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Helpful Angels Incorperated Volume 2: Truth from Lies

By opal10 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure


Who is trying to kill Libra, and will Libra's team be able to save her and others?

Chapter 1

In a beautiful white and orange large city by the waves as the sun was on the horizon, a crowd was gathered in front of an alter where a woman with long black hair, fair peach skin, green eyes, tall, and average was standing. The woman was chanting, and then in a flash she spoke, “Listen to me all great people of Metrocrest, a woman of long white and pink back length braided hair, peach skin, tall, average, and has pink eyes, will come here to upset the balance of the waves.”

The crowd gasped as she spoke.

“The woman will also be with five men. They must not be allowed to come here, or else they will bring destruction to us all.”

“YEAH!!!” the crowd cheered.

“Will you follow your priestess to the ends of the Earth?”


“Will you do anything for your priestess of Metrocrest?”


“Then destroy the pink haired woman, and if you must the people that are with her.”

“YEAH!!!” the crowd cheered enraged.

Another person who was way in back of the crowd that looked like a child in a tattered cloak, ran away from the crowd. They ran so far that it took them a while to get where they were going. But they finally got to where they were going, a beautiful grey and pale purple cottage that was way out near the mountains away from the large city. When the child got inside and closed the door, they took off the cloak to reveal a blond hair child who had green eyes, peach skin, skinny looking, short and along with their short tattered clothes, her hair was cut short.

“Melina, I am back with some news.” Said the child walking further into the cottage.

In a small room with a short bookshelf, a woman who looked similar to the one standing on the alter was sitting. But this woman did not have long hair or green eyes instead her black hair was cut short like the child’s, and she had yellow eyes that shone like the sun, “What news do you have Mereen?”

“That woman is up to no good again. She is telling the people to go after a lady with white and pink back length hair in a braid.”

“That’s not good. We have to stop her.”

“But how Melina?”

Melina scratched her chin as she was in thought.

At the same time, in a beautiful park in an orange short sleeveless dress that goes to the knees, shoulder length orange gloves, a silver edge plated cloak, and sliver shoes was the white and pink haired woman, who wore a set of goggles that had silver glass in them and an orange strap, Libra is her name, and she is a heroine in Helpful Angels Incorporated.

Libra was at the time helping her friends to fight, “I can’t believe they dragged me into this.”

The friends, who she was helping, they were Yucinders, Wingheart, Haltin, Dragon, and Dark Law. They were fighting a winged creature with coarse brown wings, a long tail, a tall head, and sharp white teeth. The person controlling the dragon was a man with a flute, a dark flute, the man had long back length white hair in a ponytail, dark green eyes, muscular, tall, tan skin, and he wore clothes that would be accustomed to the country side. It was mostly long clothing that was dirty and worn out.


The group was actually in ear the mountains in the fields of the flowers fighting this opponent. The guys from the group saw the man with the flute.

“I got this guy.” Said Dark Law, a man with short crystal white hair, blood red eyes, muscular, pale peach skin, tall, wore a dark black/blue sleeveless trench coat, black fingerless gloves, a white sleeveless shirt that revealed his muscles, black long pants and boots, and over his mouth was a black and blue cloth which acts as a mask. Dark Law rushed up to the guy using his power of thunder in his right hand, but even though the guy had his eyes closed, and he was playing the flute, as Dark Law attacked, the dragon attacked him. So Dark Law quickly jumped back.

“That dragon is quick.” He said as he landed back near the group, “Anybody got any ideas on how to take it down?”

Wingheart spoke, “There might be a safe method to bring the dragon down without hurting it.” He had brown/yellow eyes, ice blue back length hair in a ponytail wore a long sleeve all white magician’s coat that is also long in length, it goes with a silk ice blue belt that is around his waist. He is also wearing ice blue shoes.

“Run that by me again? You don’t want to hurt the dragon?” Haltin, who was standing very close to Wingheart said. Haltin wore an all-black outfit that had a sleeveless shirt, sleeveless vest, long pants, and short boots. He also wore sliver wrist bands on both of his wrists, and a sliver chain that is attached to the black belt, and it leans on the side. He has purple eyes, muscular, black short hair that is down, and tall.

“Of course I don’t. I’m not inhuman.”

“I agree.” Libra said from her spot in the distance.

“If we stop it, can we keep it as a pet?” asked Yucinders the youngest member of the group, who had mahogany eyes, light brown short curly hair, chocolate skin, and short. He wore a short kimono that is white, blue, and red, and it has ice blue snowflakes on in that are in the background. It is long sleeved, and it has a gold sash around the waist. He wore blue jeans and white sneakers.

“No we can’t keep it.” Said Dragon the leader of the group, who had black cut short hair, purple eyes, tall, peach skin, muscular, wore brown long pants, jacket and a white short sleeve shirt, brown long boots, and a dark mahogany long scarf around his neck, “Let’s make a plan of attack first.”

“Right.” Yucinders agreed reluctantly.

“So what is our plan of attack?” asked Haltin to Dragon.

“We take out the flute player that is controlling the dragon.” Dragon started off as they kept a watch on their opponents, “Three of us will surround him, and one of us will take him out.”

“And who is going to occupy the dragon?” asked Yucinders a little nervous seeing that they have to split into teams.

“Since the dragon uses fire from its mouth, Yucinders will take on the dragon.” Said Dragon.

“I knew you would say that.” Yucinders responded.

“But you won’t be alone. Wingheart and Haltin will help you.”


“And what are we supposed to do about the dragon?” asked Haltin a little pissed, “Since I have to do dragon slaying?”

Dragon answered, “You figure it out, and in the meantime Dark Law and Libra will help me stop the flute player.”

“I don’t think Libra should be involved.” Said Dark Law.

“I THINK I SHOULD!!!” Libra heard them and yelled from her spot.

“I don’t think you should.” Dark Law said back.

Dragon put an end to the argument, “Look this is supposed to be a team effort, so Libra you will back us up with the flute player.”

“Thanks Dragon.” Libra was happy, but Dark Law wasn’t too thrilled.

Then they all spilt up into the two teams that they were assigned.

Libra, Dragon, and Dark Law snuck around the rocks to get to the flute player while Haltin, Wingheart, and Yucinders took on the fire breathing dragon directly. Libra tries to sneak up the cliff with them, but she tripped on some rocks which made noise that alerted the flute player. The flute player turned, and he blew on the flute that played a different tune. That tune caused the dragon to turn towards them.

Dark Law who was alarmed by it, “EVERYONE BACK AWAY!!!”

