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The lost two

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The hunt

After an hour of walking in the woods ahe finally break the silence and that what I was dreaded for when she spoke she always say something stupid or to be an asshole " hey E so you know where we are going". Yes Jill I know the pathway like the back of my hand "just asking because we been walk for sometime and I have not seen your father hunting stand" his stand should be up ahead. And I was right ahead of us was his stand in the vast grass field it faces big open grassland we haed to the stand when we get there I let her go first so as we climb up she slips and almost fall and I am right behind her we make it in side and I close the door so I have time to eat up before the deer come to eat I grab out my bag and pull out me a monster and now we wait for the deer it is around the time they eat my dad taught me that I turn to look at Jill she drinking my monster drink that was not for you that was for me I told her and she just ignore me and continue to sip on it got dame it I grab out a steel point arrow and I set my dad's crossbow down and grab my monster drink out of her hand and put it in the drink holder Jill can you not touch my stuff "why" because I ask you to and it is my "sure what're we doing after this probably head to the oak bridge and fish now be quiet so you don't scare the deer "why do I have to stay quiet" they I'll here you now please stay quiet "you still drink the red cans of moster" Jill shut the hell up last time me asking you "or what" dame it she always test my patience I wish mom pick someone else "hey can I gut the deer after you kill it". I have an idea what mom pick Jill she has a tomboy personality and she is not afraid to say shit if it bothers her I think that her flaw she have no worries. Jill can you stop humming "why it not like I am bothering you" Jill why are you so dame complicated "anyway I only agreed to go is to get out the house" oh wow like I really wantwsntou to tag along I was against it and one reason I was against it is because you don't know when to shut the hell up. Out of anger I shot the crossbow and I hit a deer in the eye it stop dead so fast. I get out the stand to go see my prize when I got to it I was surprised to see that it was alive and breathing. Dame it I did not want to suffer and feel pain now I have to snap it neck I can't bring myself to do it. "Just do it why make it suffer" I will just give me a second I never had to do this "do you want me to help" how are you going to help with this. Before I knew it she had her hand around my and her chest on my back with her head on my shoulder the scent she was giving off a caramel peppermint scent.she whisper in my ear "I can tell your scared you are shaking badly" she guide my hand on the deer's head and what she says give me little bit of peace " suffer no more thy soul may rest now" and then my hand was slowly place on the deer's neck her hand was on the other side and she turn the neck so fast all I heard was a snap and then I feel a tear drop on my shoulder I turn and she has tear coming down her check and what said to me scared me for life " so beautiful it's life is gone and the lifeless eyes are so beautiful".

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