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Paladai's Daughter

By AlbreeForrester All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure


It was said that the war started nearly two hundred years ago. Some argued it was longer. Few things could ever be agreed on when it came to the history of the war. That was true for most of the events of their past. It was just the way of the world. The only thing that people knew for certain as the truth was this: the crown prince of Dacia was kidnapped in the middle of the night and the neighboring kingdom of Avar was blamed for it. The Dacians claimed that ransom had been demanded by the Avarian government, which was denied by the Avarians. When the young prince’s body was found on Avarian land, the Avarians denied any involvement. Assassins were sent out to execute the Avarian royal family. Of the seven membered family, only the king and his infant son survived. The Dacians denied hiring the killers, but the Avarians would hear none of it.

Battles raged on for decades between the two proud countries. It didn’t matter what the truth was. All that mattered to two hurting fathers was their children were dead, and someone had to pay. The war passed from generation to generation, each becoming more gruesome and violent than the last. Innocents as well as soldiers were swallowed in the chaos. Calls for peace were made, but neither side would concede.

It wasn’t until one man, a foreigner to both kingdoms, stepped forward to offer a solution. The man’s name was Fie, but his offer was not one of peace between the kingdoms. Instead he offered his services and the service of his men known only as Paladai. They were fearsome warriors, their alarming appearance only made more frightening by their steeds known as draks, large horse-like creatures with leathery hides and fang like teeth. Their job was simple: protect the innocent by insuring the war was fought with words instead of weapons. Both kingdoms initially refused. They had enough diplomats, emissaries, and messengers that they had tried to use over the years to broker peace. All such attempts had failed.

Fie refused to take no as an answer. Within the span of several days the Paladai proved that they were no mere messengers. They were brutal, willing to fight, kill, or die if need be to prove their point. In less than a year all open conflict was ended for fear of the repercussions of refusing the Paladai. But that was only the beginning.

The Paladai soon split their faction in two, one for each kingdom. Though more members joined from each kingdom in an attempt to be the one who would end the war, by fair means or foul, all members of the Paladai were required to follow the code of the order and pledge their loyalty only to the Paladai leader. Those who did not conform to the ideals of the order were swiftly dealt with. No exception.

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