soccer in front of us and we were enjoying it while eating. Me and Tony were University students of almost similar ages.
"Because I want to Call you D instead of Daniel! How many times will I have to tell you this man!?" Daniel said with another sigh.
"Hehe, I just love teasing you around, you know"
"Humm, Humm I know it"
"Also are you coming at my place Today?"
"And why should I?"
"Haaaaa? You forgot it's my 19th Birthday"
"Oh! ...Yeah...that...I remember I was just pretending to give you surprise you know..." Tony said with a wry smile.
"I know I know" I said with a sigh.
"Haha, well how many people are coming?"
"Not many as exams are starting, though let me guess Rikka, Tina, Jean, Lisa will be there and you too"
"Why are only Girls there aren't any boys coming by?" Tony said with and raised eye brows
"Uh, Umm, I suppose I invited more girls then boys as I don't have many boy acquaintances you know" I said with a little chuckle.

It's also true, I didn't have many Male Friends because I normally got in Fights with Boys, Tony was an exception as he had almost Same mindset as of mine. Though he stayed far from girls and maintained a fair distance from them.
He was handsome he can have many girls hanging around but he rejected everyone.
As of me I am not that handsome as of Tony but having slim body and fair body shape with grey Hair and Jade colour eyes that didn't match my face. It had always been a wonder for me.

It was my 19th Birthday and I was very excited for no reason though it had always been like this.

Ding Dong

The ring for next classes rang and we had finished our lunch,
"Let's go the class is about to start"
"Yeah, let's get going"
The classes ended soon and it was Afternoon we didn't had club that day so we headed directly towards our homes. We both lived in the same street so we normally ended up going home together
"Hey the classes have ended let's go home I have to prepare things for my birthday you know" I said picking up the bagpack and running towards Tony who was changing to his shoes.
"Yeah, Yeah I know let's go" He replied and we both started walking away.
Suddenly a Girls voice called out for me.
"Hey Daniel wait up I am also coming"
I turned my gaze to see a Beautiful girl with curly Scarlet Hair and scarlet Eyes coming towards us, she Was running towards us basically.
"Huh, Huh, Huh, I finally caught you up" she said while gasping for air.
"What's up Rose?"
"Huh? Isn't it your birthday Today?"
"Nope! Who said?"
"What? But I surely remember it's today" She asked in surprise while slightly tilting her head
"You are mistaken I suppose"
"W-What N-No way I remember it correctly" she said with even more surprise
"Stop Teasing her like this D" Tony said with a Sigh
"Ahaha" I laughed it off
"You are so mean Dani" Rose said with a Pout, Rose was one class Higher in rank and was practically our senior but she was my friend from high school so we never called her senior
"Well then let's get going"
"Yupp let's go! are you coming with us Rose?"
"Huh, Sure"
We three started walking towards the road we normally took to go home.
We were chatting about upcoming exams and some random stuff suddenly I saw something falling from sky in the far distance where the hill was located, because it was day time, Normally people stayed inside so no-one would have seen it other then us and we lived in a small village like area so there was very few traffic on roads.
"Hey what's that did you see it?"
"Yeah something just came out of the blue on the hill! Wanna check it out?"
"I don't think it's a good idea what if there were aliens?"
"What a nonsense? aliens!!"
"Oh, Come one Dani Aliens do not exist and even if they existed they won't come out in this Broad day light, what if it was an accident and someone needed a help? let's go check."
"Aah" I said with uneasiness
So we started walking towards hill side.
The hillside was a large rocky area where we sometimes went for hiking and camping together with friends.
"Where did it fell?"
"I Don't know! D do you have any Idea?"
"I suppose it was towards back side let's go"
"What? Are you sure about backside?"
"Yeah, If we have came this far why not visit there? You said there are no Aliens so how can you believe that rumour?"
"...Yeah! But"

The Backside of the Hill was said to be a dangerous area where many people were said to be gone missing since not more then past few weeks and hence it was highly recommended for people to not go there but...
"Hey Dani what are you waiting for come on let's check"
"Are you sure you wanna check this?"
We were climbing up the mountain and were about to Ascend to the backside when suddenly we saw an unnatural phenomenon occuring.
There were 7 pillars of lights coming from not much further in towards the backside, seeing this all three of us became still for a moment until I spoke up.
"H-Hey A-Are you sure you Still want to go there?"
"...Y-Yeah! It has to be some kind of projection to keep people away let's go" Rose replied hesitantly after a short pause
"Y-Yes you are right I want to go to" Tony said
"You two are seriously getting in trouble I am not coming seriously"
They both said in unison
"You are coming with us no matter what"
"Geez... Okay fine let's go but not too far, is that okay?"
"let's go then"
Hence we went a little further not more then half a minute later we were near the location where the phenomenon occurred, Suddenly something came crashing there"


"What the..."

After that what we saw was un describable....
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