Libra, Dragon, and Dark Law ran away from the flute player as the dragon blew fire from its mouth at them. All three of them managed to hide behind a huge stone to avoid the blast.

Dark Law continued, “See this is why I didn’t want her to help us.”

“I’m sorry Dark Law. I didn’t mean to trip.”

“You always mess up.”

Dragon got in between them by saying, “Now, now you two. How about we worry about the dragon instead of arguing, huh.”

Both of them said, “Sounds good.”

But the dragon kept attacking them, so Dragon motioned to Yucinders and the others to help them out. Yucinders whispered something to Haltin and Wingheart. They nodded and put the plan into motion. Wingheart got in front of the dragon, and he used his powers of water to spray the dragon in the face. The dragon was furious, so it attacked with fire back at Wingheart, who started to have a tug a war battle with the dragon. It was who would get tired and give in first, but Wingheart thought, “At least this will buy them some time.”

Yucinders ran out towards the dragon, and he used his ice powers to freeze up Wingheart’s water. Ice started to freeze the ground and the water from Wingheart’s hands, but it did not freeze Wingheart’s body. Then Yucinders yelled, “HEY, HALTIN IT’S YOUR TURN!!!”

“Right.” Haltin ran towards the dragon as well, and he stood in front of the freezing dragon, he put his hands in the ground, then suddenly metal came out of the ground and surrounded the dragon in a box, “The dragon is trapped go for it you guys.”

“Thanks.” Dark Law told them as all three of them started to attack the flute player again directly.

Dark Law tackled the flute player, but the flute player held him in midair with a psychic power, then he threw Dark Law to the ground. Dragon tried to tackle the flute player as well, but the flute player threw Dragon against a wall with his psychic power as well.

“Okay, guys let me give it a try.” When Libra started to tackle the opponent with her wooden staff that had an orange sphere in the top center, Libra suddenly felt perching pain in her shoulder near hear heart. She looked down and realized that she was hit with an arrow, and then she collapsed to the ground right in front of the flute player.

“LIBRA!!!” Both Dragon and Dark Law yelled as they ran to try and help her. But the flute player used his psychic power to push them both back again. But Dragon and Dark Law landed on their feet this time.

“We have to get to her Dragon.”

“I know that, but how? I didn’t know that this guy had psychic powers and could control animals too.”

Dark Law was deep in thought then he, “I got an idea.” He then whispered it into Dragon’s ear.

Dragon replied, “We will catch him for sure this time and help Libra.”

Then Dragon started to attack the flute player directly with his body, but the flute player blocked him again with psychic powers lifting him off of the ground, “NOW DARK LAW!!!”

As he concentrated, the aura around Dark Law turned black, then when he opened his eyes, they were pitch black as well. Sensing danger, the flute player sent his psychic power at Dark Law, but the psychic power stopped as the shadows from Dark Law grabbed the flute player’s arms and legs.

“Nice job Coalel.” Dragon put his hand on the ground, then rocks and dirt shot up from as spikes and trapped the flute player.

“Thanks.” Said Coalel the other voice that came from Dark Law.

Then when they switched places, Dark Law ran and swooped Libra into his arms. When he took a look at her, she was still breathing but barely, and the arrow was logged in her shoulder just above her heart.

“It’s too close to her heart.” Dark Law thought, “We are going to have to be careful when we take it out.” Dark Law picked Libra up like a princess, but he was careful as to not hit the arrow as he carried her, “Hey, I am going back to headquarters with Libra.” He said to the others.

“Go ahead.” Said Dragon, “We will take care of this guy.”

“We’ll be right behind you.” Yucinders spoke as they made sure the dragon couldn’t move.

“Thanks.” Dark Law replied then he leaped off with Libra.

But as they left Dragon wondered, “Who shot that arrow, and if they were the flute player’s accomplices, then why at Libra not at us?” Dragon looked all around, but there was no sign of anyone.

Dark Law made it back to the headquarters, where a woman in a long blue ball gown with white accents and cap sleeves was waiting. She also wore blue shoes, had lilac log shoulder length hair, blue eyes, tan skin, she was also short and average, “What happened? How did Libra become like this?”

“I don’t know Sky Harmony.” Dark Law explained, “One moment Dragon, Libra, and I were fighting the flute player that you told us about, and then the next moment someone shot her from behind.”

“Get her into my office right away. Leeann please help us.”

“Right away, Sky Harmony.” Leeann was a tall woman of her forties, who had brown eyes, and back length long hair.

They all helped Libra get into the office and behind a secret door that Leeann lead Dark Law to there was a secret room filled with potions and spell books. As Dark Law carefully laid Libra down on a table, “What is this place?”

“This is my private room where I commit to the studies of different things like new medical remedies and other spells. Now I will hold Libra still while you pull out the arrow, Dark Law.” Said Sky Harmony.

“But I might kill her. Can you do it?”

“No, because the arrow has to be pulled out fast, so I can heal her quickly. The slower it us pulled out, the more pain she will be in.”

“Sky Harmony is right; this has to be done right away.” Said Leeann.

“But I will need your help right afterwards to heal her.”

“Yes, I know Sky Harmony, you can’t heal a person completely without Libra’s help or the help of others.” Dark Law took a breath, “Let’s do this.”

“Okay, Leeann hold her down just in case, she starts thrashing about.” Leeann held Libra’s legs down as Sky Harmony told her.

Then Dark Law held the shoulder that had the arrow sticking through it. The Sky Harmony continued, “Now once I yell now, pull out the arrow quickly, then you have to kiss her like before to give her energy.”

“That I know about. Give me the word.” All three of them got ready, and on Sky Harmony’s count, “One…two. …THREE!!!”

At three Dark Law pulled out the arrow which caused Libra to, “AHHHHHH!!!” And she started moving around in as she kept screaming in pain, but Leeann held her down, and so did Dark Law and Sky Harmony as Sky Harmony healed her with a bright white light from both of her hands on the injury, and Dark Law kissed Libra directly on the lips. As he did, a green and white light could be seen coming from him and going into Libra.

Once Libra was healed, Dark Law fell onto the floor gasping in air, “Okay what was that?”

Dark Law looked at Sky Harmony as she answered, “Sometimes depending on how severe the injury is, the person that gives up their energy becomes drained themselves.”

“But last time she was injured, and I didn’t feel a thing.”

“Because it was just a slash, and Libra was only slightly injured.”

“Wonderful, severe damage equals severe drainage. Thanks for telling me.” Then he started to focus, “How is Libra?”

Dark Law, Sky Harmony, and Leeann looked at Libra who was breathing slowly, but calmly. Sky Harmony answered, “She is just fine and out of danger.”

