My Guardian Angel

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Chapter 1: Wo Bin Ich?

I felt myself pale at his words. Those were the same words that I looked at every day, written on my thigh. Those were the same reason that I took German in order to be able to talk to my soulmate in the future. Wo Bin ich, Where am I?

I’ve always thought that I would go to Germany in order to find my own soulmate, whether for college or during breaks. But I could see my Guardian angel when I saw my words turn black.

I was a Seer. The pariah in the society because of their powers in order to see their own soulmate. I’ve seen a Seer run away from the government. His name was Antonio, who was a Spaniard.

He saw me when I was about 8 years old as he was running away. I was alone in the park anyways, in a park where almost nobody goes to anymore as there is another park that is much more bigger and fun.

I was sitting on the swing when we made eye contact. He, who froze in the middle of running, and me, who was just staring at him.

He came towards me and told me many things about what is the life of a Seer. Some of the Government believes that it is in the eyes and experimented on them. Most replacing their own eyes with another.

I felt my whole world crash. From that cherub, innocent little girl to the one whose world has been destroyed by these words.

I hid him in my tree house that was a bit further away in the woods of the park. Bringing a huge lunch for us to share, using my pocket money to buy him food.

In exchange, he would tell me different stories he learnt when he ran. Of a clan of Seers, of how some people have multiple soulmate, of how the Guardian angels dress. I was surprised to hear that some soulmates are of the same gender. Antonio’s own Guardian’s name is an Italian named Lovino, who died because he was too brash in everything and was cute in the terms of Antonio.

‘You bastardo!’ He would shout,” said Antonio, ” But when I’m in danger, or when I’m sick, I know that he’s the one to take care of me” Then Antonio laughed and seemed to dodge something, also petting something.

Soulmates can be one of the worst human being, doing the most inhuman act that nobody can ever tell, but when it comes to their soulmate, they’ll be one of the kindest person their soulmate have ever known. Soulmates are protective of one another, so I guess that not a surprise, considering that we all have this instinct.

But I looked at my German soulmate who still seem disoriented. I looked at him in the eyes, that were the colour of silver-blue. I pointed at him. He looked at where I was pointing and promptly freaked out, cursing as he did this.

He had the typical Sword of Protection to protect their soulmates from danger, the Shield of Protection to be able to defend their soulmates, a silver armour to protect them from blows, and a robe to cover it up.

This guy had an enormous white wing, though it’s a little bit cramped as my room is not big enough for it.

He seemed to realise soon after that I’m his soulmate as he appeared in front of me.

“Sie hast meine frage nicht beantwortet” He said, which I mentally translated it in English. You have not answered my question.

“Ah, you’re in my room?” I said, being a bit confused at the end. But I think I was supposed to answer it back in German.

“You are my soulmate” He answered back with a heavy accent before flicking his eyes over me. “A seer?” He asked. I nodded.

“Wir sind verdammt.” He groaned. I agreed. We’re doomed.

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