Made in Wonderland: Three years so far

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Upcoming crowd resembled to the exemplars of one concern, as they have recently descended from the assembly line, but I had a scarce interest in that. I got used to my previous mortal life, where all the people who surrounded me were like twins and preferred clichés to their uniqueness. ''Why should something change here? People remain people even after their death. If you spent your whole life following the crowd and its trends, you aren't the one who has to be blamed, we simply endeavored to conform the society''. My flow of consciousness was interrupted by a thrust in the shoulder: ''Do you have some smoke?'' some guy inquired rather rudely. ''Nope. Sorry, I don't smoke at all'', was my reply which was accepted with the incredulity from his side. I made a tick in my memory to think about this topic afterwards and rose up. As I was the freshman, what my countenance vividly expressed, I did not know whom to inquire or follow. Regardless, my hopeless condition, no one even tried to help me. Thus, I decided just to stick with the crowd and entered this abode of the knowledge.

Interior appeared very simple and it did not contain an abundance, but simultaneously I felt that I belong to this place. Surrounding atmosphere was quite friendly and benevolent. Still, I did not know what to do and where to lead my way further. Luckily, following appeal saved me: ''Hey! Yeah, you, are you a novice here?''. I replied in the affirmative, with a slight smile and a nod. ''Fill in this blank!'' she commanded, and exasperatedly switched her attention on others. I glanced at the issued blank. ''Death's University''. ''It sounds creepy. As if it is not enough with the fact of death as such. No, they kindly remind you of it. Oh, never mind.''. I scanned the whole paper, which consisted of several empty gaps to be filled in:






The only gap that didn't astonish me was ''NAME''. But even this required some time to recollect what my name was. Moreover, if my skull was damaged during the accident I could have lost my memory, sure that temporary, but still. Using all my efforts I made it. ''Âmes'' was doubtfully inscribed. In the center of the lobby, I noticed a huge billboard which included various programs and on the right there was a division of the positions. I came closer, put my forefinger on the slippery surface and dragged it slowly down, reading all possible positions. The list ran thus: Spirited Away, Phantom, Reaper, Adept and Grand Master. I didn't know why, but this list didn't amaze me, but it also did not inspire me to take up some studying program likewise. Later I will reveal you the meaning of this position and the scale of the advancement, but now I have to fill in the following gaps. I turned directly to ‘‘PROGRAMMES’’; the table on the left offered a vast list of all possible programs. After I looked over the entire list, I, being contented, leaned over the wall. ''At least suggested subjects are the same as in my real world. Alright, except spiritualism and soul gathering. When I was more material than I am now, I have been good at social sciences, so that I skipped unnecessary subjects and turned to my realm:







All these programs had their subdivisions and various branches, but how stunned I was when I read a tiny note below: Subjects listed above are compulsory for the fundamental comprehension''. ''Whom have I crossed the road in the wrong time and place?'', I skeptically uttered and my remark immediately dissolved in the air. I thought that it's an evil joke, but then I changed my mind, when I noticed that all people were thoroughly rewriting all subjects. ''Nerds...''. As I had time to think over the next gap, I chose to write something with the shade of philosophy or melancholy. ''The briefness of my previous life''. Although, I stopped my hand after it, glanced sorrowfully and allowed my eyes fall further, on the last gap. Every person, who thinks logically, would write: To obtain knowledge or to get new experience and so forth. Then I, a supporter of the right hemisphere wrote the same, but more generally: Graduate. I adored writing a lot and this habit did not disappear, but previous experience has shown that nowadays people do not want to be overloaded by the length of the text, information, etc.

Even at this point I was lost somewhere else. I did not fully understand what happens around me, but my blank was filled in and I decided to find this girl who issued it. It was not the easiest task, yet after several minutes I found her. The only obstacle was a crowd of people around her; therefore I needed somehow to slip through them. I did not trace the time, but I have got a premonition that I have spent here enough since my appearance, which irritated me unbearably.

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