Dark Law slowly wiped his brow, “That’s a relief.”

Later, Libra and Dark Law were moved to the hospital ward of Helpful Angels Incorporated headquarters. When the others met them there, both of them were sleeping soundly.

“Awwwww, look at the two little angels sleep.” Said Yucinders griping at them and chuckling.

“Hey they deserve the rest.” Wingheart piped in as he shushes Yucinders, “Somebody tried to kill Libra, and we have to find out who.”

“Wingheart is right, plus we have to find out why they did it. That will explain everything.” Said Dragon.

“Can you guys keep it down, some of us are trying to recover.” Dark Law was looking at them as they stopped their conversation.

“What happened to you?” asked Haltin starting to chuckle at Dark Law’s condition.

“I helped heal Libra again, but as a consequence I was drained of my energy since it was a severe injury.”

“Well you are her lip locker.” Haltin continued to make fun.

“I just wanted to help moron.” Dark Law retaliated.

“Well you helped alright.” Haltin kept chuckling.

“Keep laughing moron, and you will get a knuckle sandwich.”

“Alright, you two that’s enough.” Dragon checked on Libra’s condition.

“What about the prisoner?” asked Dark Law stirring up in bed.

“The guy confessed at kidnapping the dragon from its home, but as for the arrow that hit Libra, it seemed he did not know anything about that.” Yucinders spoke a little worried.

“Great that means we are totally in the dark about her attacker.” Dark Law scowled and started to ponder, “Who could want Libra dead?”

Then Sky Harmony came into the room with a letter, “If you guys are wondering about who attached Libra, I think I have the answer.”

“What is that?” asked Yucinders.

“Isn’t it obvious, it’s a letter.” Haltin said.

“Yes, it’s a letter, but it explains why Libra was hit with that arrow, and what we need to do.” Said Sky Harmony.

“I would like to hear what that letter says as well.” Said Libra as she sat up slowly.

“Libra are you okay?” Everyone surrounded her with concern.

“I’m fine, but Sky what does that letter say?” She asked.

They all started paying attention as Sky Harmony read, “To Miss Sky Harmony: This concerns one of your heroes, a female with white and pink back length hair and pink eyes.”

“Hey that female that the letter is describing sounds like Libra.” Said Yucinders speaking out.

Everyone said, “Shush.”

Then Sky Harmony continued, “My sister Melieena, the priestess of Fronta City, commanded the people here to destroy the heroine with the white and pink hair with the pink eyes.”

“Destroy for what reason?” Yucinders kept speaking during the reading.

“Shush.” Everyone said, and Sky Harmony continued, “I am worried that my sister is up to something. Please come to Fronta City immediately, we need your help. Sincerely, Melina.”

“What could that be about?” asked Wingheart.

“I don’t know, but it is apparent someone knows who is after Libra and why, and I want you guys to find out.” Sky Harmony finished, “So you guys will go to Fronta City immediately.”

“Right.” They all agreed except for Libra who asked, “What about me? Can I go to Fronta City as well? I know I can help.”

“No way this manic is after you.” Said Dark Law.

“I agree if you go, we will be handing you over to this crazy woman, and that is what they will expect. I’m not doing that.” Sky Harmony was firm.

Dragon went up to Libra, “Libra just stay here for now, and you can come on the next mission I promise.”

“Well I don’t know.”

“You don’t have much of a choice because if you don’t agree, I will lock you up in one of the rooms here, and you won’t come out until they come back.” Sky Harmony intervened.

Dark Law chuckled, “So what do you say now Libra?”

“I say okay. What do I have to lose?”

“Nothing.” Everyone said except for Libra.

“Now that this subject is settled, do you guys know where Fronta City is?” Sky Harmony looked at the group.

“Yes, it is a beautiful city upon the water, that is within the country of Metrocrest, it is also known for its trade, so that is why we have to be careful once we are there.” Dragon answered.

“Wow, I wonder what it looks like.” Libra was curious.

Everyone glared at Libra, so she kept quiet.

“But who do you think this Melina is?” asked Yucinders.

“Apparently, she is the sister of this Melieena who is a priestess.” Said Wingheart, “So we all have to be careful about her as well.”

“Her who, Melina or Melieena?” asked Yucinders who became confused.

“Melieena who else since she is the priestess.” Said Haltin quickly, “Keep up Yucinders.”

“I am; I am Haltin.”

“Alright guys the point is go to Fronta City in the country of Metrocrest and find out what is going on.” Sky Harmony demanded.

“Right.” They all said except for Libra. Then everyone started to leave.

Libra wondered, “What I should do? I have to do something.” Libra kept deliberating while she lay in bed as they all left. But then she figured out what she wanted to do, so she smiled.

The next day as Libra was in the hospital ward, the guys headed to Metrocrest and Fronta City that was within Metrocrest. At the same time Libra was devising a plan of escape. She pushed the covers off of her which revealed that she had a backpack and supplies all gathered up. Then she slugged her bag over her back, jumped out of bed, and ran down the back staircase and out the door.

Sky Harmony came thirty minutes later to check on Libra, and she discovered that she was gone, “I’m going to kill that girl. She is so childish.”

Then Sky Harmony went to her main office and on the loud speaker, “TO ALL HEROES!!! PLEASE CAPTURE AND BRING LIBRA HERE TO MY OFFICE THAT IS AN ORDER!!!”

As Libra was running, she thought, “Looks like Sky is really keeping her word about locking me up somewhere at headquarters.”

Libra kept running as she kept leaping from building to building distancing herself from Helpful Angels Incorporated Headquarters. She kept running until she reached the shoreline, and that was where she saw the ship that was headed to Metrocrest, and she hid because she saw that the guys were walking on that ship as well.

After the guys got onto the ship, she tried to go on board as well, but the first mate of the ship, who was taking tickets, stopped her, “Where are you going young lady? Do you have a ticket?”

“No, but my friends are on this ship. I have to help them in the country of Metrocrest at Fronta City.”

“This ship is going to Metrocrest, and it will dock in a town near Fronta City, but if you don’t have a ticket, then you can’t go aboard.”

“Please, I have to get to that country.” Libra pleaded.

“No ticket, no entry. Now please leave.” The first mate closed the gate and headed up the plank walkway, “NO MORE PASSENGERS!! SET SAIL!!!”

Libra was shocked as she yelled, “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!!!”

As they were in their adjoined rooms Dark Law looked out the port hole, and down at the dock, but he didn’t see anything then Dragon, “What is the matter Dark Law?”

“I thought I heard Libra outside.”

