Made in Wonderland: Three years so far

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It is really the very core, the quintessence of the mingled conceit and delight, when you realize that you have the advantage over somebody. It does not matter what advantage you've got, be it material greatness or mental supremacy. It happens even when you can write some letter better than your mate or anybody else. Apparently, you do not have to show how splendid you are, but you'll know it. Do not even attempt to deny it. We all want to be better than our 'good rivals', we are eager to suppress everybody and cut throats and step over the bodies on the way to success.

I was always told to work with head, i.e. with my intellect. ''Yes, among us all you are physically stronger and you are able to work using force, but do not forget that mental labor is paid much higher''. And it was not any kind of offense to me. Now I can confidently claim that I am the representative of mental labor. No, I am not a nerd and I do not wear these freaky spectacles of thick glass. And since all people in the entire world are selfish, but do not admit it, I will. I consider myself a prominent figure. Not in the history. Yet... I know it and this fact is immutable. What do I exactly know? I fully understand my role in my life; I know that my mental abilities transcend those of my peers. I consider myself more resourceful than others and it is a doctrine - I am smart, handsome, mentally gifted and physically developed human being. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention one more distinguishing feature, I am relatively timid and shy. Yes, I get embarrassed easily.
Today I received a call from an unknown person. This pathetic and mortal creature... Sorry, that is not right. Sorry. This person pleaded for help. It happens when one does not perform anything, one does not study and help others, etc. She was ready to pay more than I demanded for that I affirmed that I will help her out with some task. Yes, I have had to reveal the gender and it is not a matter of discrimination of any kind. Dear audience, accept my apologizes. I undertook this work. I was out of time, I did not want to do it, it irritated me even, but I rendered my help. That day I realized those words. People throughout the world are ready to pay for their ignorance and for your surpassing knowledge. Oh, it is such a sublime feeling when I understand that you do a job that is complicated, undoubtedly it is wearisome and annoying, but the outcome! It is of vital importance to keep the balance on the verge of mental perfection and readiness to self-sacrifice. Because the result of your physical and moral crucifixion will steer to an understanding of how grand and awesome you are.

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