The Quest To South Africa

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After living a life without any friends, Charles finally meets a few new people that could be his friends. Gibson, Isaac, Bridget, and Nova need to get to South Africa. However Nova is afraid of getting in planes, and the buses are too slow. They hire Charles for a quest to drive them from Djibouti to South Africa. Will Charles complete his quest by taking them to South Africa in time?

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Djibouti: Dikhil To Djibouti City

It all started in Djibouti in Dikhil. Everybody was in a restaurant. People were talking Arabic and French around the restaurant.

Two French men were talking at one table.
Andre and Marcel are the two men.

They were discussing on how will they make it to Djibouti City, if Marcel won't take a taxi, or a bus.

"The buses are so noisy, that I would love to jump myself out of the window. And taxies nowadays are so expensive!" Says Marcel in French.

Marcel gave Andre an idea by asking somebody for a ride, and they'll give the person whatever they want in return.

Andre sighed. As they both stood up, Andre got everybody's attention.

"We'll talk in English since more people are more familiar with this language." Said Andre.

They introduced themselves and tells them that if anybody would give them a ride to Djibouti City, they'll give them whatever they want for driving them to Djibouti City.

"Why won't you just take a bus or a taxi?" Asked one little girl.

Marcel explained on why he hates being in a bus, and why doesn't he like taxies.

Andre then promises in front of the restaurant that he'll give them something in return if they do it.

One man in a grey fedora said that he'll do it.

They asked for his name.

"Charles Anderson is the name." Said Charles with a handshake.

Andre and Marcel told him they'll give him whatever he wants in return. Charles accepted the deal.

After they've made the deal, they went outside of the restaurant.

They saw Charles's van. They asked if he could give them a ride to their house first just to get their bags. Charles accepted to drive them there.

And so Charles drove them there.

After putting their bags and got back in the van, Charles started driving while the song "Africa" by Toto was on the radio.

As Charles was driving, he asked on why are they in such a rush to Djibouti City.

Andre tells him that in three hours, they're gonna miss Marcel's nephew's birthday.

"I love that little guy, and I really don't wanna miss his birthday party." Said Marcel.

Charles tells him not to worry, because driving from Dikhil to Djibouti City takes only two hours.

Andre then asked a question to Charles on why are there two more bags back in the van.

Charles claims that he only stays in one country for a week or two.

"So you don't have a home?" Asked Marcel.

Charles says that what he does most of the time is travel the world with his van. Charles starts saying the list of countries he has been for a week or two.

"Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, and more." Says Charles.

Andre says that Agrentina is in South America.
Charles says that he knows, and that he just takes the plane to get to another continent.

Charles tells Andre that he'd wait in a hotel for his van.

Marcel then asks on why doesn't he just go to the airport whenever he travels. Charles tells them he would love to go across the road sometimes.

"I do take planes actually. But some countries are exactly next to each other and are just close. So my van becomes useful for travelling." Says Charles.

He then gave Andre and Marcel an example.

He said that if he was in Poland, and he wanted to travel to Vietnam, he would definitely take the plane instead of driving.

"Keep in mind, I actually love going to airports more than travelling on road... I just need the money to do so." Says Charles.

After two hours of driving to Djibouti City, Marcel was giving directions to Charles to get to his nephew's birthday.

As they made it to Marcel's brother's house, Marcel got out and thanked him.

However Andre gave him five hundred Djiboutian Franc. Charles tells him that he doesn't need anything.

"You do. Take them, you did waste two hours of your life to get us here didn't you?" Said Andre.

As Charles took the money, Andre ran to his friends and family to plan the birthday party.

Charles looked at them and began feeling sad. So he drove away.

During the evening, he parked his van. He was by Aden Bay Casino standing right in front of the ocean.

He sat down on the ground, and started talking to himself on how will he ever have friends of his own.

"When will I stop being alone? When will I ever get some friends? Everybody eating together in every restaurant with their own friends... while I eat alone with nobody sitting close to me. I'm all alone." Asks and says Charles.

He closed his eyes and sighed. Charles then stood up, got in his van and drove away.

Later on, he enters a restaurant.
He sits on a table alone and opens the menu.

While Charles was in there, a bus comes by the bus stop. Four people went out of the bus and stood still after the bus went away.

There are two girls and two guys.

"Isaac Carson" and "Gibson Elysium" are the two guys.