Dragon looked out the port hole as well, but he didn’t see anything either, “You must be dreaming, she is at headquarters resting.”

“That must be it. She wouldn’t come here.” As Dragon headed back into his room that he shared with Yucinders, Dark Law thought, “Or would she?”

As the ship lifted up the anchor, Libra grabbed the main line that held the ship along with the anchor as it docked, then once the crew left she crawled up the side and onto the ship. Once on the ship, she searched for a place to hide.

As she ran, she thought, “I wish I knew what time they will dock in Metrocrest. But they will probably announce it on the loud speaker.”

She found a place that was warm down in the storage room, which was the size of a whole galley. It had food, water, and other supplies needed for a ship’s voyage across the ocean. As Libra looked around, she continued thinking, “The guys are lucky this is a luxury liner. They get to have fun, but I have to stay down here, or else I will get tossed of this ship.” Libra cringed because the water wasn’t ready for summer yet since the weather was a little cool for that time of year.

The guys for the first day, relaxed, ate, and they made a plan if what they would do once they reached Metrocrest.

“So what is the plan?” asked Haltin looking at everyone as they sat in a circle within Dragon’s room.

“Well since Libra is not around that is less trouble. We don’t have to protect her, so we can find out what this Melieena person is up to in Fronta City.” Answered Dragon.

“Yeah, and we can find out what place this Melieena person is staying at and investigate it.” Said Dark Law.

“And the rest of us can spy on the people of the city to see what they think of Melieena.” Wingheart added.

“Excellent, that is exactly what we will do, but remember guys Metrocrest is a water country.” Dragon continued.

“Dragon, what do you mean by water country?”

“Yucinders, you know you learned this in school already, but let me reiterate the details for you.”

“Thanks Dragon.”

“Your welcome. Now as everyone knows in the world each country is a certain type depending on their economy.”

“What’s economy?” asked Yucinders.

“It is mainly what a country exports and imports.” Haltin answered, “But they country type is named after its exports.”

“In other words…” Yucinders was confused.

“I will give you an example,” said Dragon, “Metrocrest is a country that is on the water, so it is mainly made up of fishing and boating. So they are a water country.”

“Oh.” Yucinders eyes glistened.

“In our world, there are a total of five country types, which are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Metal.”

“What country type are the Midlands?”

“That country is an Earth type because it has mostly nature on it.”

“Oh, I see, so the country we are going to is a water country because of their economy.”

“Exactly. Any other questions.” Dragon looked at the group.

“None.” They all said except for Dark Law who was still looking out of the port hole.

“Dark Law are you still wondering about Libra?” asked Dragon.

“I know, I heard her before we left the port.”

“Don’t worry, she will be fine.”

“Ooooooo, Dark Law is worried about Libra.” Yucinders started taunting.

“Hey, do you want to end up overboard?”


“Then shut up.”

Yucinders became silent.

“Good, now at least we all know what to do.”

“Right.” Everyone agreed with Dark Law.

Meanwhile, Libra was shivering in the storage room, “Man I should have thought about this before I came aboard. Now I don’t have anything to eat.”

But she looked around and said aloud, “Of course, I have things to eat this is a storage room.” So she took two apples cleaned them with her bottled water and ate the both of them.

But as she ate, the cook, a man of his forties, with a slight gray beard, and ice blue eyes, came in and saw her, “STOW AWAY! A STOW AWAY IS ABOARD!!!!”

“Oh, no.” Libra thought, then she got up and tried to run towards the only exit, which was the storage room door that the cook was blocking. Then he grabbed her, “You are going overboard.” He pulled her along as they left the storage room.

Libra yelled as she resisted, “I am sorry. I will pay for the apples if you let me stay.”

The cook was intrigued, so he let go of Libra, “For those two apples that you ate, you have to do two days of work.”

“Yes, sir.”

They both sat down in the kitchen on a stool as they talked, “So why did a little lady like you stow away onto this ship?”

“I have to get to Metrocrest to help my friends. My name is Libra, and I work with Helpful Angels Incorporated.”

“Then why aren’t you above in a room with your friends?”

“Because they thought I would be in danger if I went to Metrocrest.”

“Oh, but you came anyway.”

“Yes sir.”

“If they thought you would be in danger, isn’t what you did a little risky?”

“Even if it is risky, I still have to try. I want to protect them.”

The cook got up, pated her on the head, “I like your spunk. Alright, you can stay in an adjoining cabin with me and work off those two apples.”

“But what if someone sees me?”

“Don’t worry, I will tell them that you are my assistant cook. Do you know how to cook?”


“Then there isn’t a problem.” The cook took out five keys, and he handed Libra one, “Go to room 2142, and change there, it is below deck.”

“What would I change into?”

“In the closet there is a chef’s uniform, change into that.”


“And get back here quickly, I need you to help me with the lunch hour.”

“Right head chef.”

The chef thought as Libra left, “That woman’s friends are lucky to have her by their side.”

As Libra left the galley, she hid in certain gaps in the ship, as to not be seen by others. Finally, when she reached below, she used the key given to her to open the door. Once inside the room, she saw that it was a room with two beds in it, a port hole window, two cabinets, a dresser, two long lamps, and one television. She looked inside one of the cabinets and found the chef’s uniform, placed it on, and she also left her bag in the room, then she left and locked the door.

After getting back to the galley, Libra helped the head chef with the food preparation, cooking the food, and serving it. Once everything was done, her luck ran out.

“Hey, I need you to deliver this cart of food to rooms 3123 and 3125. They are adjoining rooms that are owned by five guys for this trip.”

“Sir, did you say five guys?” Libra was nervous at who came to mind, “Can you tell me their names?”

“Sure, Mr. Dragon, Mr. Yucinders are in room 3123, and Mr. Dark Law, Mr. Haltin, and Mr. Wingheart are in room 3125.”

Libra thought, “Oh, great. I really don’t want to run into them right now.” Then she said aloud, “Can you send it up to them, sir?”

“I can’t. I am the chef. I have to stay here to manage everything in the kitchen and dining area. You will have to do it Libra.” Then the chef noticed her blushing, “I am guessing that those are the friends that you were talking about?”

Libra nodded, the chef continued, “So why don’t you show them that you can make it on this journey?”

“How would I do that?”

“By showing them that you can work on this ship without their help.”

“That’s a great idea head chef.”

“Alright then go serve this to them and walk out of those rooms with confidence.”

“I will.” Libra took the cart and perked up as she headed up the stairs.

Once she was at their rooms, she took a breath, disguised her voice, “Room service.”

