My Guardian Angel

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Chapter 3: Us against the world

Had he been alive when we met, my first words to him would be that he dropped his wallet, written in English. But my words were in his language. It may have been the case of forgetting which country one is currently in to be speaking in their own language. It was either me who forgot or him who forgot. But if I think about it, it is probably me as I tend to forget several things. It wasn't the most romantic, or the most idiotic sentence, but it felt plain to me.

Erwin stood awkwardly in my room, not knowing what to do. He cleared his throat before speaking.

"I have learnt English so I could communicate with my soulmate." He said with a heavy accent.

"I, as well. Although I fear that it may not be enough." I said. "It is best if I vas the one to speak in English, so you do not need to speak German." I nodded at his suggestion. My parents knew that I had a German soulmate, or at least a soulmate who could speak German. If I ever spoke German to them, which I never had needed to, they would know. They would know that I am a Seer.

It's not like I don't trust them. I trust them, but not with my life. Not when they like to blabber a lot of things, which includes secrets.

So I decided to pack. I packed every essentials I needed and the money I earned from my part-time job. But it wasn't enough. Tomorrow night, I promised to myself. Tomorrow night, once I finished packing everything, I'll leave at the dead of night.

I began forging a letter than would definitely ruin my life.

I looked both ways, shutting the door as silently as possible. Erwin stared at me silently, understanding what I needed to do.
"But vhy did you need to write that?..." He asked me questioningly. I shrugged.
"It seemed like the most logical thing during that time." I said before walking away from my house, one I might never get to see again.
This is the life of Seers. It was like a game of Hide-and-Seek. If you're caught, you're dead or experimented on. I remember what Antonio had told me once about being a Seer.
'Run. Run away as far as possible. Hide yourself. If caught, death might be the only relief.'
I shook in fear. 'Paranoia is your only friend. Instincts are your only comrade. If you don't trust both, then you're a goner.'
Antonio...I wonder if he's still out there, refusing to lay down and let others decide on his fate. I wonder if Lovino was still beside him. I wonder if they're safe and happy.
"Are you alright?" I look to my left, seeing Erwin look at me with worry. I nodded.
"It's us against the world now." He nodded at my word.
"Us against the world." I repeated with heavy heart and tears pouring from my eyes. Why does it have to be this way?
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