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The lost two

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When Ethan make adealdeal to go hunting wwith his cousin Jill due to rain he end up into the riveriver current and Jill jump into save him but get pulled along far from their hometown what do these two need to do yo survive and what personal problems do they both got to overcome

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: let's make a deal

The smell of bacon is the best and to have waffles with a cup of orange juice. Hey mom can I go hunting today. " no Ethan" how come it is summer and it finally stop raining. " because I work late today that why I say no." Please can I go "okey let's make a deal" I hate when she say let make a deal because she make the deal so difficult to stick to. "You can go but you have to bring someone with you and I pick the person and you pick any hunting weapon out of your father shed is that a deal". Sure who do you pick to go with me "I have think but when it is time for me to head to work I will have the person" yes ma'am. She heads up stair to get ready for work I wonder who she pick no need to worry now I have to get ready . I head upstairs to get ready to go hunting I hope that bait is cheap because I should go fishing and bait can be expensive but if am correct today it is half off " eathen can you make me a coffee." She yells from up stair okey how you like it "yeah" my mom love coffee before work and she love it with four sugar and four tsp of creamer here she comes down stairs hey mom have you thought of some one "yes I have but you have to go get them" so who is it "your cousin jill " I am sorry mom but no anyone else but her " either her or no hunting" dame it she always do this. Okey I will go get jill under one condition I get aleast 40 dollars for bait " okey and I will call Jill's mother to make sure okey love you see you tonight" okey love you mom. Now time to get ready I head upstairs to get my multitool pocket knife and dad's hunting bow. The fishing rod should already be there. I lock the door behind me on my way to Jill's house. It about a ten minute walk to her house it is humid outside today probable to all the rain on the way I will stop by the truck stop to get some bait and drink for myself I know people say it is selfish but there only one person to worry about and that yourself because worrying about other just might get you kill at least it got my father kill he was trying to save me and it got him killed but still I only care about myself.
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