On the other side she could hear Yucinders, “Great the food is here.” The door was unlocked and opened, and Yucinders stood on the other side with the other four guys who sat in his room. Libra tried to hide her face by looking down, but Dark Law asked as he looked at Libra, “Miss do I know you?”

“I don’t think so.” Libra kept disguising her voice as she put the trays down on the table, “Will that be all gentlemen?”

“Yes.” Said Dragon as he looked at her, and then he had a sharp, discovering thought, he whispered to Dark Law.

Dark Law stood up and approached Libra as she spoke, “If that is all, I will be leaving.”

“I don’t think you will LIBRA!!” Dark Law pulled off Libra’s bonnet that hid her face.

“What are you doing here Libra?” asked Yucinders who was shocked.

“That is exactly what I want to know.” Dark Law was pissed off and furious.

“I wanted to help on this mission.” Libra answered and pleaded.

“We know, but the enemy wants you dead. That’s why we didn’t bring you along.”

“But Dark Law, I can help, and I won’t get in your way.”

“No, buts Libra,” Dragon stepped in, “For once Dark Law is right. You have to go back to headquarters.”

Then the head chef stepped in the doorway, “She can’t do that because she owes me for eating two apples without paying.”

“Libra you didn’t.” Said Wingheart who became upset, “I’m surprised at you.”

“I’m sorry guys, but I do owe him.”

“Then that settles it. She stays.” The head chef took Libra’s hand and led her out of the rooms, but he turned back to say, “If you want to find her, she will be in my cabin below.”

Libra and Dark Law blushed at the same time at that comment as Dark Law asked, “Why is she sharing a room with another guy?”

“I have no idea.” Dragon just stared at the doorway just like the other guys.

As they walked along Libra, “I thought you weren’t coming up.”

“Oh, after you left, I figured you could use some help, so I left the kitchen to my preparation cook. He can handle it because he has been working with me for years.”

“But won’t you two get in trouble?”

“No, not really. Besides I wouldn’t want to lose my new assistant chef.”

“An assistant chef, me? Really?”

“Yes, if you want the job.”

“Will it allow me to stay on the ship?”

“Yes, you will get free room, food, and access to all of the facilities.”

“Thank you, I’ll take it. But why would you help me? I ate your apples.” Libra looked sad.

“That’s because I will get free help in exchange for something, so don’t pay any mind to the apples.”

“Thank you.” Libra was excited.

“But if I were you young lady, next time don’t eat anything that doesn’t belong to you.”

“Yes, sir.” They headed off to the cabin, and there Libra got adjusted for the rest of the three-day trip.

The next day on the ship, Dark Law came to visit Libra. He knocked on the door. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find him and Dragon standing there.

“May I help you?” She asked.

“Libra why are you still here?” asked Dark Law.

“Because I am going to Metrocrest and then to Fronta City with you.”

“No you’re not because as soon as we dock, you are going straight back to headquarters.”

“But Dark Law….”

Then Dragon interfered again, “Libra sit down, you too Dark Law.”

“Why me? She is the one that should.”

“Just sit down.”

They both replied, “Okay.”

They both sat in the only two chairs in the room the Dragon continued, “Let me explain something to you both. This is a team mission, and everything is decided for the sake of the team. Libra do you know why everyone agreed to have you stay at headquarters during this mission?”

“It was because of the danger, but I can protect myself.” Libra spoke out.

“So you understand for the sake of the team, and for your sake, you had to stay at headquarters.”

Dark Law nodded, “That’s right.”

“As for you Dark Law, do you understand why Libra came here?”

“Yeah, because she wants to do whatever she wants to do.”

“Dark Law that’s not true.” Libra firmly said as she tested up, “I just want to help and fight my own battles.”

As she said that Dark Law had a thought about a taller man, who looked similar to his regular form of blue/black hair, but the man’s hair was cut short, and he too had green eyes. The man said with sadness in his voice, “Vanden, I am so sorry to make you take on this battle by yourself.”

And Dark Law, whose real name is Vanden Tal Helis said, “It’s alright father. I am ready.”

Libra kept saying, “Dark Law, hey Dark Law. Do you hear me?”

Dark Law was pulled out of his thoughts, “I hear you Libra, and I understand.”

“You do?” Libra was confused.

“Yeah, we all have our own battles to fight.”

Libra smiled as Dark Law continued, “But we still don’t want you to stay.”

“What after all of that? Then why did we have this conversation?”

“To get you to go home.” They both said to her.

Libra got up out of the chair, “got I can’t believe you two.”

“Well just think of it this way Libra, we are only thinking about your safety.” Dragon said as he looked at her.

“Get out.”

“But Libra…”

“GET OUT!!!” Libra opened her room door as the head chef arrived.

“Is anything wrong?” the head chef asked.

“No these two were just leaving.”

Both Dragon and Dark Law walked out of the door as Dark Law turned back to her, “Remember Libra we are just concerned about you.”

“Leave right now.”

“Okay, we are going.”

Both of them left and headed back to their rooms. Then the head chef asked, “Is it true that they are concerned about your safety?”


“Then consider their point of view Libra.”

“I am, and I love that they are thinking about me, but I have to face this myself.”

“You are a good woman.”

“Thanks head chef.”

“Call me Mr. Clefoy.”

“Okay, Mr. Clefoy it is nice knowing your name.” Libra shook his hand.

After three days had passed, the ship finally reached Metrocrest, but it docked in Costa City, another water city in Metrocrest that was thirty minutes away from Fronta City.

The guys got off of the ship with their supplies, and Libra got off of the ship as well, “Well Mr. Clefoy, it was nice traveling with you.”

“You too Libra.”

As she was about to walk off Mr. Clefoy continued, “And Libra, work things out with your friends. I know you will be able to think of something.”

“I will.” Then she ran off to find the guys.

As Mr. Clefoy turned back to go into the ship, three men in black hoods and cloaks stood in front of him, “Can I help you?”

The first cloaked person, who had a male voice, “We just saw you talking to that woman.”

“Yeah, so?” said Mr. Clefoy, “Is it a crime to talk to someone?”

“No, but we just want to know where she was going?” asked the second cloaked person, who had a female voice.

“I have no idea; plus, how would I know where she is going.”

“Because you traveled with her for three days on thus ship.” Said the first hooded person, “So she had to tell you something about where she was going.”

“Is that any of your business?” Mr. Clefoy fought back.

“No, but if you don’t tell us, you will die along with that woman.” Said the third cloaked person, who had a deep male voice.

“I’m not telling you.”

“Kill him.” The deep male voice said.

The other two hooded people ran after Mr. Clefoy as he took off onto the land seeking a hiding place.

