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Not your average werewolf story! As you journey through mysteries and adventures with the pack 'Salvia',you see through the eyes of Lela one of the many werewolf's out there.

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Chapter 1

It was fall in Louisiana when Lela had realized she was half animal.Lots of things normally went down in the fall,Attacks,new buildings,people moving in,people moving out,normal stuff like that. Nothing had struck Lela as hard as it did now at this time though. Her family were dogs. Wolves to be specific. They were werewolf's.

Lela's brown lush hair was tied up in a lazy bun,and she wore a blue shirt under her white stained apron and grey jeans. She worked at a small coffee shop. Her best friend Katy had come there everyday to visit. Katy leaned over the counter her long black hair in a high ponytail and a deep blue tank top.

“Hello” Katy said then leaned back up her arms crossed.

“Hi” Lela said as she prepared herself a French Vanilla,her hazel eyes staring at the ground not making eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” Katy asked trying to make eye contact.

“Shit!” Lela yelped as she dropped her cup on purpose.

“You should get going Kat, Professor won’t like it if your late again to class”

Katy huffed and walked out of the store a bit upset,her hair flung side to side as she walked out. Lela sighed with relief.

Lela then got her stuff and took off her apron and walked out running to her school as the city bell rang 7. She walked along the stone path pass the fountain and the bakery and the candy store.

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