While "Bridget Lockwood" and "Nova Lockwood" are the two girls. They're both sisters.

Gibson tells Nova to open the map and to show where is Saba Yementine restaurant since they are next to it.

After Nova showing them where they are, Gibson tells Bridget that they should've stayed in the bus.

Bridget tells him that everybody is hungry, and that they haven't eaten anything since breakfast.

"We will never get to South Africa if we stop for food!" Said Gibson.

Nova starts defending Bridget.

"We won't get to South Africa if we starve Gibson." Says Nova.

"Well it's your fault for not wanting to go to the airport." Said Gibson as he puts the blame on Nova.

Bridget then defends Nova from Gibson.

"Man will y'all quit that shit? I'm tired of y'all always fighting." Frustratingly said Isaac.

"Let's just get something to eat and relax a bit. Okay?" Continued Isaac.

And so they agreed on going to Saba Yementine restaurant.

After getting in Saba Yementine restaurant, the four of them found some seats for them to sit and a clean table.

Charles's table was just by the door.

Isaac asks them on what do they wanna order. They look at the menu to see what do they wanna order.

Gibson wants to order Sambousa With Meat.
Isaac wants to order Chicken Salad.
Bridget wants to order Fatoush.
And Nova wants to order Hummus.

Isaac went to order. They stayed quiet for a minute, until Isaac came back to the table to discuss with them.

When he came back at the table, they began discussing.

"We might have to take some trains to get to South Africa. It's the fastest way." Says Gibson.

Bridget tells him that they have thirteen more days until they get to Isaac's cousin.

"Let's not take the train. I wanna explore through different countries to South Africa." Says Bridget.

Gibson then claims to take multiple taxies.

"Taxies nowadays are expensive." Says Bridget.

Gibson then tells them that they'll just take different buses through different countries.

Bridget then tells him that the buses always take too long for them to wait, and they won't have time to explore.

"Well what is it that you want me to do? Win a lottery to get a car?" Frustratingly said Gibson.

Bridget tells him first to calm down and hear her out.

She then tells him that they should hire somebody to drive them through different countries to South Africa.

Gibson tells her that she's out of her mind.

Bridget tells everybody about her idea.
Her idea was for somebody to drive them from Djibouti through different countries to South Africa.

"We'll just make a deal, and then everything would be good!" Said Bridget.

Isaac claims that he did see a van parked outside the restaurant.

"But whose van is it?" Asks Nova.

"One way to find out, let's ask random people in here." Said Isaac.

Gibson started telling all three of them that it's a dumb idea.
He claims that they should just take a flight to South Africa.

"I'm not getting in a plane." Said Nova as she was feeling scared.

Gibson kept telling her that they have to. However Nova kept telling him that she will never ever in her life get in a plane.

"If we don't take a flight to South Africa, the blame is on you for being afraid of flying after your-" As Gibson was saying, Nova interrupts him by yelling at him.

"I'm not getting in a plane!" Yelled Nova as she stood up.

Everybody started looking at her. Even Charles. She ran out.

Bridget was about to go after her, however Isaac held her by telling her she needs to be alone for a bit.

"Not cool man... not cool." Said Isaac to Gibson.

Charles starts leaving the table.

He walks out of the door of Saba Yementine restaurant, and sees Nova right next to the door sitting on the ground crying.

He asks Nova on if she's okay. Nova tells him to just leave her alone and that it's none of his business.

"I saw you yelling at your friend in there." Said Charles.

"Congratulations you're not blind, nor deaf." Sarcastically said Nova.

Charles tells her to just calm down, and to tell him what happened so he can help her.

"What part of 'it's none of your business' don't you understand?" Asked Nova with an attitude.

"And what part of people wanting to help you don't *you* understand?" Asked Charles.

Nova tells Charles that she's fine.
Charles looks at her and tells her that sitting on the ground, crying out in the cold doesn't look fine to him.

"We're in Djibouti, it's one of the hottest countries in the world." Said Nova.

Charles then tells her that it's January, and that it's kinda cold. Nova then says whatever to Charles.

"Look I don't know you, and you don't know me. But you can't stay out here crying in the cold over a disagreement you just had with your friend in there. It'll just make things worse for you." Said Charles.

He tells her to think positive, and whatever happened between her and her friends, they should work it out in order to be better with each other.

He gave her his hand. Nova held his hand and got up. She then asks for his name.

