Made in Wonderland: Three years so far

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Each of us has some preferences; be it music, food, favourite mood to stay in, bands, movies, literature, destinations, colours, names, odours, genders, religion, sports, political views, aspirations, wishes, etc. I would like to share my subjective opinion. I will not reveal my passion as I do not want to experience an anti - climax afterwards. I am eager to reveal my favourite destinations if it is admissible to say so. It does not come from the early childhood, since I suppose that I was an ordinary dreamer, i.e. I wanted to be an astronaut, policeman, pilot, firefighter, etc. All these representatives of as if noble professions. No, I do not mean that it is not so. Just with the running tempo of time these professions became a matter of a mission not of a job.

Apart from previous paragraph. I got interested in this culture or part of the Earth; call it whatever you want, when I was around 10 I suppose. But then I did it unconsciously. When I realized what it was exactly and in what form it appealed to me so much I was in the 9th grade. Yes, I had my personal spark and it was a blazing one. I was burning with the ideas that I have to collect as much information as I can; I had an intention to go there, to study, to leave my country, to feel an authentic freedom apart from the whole world that I would leave behind. But, as it frequently happens, wishes did not match the reality. I do not say that it did not happen so before, but when your most sacred and cherished dream simply crashes off the cliffs of cruel reality and scatters throughout the spaces of the injustice, you are a little bit disappointed you know, you experience something more than ordinary frustration.

So here I am right now. Did something change? I doubt. There is a season, times and instants when I catch myself on the melancholy of the past that I still want to implement. I did not give up my intention. I dream about it, I speak aloud on this matter so that everyone around me could hear. I gather information as I did when I was a child, I got interested and astonished as a naïf infant. I know what I want and I still have not found my anti-climax. I am gratified.

The real treasures are not those material ones. I appeal to conscious people, not to those big and bossy bags, who like to speak cryptically as if they know more than all the rest. Do not let your hands down and do not exclude yourself from the race, otherwise anyone else will obtain what should have belonged to you - your childhood's dreams and wishes and your satisfaction and all objectives of the present. Be on the top, do not crawl in the trench. Dream big!

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