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The lost two

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The walk

Ding) hey mister G "hey Ethan bait half off today but you already knew that" yeah sir I did. That grindle that his name but people call him mister G but anyway the bait he sell here is the best you can get he make it homemade he use to be a pro Fisherman then he got married. Hey mister G where is the blue cocktail " oh it is on the right in the back the last one saved it for you". Mister G that goes against what I stand for but I will let it slide this once and buy it "well maybe change what you stand for you know it alright to open up once" sorry but it can get me killed only person i open up to is my mother and sometimes that even hard well okey see you later mister G "okey see you later Ethen". Almost forgot my drink hey mister G do you sell any energy drink like bang or moster " um yeah we sell all that it by the coffee" thanks. Head to the freezer section to pick let's see they have my favorite bang but they even have red bull I have twenty dollars left and they cost for two dollars I just buy five cotton candy bang and three red bull then I have to have snack to eat while I hunt I will get some three bags of jerky and four big bag of dry fruit that good. "That hell of a haul where you going to store all this" well mister G I brought my dad hunting bag " this all for you Ethen". Yeah I get hungry sometimes while I am hunting and the energy drink is if I get tired " okey um twenty dollars an ten cent" um I don't have ten cent " I got just make sure you bring a big catfish back alive so I can make some more bait got it" yeah got it mister G. See you later. Now the walk I been dredging to make I have to go get Jill you may wonder why I hate Jill well because she all about gaming and anime she is very energized she is two years older than me I just can't stand her now but what made our relationship worse was when she was able to get me to open up I hated her for that I went a bit far because I cursed her out and call he bitch and that same night I made the worse judgment call and accidentally hit push her away from me in which she ruined her favorite hoodie it got ripped she didn't get mad because of the hoodie she got upset about how I acted toward her I didn't feel bad and since that we have not talk family event birthdays she never came near me I mean I don't mind but it like we are not family it like she don't see me dame it all this thinking I am already here well fuck let's go I knock in the door no one answer " hey Ethen honey" hey aunt pam how the hell she get open the window that silent and fast. Ummm can I come in " yeah of course us the back door okey" got it. Why can't I use the frontdoor. Hey aunt pam is Jill here "you know she is on her xbox like always I will call her down Jill you cousin here"."here I come mom let me finish this match please" she is so quiet when she is not home it use to be like that when she is around me "so Ethan what bring you around here" my mom said i have to bring her if i want to hunting "oh I see ... Ethan I know what happened between you and Jill and I think this would be great for y'all relationship as cousin" after that me and aunt pam heard a sound thud from upstairs " Jill are you alright". " yeah me and my squad came in fifth place in cod so yeah I got mad" "can you come here" "here I come mom". When she came down those stair we made eye contact "you have to go hunting with Ethan okey Jill" "I know his mother call me and told me and I just have to get my baclpack".she heads upstair and I start to wonder wow she have change before I know it she ready to go "okey let go love you mom see you later" see you later aunt pam. I take out my map to see where to start and I start leading the way the walk is quiet and dredfull I look back at her and she is losting to her music well this might be a good hunt

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