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Lennox's head snapped up at the sound of a twig snapping. Sean pushed her behind him as footsteps headed towards them. "Run" Lennox told him. "Not without you.' Sean replied.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

A teenage girl walked through a set of bushes and jumped over a small stream as she continued to hike through the woods. She paused to look at a flower when she heard a noise. She looked up but couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from so she kept walking. She could feel someone watching her but still she kept walking as she tried to ignore the feeling.

Upon hearing the noise again she spun on her heels and ran all the way back to a big blue house. The paint was faded and chipping but to the girl it was home. She burst through the door to the kitchen and leaned back against it to catch her breath.

“What’s gotten into you Lennox?” a man with black hair and blue eyes about her age asked.

The girl looked up and laughed, “Jaiden I’m fine.”

“Well you don’t look it,” a girl with shoulder length wavy caramel hair and hazel eyes mumbled.

“I’m fine Haven, honest,” Lennox reassured her.

“Lollipops and gum balls!” shouted another man with blonde hair and brown eyes as he entered the room.

“Really Doug?” asked a different man who had black hair that was on the long side and green eyes.

“Yes Ethan. Lollipops and gum balls,” Doug said smugly.

“Grow up,” said a long straight brown haired, golden eyed girl.

“You grow down Nicky,” Doug smiled.

“Would you all just shut up?!” Lennox yelled over them.

They all turned to the girl that they say as their ‘leader’ and waited.

“Look I don’t know what that was in the woods but it was probably just something passing through so for a few days we should stay...” Lennox started but Haven had already run out the door and towards the woods.

“...Out of the woods,” she finished.

“Let’s go get her,” Jaiden sighed.

“Jay, your clothes,” Nicky pointed out.

Jaiden looked down to find himself only wearing boxers.

“Why does this keep happening?!” Jaiden shrieked as he put his clothes back on.

“You have a problem is why. You guys stay here I know the woods better than any of you,” Lennox said already racing out the door.

Lennox sprinted through the woods yelling for Haven but getting no answer.

Lennox came to a stop where she had been earlier before yelling once more, “Haven!”

“I’m right here Lennox,” Haven called out.

Lennox whipped around to find her friend safe and sound.

“Haven you scared me. You shouldn’t have run off like that,” she sighed as she hugged Haven.

“Sorry but I wanted to see what it was,” Haven sighed.

Lennox pulled away before nodding, “I’ll stay and look. You get back to the house just in case,”

Haven nodded and ran off back towards the house.

Lennox sighed as she walked around the small clearing she had the noise in before.

When she got to a large bush she heard the noise again. Her first instinct was to at least jump away but she restrained and didn’t even flinch. She waited and listened quietly as the noise got a little closer. She took a deep breath and stepped towards the noise now determined to keep her promise.

The noise got closer and closer as Lennox continued her approach before she stopped right in front of the bush. So did the noise.

Lennox waited and listened when suddenly a hand wrapped around her ankle.

“Ahhhh!” Lennox screamed as she jumped away making the hand let go.

Lennox fell backwards over a rock, her long, wavy, golden blond hair flying everywhere as she went.

“Help... me... please...” a voice rasped from the bush.

Lennox crawled to the bush and moved a branch where the hand was but saw nothing but an arm.

She stood and took a deep breath, “Come out here,”

The bush moved and a man stumbled out and collapsed into Lennox’s arms.

“Help...” he rasped out again.

Lennox gasped as she looked at his pale face that was hidden under his dark hair then shifted to hold his weight as she started back towards the house.

“Haven! Get the others!” Lennox yelled as she staggered across the lawn still carrying the man.

“Oh my god... Lennox, who is that?!” Haven yelled to the stumbling girl.

“Go get help!” Lennox yelled back.

“Lennox-Erza! Who the hell is that!?” Jaiden yelled as he and the others ran outside.

“I have no idea he passed out after begging for help. And don’t call me Erza!” Lennox replied.

Jaiden came and helped Lennox carry the guy inside while the others rushed around to get medical supplies.

“Alright. We’ve done all we can for now. You guys go get some rest, I’ll take first watch,” Lennox told everyone else after they had dressed the guy’s wounds.

They all either nodded, yawned, or both before heading off to their rooms until it was their turn for watch.

Lennox went back into the guest room where they were keeping the guy, closing the door behind her, and sat in a chair a few feet from the bed. For a while she just sat there and watched the mysterious guy, trying to read him to see if she could learn anything about him, but of course she couldn’t.

He had dark hair that was around the same length as Ethan’s and his chin was covered with a bit of scruff as if he hadn’t shaved in a couple weeks or so. He was regaining a bit of color to his skin though.

Then just as she was about to doze off the guy groaned making her snap awake again.

She quickly ran to her brother’s room and shook him awake.

“Jaiden! Jaiden get up he’s stirring,” She told him.

“I’m up Lennox, stop shaking me please,” Jaiden replied as he sat up.


The siblings headed back to the guest room and stood in the doorway so they weren’t near the guy when he woke up in case he lashed out at them.

“Lennox-Erza, get back here!” Jaiden hissed when his sister entered the room and neared the groaning guy.

“Relax Jay; I’m more careful than you are. And enough with the Erza name calling,” Lennox waved him off as she pulled the chair she had been sitting in earlier closer to the bed and sat down.

“You’re so stubborn,” Jaiden replied as he walked up to her and dragged her chair backwards.

The noise of the chair scrapping across the floor caused the guy to open his gray eyes and look around.

“Where am I? Who are you?” he asked them as he stared at them in fear.

“Great Jay you woke him up!” Lennox exclaimed as she swat her brother on the back of the head.

“Geez calm down. I’m sorry I was concerned about my sister’s safety,” Jaiden replied sarcastically.

“Look at him, he’s more afraid of us than you are of him. He’s not going to hurt anyone.”

Lennox sighed before turning to the guy with an apologetic smile, “Sorry for him. I’m Lennox Riley and this is my older brother Jaiden Everson. Our friends are still asleep but I’ll introduce them later.”

“What’s your name?” Jaiden asked him.

“Sean Justin,” The guy replied as he looked between the siblings.

“You said you’re siblings yet your names…” Sean started.

“Our parents split around my birth so he’s got dad’s name and I’ve got mom’s,” Lennox explained.

“Don’t tell him too much Lennox. We still don’t know if we can trust him,” Jaiden told her as he crossed his arms.

“That’s expected. I hate to ask but… I need your help,” Sean told them.

Jaiden and Lennox glanced at each other unsure before turning to stare at Sean.

“What can we do for you Sean?” Lennox asked with a smile.

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