My Guardian Angel

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Chapter 2: Facing Reality

"I pondered over my thoughts, pacing back and forth in my room. I ran my hands through my hair, a habit when I am in a pinch.

So, it was a good thing that my parents aren’t here, right? Well, I hope so. I crouched down, almost having a panic attack at my ’just wonderful′ luck.

The German guy in my room was in the same situation as I am. Well, I found out that I was a Seer, while he found out he was dead. Both are bad, but I suppose that his were worst.

I cried into my knees

Once we got over and were tired because of our panic attack, we confronted each other. We sat right in front of each other, face to face. I felt extremely awkward and felt stiff. He was in the same situation as I am.

I felt like I was going to forget everything I learnt in German class. But I swallowed down my fear and put on my big girl underwear to introduce myself.

“Um...Can you understand English?” I asked hesitantly. He looked at me robotically and nodded. So I continued, only to remember to roll up my pants to show him where my mark was written. I cringe at the sight of the black words on my thigh.

“Mein name ist Nina Clarke.” I introduced myself, cringing inwardly into myself. He seemed hesitant before he replied

“Ich heiße Erwin Scheifer.” He said, unlatching the hook on his armor and brushed aside the white robe. I saw those really awkward words I blurted out on impulse, it made me embarrassed.

But Erwin...he only traced those words wistfully. He stared at me with regret in his eyes.

“Kannst Sie Mir diese Dummheiten verzeihen?" He begged. Can I forgive him for his stupidities? I shook my head. He shouldn't have to apologize, nobody could control death.

I went onto my knees and hesitantly hugged him, saying that he doesn't have to apologize for dying. I stared at the teal color words that was written in my handwriting, a thin and curly.

He slowly, but surely wrapped his arms around me, tracing the words on my thighs that was cursive and pretty.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, tears falling from my eyes. Erwin stiffened and tears once more emerged.

"I'm sorry"

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