"Anderson. Charles Anderson is the name." Said Charles.

And then Nova introduces her name to Charles.

"Lockwood. Nova Lockwood is the name." Said Nova.

She then asks Charles if she could have his phone number.

"I don't wanna date you. It's just, talking to you actually calmed me down, and I hope we can talk more. Not just talking, but like hang out with each other, if you want anyway." Says Nova.

Charles accepted of being a friend of Nova's.

And so he showed her his phone number on his Samsung Galaxy A30s.

She then typed his phone number on her phone. Nova tells Charles that she got it.

"I'll see you around. And it was nice meeting you." Said Charles to Nova.

"It was nice meeting you too! And Charles! Thanks..." Said Nova.

Charles raised a thumbs up while walking away. Nova chuckled.

Nova was about to enter the door, until she looked back and saw Charles getting in his van.

She gasped. She opened the door and was about to run to her friends. However when she opened, Bridget was right in front of it.

"Oh Nova, I was gonna get you cause the food is ready." Said Bridget.

Nova held Bridget's hand and ran to Isaac and Gibson.

"Guys!" Excitedly said Nova.

"Before you talk, we're just gonna say that... we might have to cancel the trip to South Africa." Said Isaac.

Nova and Bridget sat down. Nova started telling them that she knows who owns the van now.

"Wait really? Who?" Asked Isaac.

Nova started telling them that Charles owns a van, and she has his number.

"We're still not doing that idea." Said Gibson.

"You don't get to make the decisions." Said Nova to Gibson.

Bridget tells them that they'll talk about that idea after they eat the food they've ordered. And so everybody agreed.

When they finished eating, they walked out of the restaurant. Isaac starts telling them that he's a bit tired, and that he'd pay to get a night in a motel.

"We are not going to take the night in a motel. Now let's go." Said Gibson with a bossy attitude.

"What about our idea? You're not the boss of us." Asked and said Nova.

Gibson was about to say something, however Bridget interrupted them by telling them to calm down.

She then says that they should take the night in a motel, and in the morning they'll talk about their idea.

"Fine. But only for you Bridget." Said Gibson.

Isaac opens the map to see a motel nearby in Djibouti City.
He sees a motel called "City Guest". So they head there by walking.

When they were there, Gibson and Isaac were sharing a room, while Bridget and Nova were also sharing a room.

Both rooms have two separate beds for them.

While getting ready to sleep, Isaac asks Gibson on why was he so cold on Nova this time.

"She's like a brat to me. She never wants to take a plane. And it's selfish of her because that means we can't." Says Gibson.

Isaac tells Gibson that they all met each other six months ago, and that she'll get over her fear soon.

Gibson says that he'll believe it once he sees her in a plane.

"Man don't be that cold. Her grandmother just passed away two months ago, and you know how much she loved her. She just needs time" Said Isaac.

Gibson tells Isaac that Bridget loved their grandmother too, however he doesn't see Bridget crying.

"Bridget does miss her grandmother, she just stays strong for her little sister. Nova is strong too, she just needs some time." Said Isaac.

Gibson asks Isaac with an attitude of what about Nova's fear of getting in a plane.

"It's how her grandmother..." He then sighed and told Gibson to just stop talking.

He tells Gibson that he shouldn't judge Nova over a fear she has.

"Turn off the damn lights! We'll talk tomorrow." Said Isaac.

And so Gibson turned off the lights.

Meanwhile in the other room, Nova was in her bed tucked, while Bridget just got out of the bathroom.

Bridget was about to turn off the lights, however Nova called her.

Bridget asked on what is it.

"Am I... ruining your life?" Asked Nova while feeling a little bit sad.

Bridget tells her of course not.

Nova sits down and says
"I feel like I am... because I keep getting in trouble with your boyfriend Gibson, so I feel like I'm ruining your relationship with him."

Bridget comes and sits next to Nova on Nova's bed, and comforts her.

She tells her that it's him who should be apologising.

"He shouldn't blame you the way he does just because he's angry." Said Bridget.

She tells Nova to not feel sorry or sad because of tonight.

"Though I'm the one who should apologise... for not chasing after you after you ran out of the restaurant." Said Bridget.

Nova told her that it's all okay. And so they hug it out.

"Get some sleep. These next few days are gonna be big." Said Bridget.

And so they said goodnight to each other.

Bridget turns off the lights, and all four of them slept in a motel for the night.
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