He kept running and running, and he knocked on people’s doors- the doors of buildings and houses, but no one answered. Then Mr. Clefoy ran to find Libra. He found her when she caught up with her friends, but it was too late.

As he yelled, “LIBRA HELP!!! LOOK OUT!!!!” One if the hooded people took out a long blade, swung it at Mr. Clefoy and hit him in the back.

As Libra turned she saw this, “NOOOOOOOO, MR. CLEFOY!!!!!!!!!!!” Libra dropped to the ground as Mr. Clefoy fell on the ground bleeding as well. Libra cried as her friends surrounded her. The enemy stabbed Mr. Clefoy again through the heart as he died. As he lay dying the people of this part of Costa City saw this action, and they started to panic and flee from the site.

Dragon ran to try to protect Mr. Clefoy, but when he got there he said, “This man has no pulse.”

“Of course because we killed him.” Said the deep voiced male.

Libra started to cry even more when she heard him speak. The deep male continued, “He wouldn’t tell us where that woman was going,” He motioned towards Libra, “So we killed him.”

And the same will happen to you if you go to Fronta City with that woman.” Said the female voice, “All of you turn back with that woman right now.”

“And if we don’t?” Dragon looked at them seriously and fiercely.

“Then die.” Said the male deep voice.

As all three of the hooded people started to attack, Dragon yelled, “HEY GUYS PICK A DANCE PARTNER!!!! AND SOMEONE PROTECT LIBRA!!!!”

“So that is the woman’s name.” Said the hooded female as she headed towards Libra.

Wingheart held onto Libra’s shoulders as she cried, and Haltin blocked the female’s long spear, “May I have this dance?”


“Now, now, now it is not nice to say that about people.” Haltin yelled to Dragon, “I GOT THIS ONE!!!”

Then the deep male voice tried to approach Libra, but Dragon quickly ran in front of him, “Sir, please refrain from touching my friend.”

“For disobeying us all five of you will die including Libra.”

Dragon smiled, “Well please give it a try if you can.” Then the deep male voice person took two long swords out and started attacking Dragon.

“Do worry sir, I will get the woman.” Said the male voice hooded person, who took out his long sword, and went towards Libra.

But as he did Yucinders got in front of Libra and Wingheart, then Dark Law got in front of Yucinders as he attached the male with his right fist that was filled with thunder.

The male avoided the attack by dodging, and then the both of them stood across from each other ready to attack.

“How about I take you on?” Dark Law was determined.

“I will thunder user, and the loser will die along with that woman.” He looked at Libra.

Yucinders piped in, “THEY WON’T GET PAST ME GUYS!!!!”

The matches were all set, and the opponents were selected as Libra continued to cry Wingheart said as he patted her on the back, “Everything will be alright Libra.”

Libra just cried in his arms, “It’s all my fault Wingheart. You guys were right; I should have never come here. Now someone is dead because of me.”

Then the fights began. As Dragon fought the leader, “You wouldn’t happen to work for Melieena would you?”

“Our priestess is no concern of yours, you will die with that woman since you failed to heed our warning.”

“I will take that as a yes since you mentioned a priestess.” Dragon blocked the two swords with his Earth power by using sand and dirt that held the swords in place.

The deep male hooded person pushed Dragon back as they fought, but Dragon pushed him forward like a tug of war.

“Hand that woman over.” Said the female.

“No way.” Said Haltin as he created a metal spear in his hand, for one of his powers were the power of metal, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Jealous of a woman that will destroy our city? Not likely.”

“What do you mean by destroy your city? Libra would never hurt anyone.”

“Do you really know her?”

“Well yeah.” Haltin stuttered.

“Sounds like you don’t.” The female overtook Haltin as they clashed their spears rapidly against each other in the fight, “Our priestess predicted that she would destroy us all in Fronta City, so she must die.”

Haltin kept being pushed back.

The male hooded person with the long sword, “Why not let the woman die? What is she to you?”

Dark Law punched his right fist full of thunder against his long sword as they clashed, “I could ask you the same question. Why are you guys so intent on killing Libra?”

“She is destructive to our city. Our priestess said so in her prediction.”

“And you believe that?”

“Yes. Our priestess is the next leader of our great city.” The man spoke in awe as they both shook off from each other and jumped back.

“You’re actually good at this.”

“You too, but that won’t save you or the woman. You all will still die, and it will be for our great priestess.”

“Are you guys kidding me? Are you that obsessed with your priestess?” Dark Law ran forward and using thunder in both of his hands he tackled the long swordsman.

The long swordsman blocked his left hand with his sword, but Dark Law’s right hand hit him in the chin and not only sent him flying, but it also electrified him.

Yucinders cheered, “Way to go Dark Law!” Then he said, “But I don’t understand. Destruction? Death? And their city? It all doesn’t make any sense.”

“Let me help you out Yucinders.” Wingheart started speaking, “They think that Libra will bring destruction to Fronta City, so they are trying to kill her from what I am gathering.”

“But Libra would never hurt anyone.”

“We know that, but they don’t know that. They only believe what their priestess tells them.”

“Which is stupid.”

“I know, but people believe different things in life.”


“Because some are weak willed, and they need something to believe in, and I think these people fall into that category.”

“That’s strange.”

“What is?” Wingheart was curious.

“If we can be strong, why can’t everyone else be?”

“Because people have different things going on in their lives.”

“Man that must be difficult.”

“It is; it is Yucinders.” They both continued to stay on guard and watch the three battles.

The fights dragged on for thirty minutes, but the issue was unfortunately the enemy was showing signs of exhaustion. Dark Law took this chance, “Hey, shouldn’t you guys run on home?”

“Why should we invader?”

“Because you all look awfully tired, have you ever fought before?” Dark Law started snickering.

That pissed the long swordsman off, “I will not forgive you for that insult.” The swordsman started swinging his sword left and right at Dark Law.

Dark Law smiled then as he went in for an attack, he knocked the sword out of the guy’s hands, “Looks like you don’t take a weapon. Give up and go back to Fronta City.”

The guy was pissed even further, so he decided to run over towards Libra one more time, and when he did he pulled out a hidden dagger from his robe, “FOR OUR GREAT PRIESTESS!!!! MAY THE DESTROYER DIE!!!”

Libra looked up at his face with tears in her eyes, while not only Dark Law, but Yucinders as well aimed and suddenly streams of thunder from Dark Law’s direction, and streams of fire from Yucinders direction appeared, and at the same time they hit the long swordsman. The fire burned him from head to toe, and the electricity from the thunder paralyzed him, so he couldn’t move.

