Made in Wonderland: Three years so far

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Finally, I pulled this lady out of the circle of admirers and focused her attention on me. She seemed to know everything about this place, so that it was essential for me to squeeze all information till the last atom.

''Excuse me, what's your name?'', I demanded shyly.

''Lilly. And we'll definitely talk with you, maybe. Or even probably not. I can't be precise right now, come to me after the ringing'', she cried it out and disappeared in the crowd.

After such tedious dialogue I sat on the bench and kept looking at people, who were running all around, with such a concern, as if they are worthy. While I was investigating this monotonous movement, I felt that my eyes, eyelids are like the curtains that cover the window. I endeavored to fight against slumber, but in this previously set up battle I was vanquished. I did not know how much time I was lying there, unmoving like a sac, but thanks for ringing I jumped up as it rang. Its noise was so irritating and piercing that I thought that my ears will start bleeding. It ceased as unexpectedly as it began. At the same instant Lilly emerged before my eyes.

''Whatever you are, follow me''.

Judging from this strict appeal I decided not to inquire anything and just obeyed. Insensibly, we passed through the gloomy but warm-looking halls and reached, as I understood her office.

''You've got several minutes. All the questions which will be unanswered you'll solve on the spot.'', she stated and turned the hourglass over.

I noticed tiny drops of sand with the reflection of a pale gold.

''Firstly, I want to know where I am and what this place is?''.

''This place is neither Heaven nor Hell. It's not a purgatory. In fact, you can consider it what you wish, there's no universal notion. But, the place where you've come is the Death's University. Anything else?''

''Apparently. Spread the light, why especially the university? What's written on the rest signs?'', I cut my flow of thoughts, not to be so annoying.

''I won't tell you what was on that sign. The atmosphere of this place copies exclusively you, hence you wished to be here. All universities are the same, ours has a little bit different outcome. Enough about that, anything else?''

She was so poignant and strict; she did not waste her vocabulary on me.

''Outcome?..''. My question was interrupted by the knock on the door behind me. I showed with my expression that was not everything I wanted to ask, but she just turned her hourglass over and restored the eternal process.

''Don't forget to live on the way to perfection''. Were her last words and I was literally kicked out of the office. I could not have noticed a note of sadness in her voice, but then I was already walking across the corridors, hands within pockets.

Our conversation gave nothing, in fact, except her name. When I descended the stairs, I was determined to drop my emptied vessel somewhere and switch off. The next thing after this thought that flashed in my mind was a sign near the stairs. ''Freshmen'' and the arrow. This path led me to the mansion, but I at first thought that these were some ruins. It appeared my place of residence. Nobody met me there; I just followed the arrows and inscriptions. ''Why I have to obey and be so docile at all? Who leads me? With what aim?'', but I reached my destination according to the freshmen's arrows, so I didn't manage to reflect questions. Everything in the room was well-prepared, neat and looked amiably.

As I did not trace the time, although how it was possible to do it here - in the place where nothing is explained. But one thing I knew for sure and I accomplished it at once. I fell on the bed and abruptly switched off. Can the perished souls see dreams? Never knows best. At this instant I have to make it clear, have I slept at all...

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