Case 01, "Case of the Bone Freak"

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It is the year 2072, Earth is a world of science and now magic. Every two thousand years, like clockwork the reality of science get thrown out the window as magic roars to life like the tides of the sea. In 2012 magic returned in a raging storm across the world. The first manifestation came in the form of Binders, people who could bind spirits to their bodies, creating powers that no mortal had possessed. It is now believed these Binders were the gods of legend, like Zeus with his ability to throw lighting bolts. There’s more to it than that, always is. Worlds collide when Sean is bound to K, a mysterious sentient spirit. A dark force has begun manifesting on Earth. Who will be there to stop these dark manifestations?

Adventure / Mystery
Timidon Nodimit
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01: Prolog

Manifestations by Timidon Nodimit

Case 01, "Case of the Bone Freak"

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Coverart: Timidon Nodimit

In the year 2012, the world ended, but not in the way you would expect. The way of life and perception changed, magic returned. Every two thousand years like the raising and lowering of the tides magic comes and goes. This time, science and magic co-exist. Spirits long-dormant walk with humans.

Secret organizations and governments all want to harness the evergrowing power of magic and spirits, but at what cost?

The year is now 2072, sixty years after the "Event", the world still turns and mankind has adapted to this new environment. People are still people, still fighting over the same petty reason they always have, and creating new ways to do the same old crimes. To combat these strange and often outrageous acts of the ones who can harness spiritual power, The city of New York has created special crimes division, the MCD, Manifest Crimes Division.

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