The long swordsman collapsed to the ground completely and while lying there dying, “Long live the Priestess Melieena.” Then the man died.

“Those guys need help.” Said Dark Law shaking his head.

The woman screamed, “DUVAII!!!!” Then the woman shook Haltin off, and she ran towards her fallen comrade.

“Uh, I think he us dead lady.” Dark Law said coldly.

Dragon said, “Dark Law chill. Don’t be so mean.”

“Why not?” Dark Law smirked, “It’s the truth.”

“YOU ALL WILL PAY!!!” yelled the woman as she ran to attack Dark Law.

Dark Law kept dodging as she swung her spear at him, “Hey it’s not my fault that your friend couldn’t cut it in battle.”

“AHHHHHH, you all teamed up on him.”

“Just like you all tried to do to Libra, so it’s fair play.” Dark Law jumped into the air, and he used the thunder from the sky when he rose his right hand up to shock her once.

The woman with the spear fell to the ground paralyzed like her comrade. The woman tried to move, “I…. will…hunt you down…. for our…. great priestess.” The woman died from all of the pain.

Yucinders looked bewildered, “Is it just me, or do these people seem crazy?”

“It’s not you.” Wingheart answered as he pulled Libra closer to him, “These three do seem possessed every time they mention that priestess.”

Dragon kept looking at his opponent and listening to all the conversations as he thought, “What is going on in Fronta City?”

The man with the two swords, “Why are you distracted?” Then he slashed Dragon’s chest which was wide open luckily Dragon stepped back at the last second.

“I’m not distracted just listening.” Dragon smiled, “It looks like your comrades have been defeated. Take your own advice and leave.”

“No, not until the destroyer is dead.” The leader kept glaring at Libra, as her cries turned into sobs. The leader also tried to run over to reach Libra, but Dark Law, Haltin, and Yucinders got in his way.

“Where do you think you are going?” Yucinders asked while standing in front of him.

“I will kill the destroyer! Don’t get in my way!” As the man reached for Libra, who looked at him dead in the eyes, Haltin’s hands started to glow, and suddenly the man was surrounded by metal walls that formed a triangle shape around him. Then Dark Law rose his hand to the sky, and a huge strike of thunder came down in the middle of the triangle.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Libra yelled still watching this whole battle.

Everyone stared at Libra who continued to say in sobs, “No more killing.”

Dark Law went up to her, grabbed her shoulders when Wingheart let go, “Libra we have to kill them, or else they will kill us.”

“Yeah, you heard what they said.” Yucinders spoke.

“Why would you want us to spare him?” asked Haltin confused.

“Because killing is wrong.”

Dark Law was very red and he glared briefly at her, then he stood her up by grabbing her arm quickly. Dark Law brought her over to the man and his comrades who died, “Answer me this. Did they try to kill you?”

“Yes.” Libra answered swallowing her sobbing.

“Did they try to kill us?”


“So we have a right to defend ourselves.”

“You can defend yourself, but you don’t have to kill them.”

“So you just want them to come back and try again?”

“No maybe we can try to persuade them not to.”

Dark Law was annoyed as he shook his head in defeat.

“What’s wrong?” asked Libra.

“Libra didn’t you just hear what he just said?” Haltin was stern.


“The point Dark Law is trying to make is since they are trying to kill us, we might as well kill them first before they get another chance to strike again. And the second time, the enemy might just succeed in killing us.”

“But they won’t you can trust them.”

Everyone slapped their foreheads with their right hands except for Libra.

Then Dark Law told her when he got in her face, “Let me tell you the name of the game. This is called the game of survival, and whoever wins is the last one standing in this game.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I am saying you can’t trust everybody, or else you won’t survive.”

“That’s not true.”

“Is it?” Dark Law looked straight at her, “How can you tell what is true or not?”

“Because it is what I believe.”

“Then you are a fool.” Then Dark Law walked away from her towards Dragon, and they both started a conversation.

“I don’t understand.” Libra slumped back down on the ground, “Why am I a fool just for believing in people?”

Wingheart took Libra’s shoulders gently again, “Libra, I learned that in this world not everyone is to be trusted.”

“But why?”

“Because they can stab you in the back if they hold your trust.”

Libra thought, “So should I not trust anybody? Should I not trust my best friend Sky? And should I not trust these guys who are assigned to protect me?” Libra shook her head as she continued to think, “I am so confused.”

“Libra it’s okay. Don’t be scare.” Wingheart held her again and tried to comfort her.

But Haltin thought, “Does he have to hold her so close?” He was slightly red.

As for Dark Law and Dragon, when Dark Law came over to him, Dark Law asked, “So what do you think?”

“I think this was an assassination attempt on us especially on Libra.”

“Yeah, they want her gone for some reason like when we were near headquarters.”

“Yes, I agree.”

“I really think we better get to Fronta City fast now, so we can get some answers.” Dark Law added.

“I had the same exact thought when I was battling their leader.”

Dragon turned as Dark Law asked, “But what are we going to do about Libra? You know she will not leave willingly since she is already here.”

Libra walked up to them as strongly as she could, “I’ll go back home. I caused enough trouble. You guys were right.”

Dark Law milking what she said, “What was that?” He had an arrogant attitude.

Dragon nudged him in the stomach, “Don’t be so cruel.”


Libra continued, “I don’t want anyone else to die because of me.”

Wingheart approached her, “Libra we are fine. We can take care of ourselves.”

“But what if something happens to you all? It would be my fault.” Libra started to sob again.

Dark Law still pissed off scratched his head, “This isn’t your fault. These guys are really just crazy guys.”


“Yeah Libra, so don’t blame yourself.” Said Yucinders trying to cheer her up.

Libra started to smile at their comments, “But I think I will still go home just for everyone’s safety.”

“Alright, that’s your choice.” Said Dragon, “We won’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do anymore. Right guys?”

“YEAH!” They all supported Dragon except for Dark Law who mumbled, “Yeah, sure.”

“I will still go home Dragon, but thank you guys for giving me the choice.” Libra smiled, “You guys really made me happy.”

At the same time the people from on the ship came down, and they started asking questions. They also found Mr. Clefoy’s body on the ground among the other three dead bodies of the assassins. Once they found out what happened, four crew members took Mr. Clefoy’s body aboard the ship, and the captain of the ship went up to Dragon and the others.

He started conversing with them, “Hello, were you people with Chef Clefoy when he died?”

“Yes,” Libra spoke up first, “I am one he was trying to defend from the three assassins.”

Dark Law covered Libra’s mouth, “Libra this is none of his business.”

The captain continued to speak, “I take it since he was trying to defend you, you are a good person Libra.”

Libra pulled Dark Law’s hand off, “Yes, to him I was, and the others here tried to protect him and me.”

“I thank you all for trying to help Chef Clefoy. We are having a memorial service for him while we are docked here. It will be tomorrow morning.” Said the captain to them.

“Are you sure you want to invite complete strangers to a funeral?” asked Haltin.

“Yes, it will be an honor if you are there to send him off.”

“Well I don’t know.” Dragon was questioning the captain’s intentions.

“Please Dragon?” Libra pleaded.

“Well alright.”

“Thank you Dragon.” Libra smiled a little as her eyes teared a bit.

“You’re welcome.” Dragon told her, then the group followed the captain back onto the ship.

Then the whole group and the crew gathered together on the deck the next day. Then the captain started the service.

“Mr. Clefoy was a great man. Mr. Clefoy was the chef that fed us all, and he did it with a passionate heart.” The captain paused then continued, “Mr. Clefoy was a man with a good heart, and we will remember him always.”

Everyone started crying. As the captain continued to say, “Does anyone have anything else to add?”

Libra stepped forward, “My name is Libra, and I have been with Mr. Clefoy for our travels this week learning from him. As the captain said, Mr. Clefoy is a great man, and a great teacher, and I know we all will miss him.” Libra started to tear up as she walked back to Dragon’s side.

Then the captain yelled, “SALUTE!!!” As four men carried Mr. Clefoy’s rapped body on a huge brown plank towards the side of the ship, every crew member on the ship and Libra’s group rose their hands and saluted the fallen man as the four men pushed his body over the side of the ship.

Libra teared up as the body started to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Then Dragon turned to everyone in his group, “Let’s go everyone. We have some place to be.”

Everyone except Libra nodded. As they traveled down the gang plank the captain told them, “It was nice meeting you all. If you need any help at any time don’t hesitate to contact me, Captain Tulan.”

Dragon turned to look at Captain Tulan, “Thank you captain, we will keep that in mind always, and thank you for your hospitality.”

Then Dragon and the others started walking into the town, and even though they acted like they did not notice, they knew that they were receiving the glares of the whole crew when they were at the funeral and walking off the ship. The only one who didn’t know was Libra, who was still crying.

Dragon went beside Dark Law as Libra walked on his left side, he whispered, “Keep an eye on Libra. I have a feeling that our uninvited visitors will be back.”

“But we killed them all.”

“I don’t think we did. I think there are more.”

“Oh, great.” Dark Law shook his head.

“You know we have to protect Libra.”

“That’s not why I am doing this.”

“Why then?”

“Because there are more pests to get rid of now.”

“You are just annoyed that it is more work than you thought it would be.”


“We’ll be prepared. We might have the fight of our lives.”

“Wonderful, I will be prepared.” Dark Law smirked.

They all walked into town. Then they walked to an inn. Everyone in the group sat down except for Dragon, who went to the bar to talk to the bartender.

Dragon sat down at the bar then, “Hey bar keeper, do you know of any transportation that can take people to Fronta City?”

The bartender looked up from drying the wet martini glass, “Sure I know a way, but it will cost you for this information.”

“How much are you looking for?”

“Just ten gold coins.”

“Just for info on transportation, how about five gold coins?”

“Sorry, I can’t give you the information, but for nine gold coins I could.”

“Nine? Nope, no deal. How about six gold coins?”

The bartender rubbed his chin, “Six, hmmmmmm. Okay, you have yourself a deal.”

They both shook hands, and Dragon gave him the six golf coins.

The bartender started off, “There is a wagon on the north side of town that goes half of the way to Fronta City, but for the other half of the trip you will have to go by boat or ferry because Fronta City is now an island my friend.”

“How did that…when did that happen?”

“It happened a long time ago my friend, a long time ago.”

Dragon had to really think about the situation as he went back over to his group, “Everyone Fronta City is an island now.”

“What?!” They all exclaimed.

“How did it happen?” asked Wingheart.

“That’s what I want to know, but now that we know, we have to reassess the situation.”

Yucinders spoke, “Which means?”

Haltin answered, “In other words since the people on that island might be confined from the rest of the world, we have to make sure they are not hanging onto Priestess Melieena’s every word.”

Yucinders was confused, “Huh?”

“In other words stupid we have to make sure that most of the people on the island do not want to kill us. Does that clarify?”

“Yeah, it does Haltin, thanks.” Yucinders thought for a minute, “Hey who are you calling stupid?” Then the both of then started tussling with each other.

Dragon interfered, “Hey this is no time to argue. Let’s go. There is a wagon on the north side of town that will take us half way to Fronta City.”

Then they all got up, and they went outside. But when they got outside, there were more people in black cloaks and hoods surrounding them.

Dark Law glanced at Dragon briefly, “You had to jinx it didn’t you? Now we are doing more work than I thought we would be doing.”

Yucinders heard the comment as he looked at all ten men, who were all tall, “That’s because you are lazy.”

“So what, and what about you Cinder-ella? What have you done so far?”

“Hey don’t call me that. My name is Yucinders, and I have done plenty Dark Law.”

“Hey now, can we focus on the battle.”

“Sure.” Yucinders started to attack first as he ran up to them with rapid speed.

“YUCINDERS WAIT!!!” Dragon yelled for they did not discuss a plan of attack.

Yucinders went up to the middle person then suddenly as he jumped up to strike with a fist of fire that appeared in his right hand as he ran, he was reeled backward, and Yucinders’ body slammed on the ground.

“YUCINDERS!!!!” yelled Libra.

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JONANNA: As an avid reader it is not often I say that about a book. The plot is what was different and the twists where unexpected. This book is defiantly a page turner and enjoyable read. I can't wait to reread this novel after a little editing to finish off the shine on this wonderful novel.

mullikin902: Do not start reading this book unless you have enough time to finish it in one sitting, because you will not be able to put it down! Superlative! Addictive! Deliciously wicked characters you can't get enough of. Impatiently waiting for the sequel!

Giuliana Cassetta: My face is full of tears, I never cried like now with a book or even a movie. I loved every single chapter. I truly don't know what to say, I'm out of words and my eyes hurt from crying. Such an bittersweet story, it's so wonderful. One of my favorites for sure. Keep it up!

Stephen Warner: To start off, I am thoroughly impressed. The writing style is somewhat unique, and the plot seemed to move at a nice and steady pace. However, I was not expecting this to be a vampire book! I am usually not one for novels about vampires, but I was pleasantly surprised! You wrote with such grace a...

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