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Part 1 - 6 years old/ Chapter 1

Okay, let's start at the beginning of my story. Everything started when I was 6 years old, it was like any other day in my birthplace of New Haven BC.

New Haven was a hidden out of way small city in the BC mountains. The city is very hidden with mountains all around the town and it was very well covered because of them and the plant life was all around.

Me and my siblings were playing in the park with our family friends.

I held tightly to my 4-year-old brother Blaise’s hand as I helped him in the playground.

Not many people will play with me as they are scared of me after I beat someone up pretty badly after they made fun of Blaise.

Elsie is my older sister she’s 8 years old.

We were playing hide and seek at that time.

Kai was it, he’s the same age as me. He and his brother Milo are the only people that are not scared of me. The Winters and Dixon family are really good friends, cause our mothers are best friends. Milo is the same age as Elsie.

I took Blaise with me into the tube and put my finger to my mouth as I ruffled his dull flame coloured hair. He looked at me with his red eyes I just smiled at him.

“Found you!” a boy's voice exclaimed from the end of the tunnel. I climbed out with Blaise I stood up and slammed my head against someone else.

“Ow!” I groaned.

“Sorry!” he exclaimed as I looked up to the boy with orange spiky hair looking at his deep purple eyes.

“Kai! I do have a thing called personal space. If you listen to it this wouldn’t happen.” I huffed.

He just laughed it off. I sat on the bench with Blaise as Kai found the other two, it didn’t take long. Kai had a knack of being able to find us quickly.

“Why do we let your brother find us?” Elsie huffed. I looked over at her. I could see her dark blue hair and silver eyes she had an angered look on her face.

“I don’t know.” a boy huffed he had deep blue messy short hair and light blue-eyes, that’s Milo.

“He got you too?” Elsie asked I nodded.

“I win!” Kai exclaimed.

“As my prize Zara will kiss me.” he huffed.

“No! Not happening. I don’t want to.” I huffed.

He came face to face with me which was very awkward. “And why not?” he asked.

“Cause you have cooties.” I huffed crossing my arms.

“Come on.” he huffed.

“Just do it.” Elise sighed. I quickly kissed him on the check then turned away.

(I didn’t get why Kai liked me back then… I still don’t understand it.)

“Lise! I’m hungry.” Blaise told us.

“Yeah I’m a little hungry too.” Milo agreed.

“Let’s go to our place and get a snack then.” Elise told us. Elise took Blaise’s hand Milo right beside her and Kai was in front. He really likes food... I don’t get him.

I walked behind them I wasn’t entirely keeping up with them as I was slightly dragging my feet. I felt like the outcast sometimes.

I wasn’t like Elsie with her smarts, Blaise with his persuasion abilities, Milo was resourceful, or even Kai was the positivity in the group.

I was the just strong one the one that fights… I try my best at school but I always get compared.

I was also the one of use that stood out the most. My pink hair and gold eyes… neither of them normal and they are real easy to see. For some reason, I got an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’ve had this feeling before but it was never like this. It scared me I started to run to catch up to the others. As I did so the pit in my stomach got larger.

I turned the corner to see odd creatures holding onto Milo, and Blaise. Elise was trying to get them free, Kai was kicking the things in their legs.

I ran forward towards them and jumped at one of the creatures. I punch them in the side of their head jumping to the other I bite down on its arm.

“Let go of them you weirdoes!” I yelled while my voice was muffled from the fact I was currently biting on this things arm as hard as I could.

Another came out from the black swirly thing and grabbed Elise and Kai. One was trying to get me off another one but was having trouble.

They get me off when they hit me in the stomach. I then watched as they took us in with them into the black swirly thing.

On the other side, I could see the others. All of them but me and Kai were passed out.

“Elise! Blaise!” I exclaimed. I began to struggle to try and get free.

“Be quiet!” a creature snapped at me.

The place was dark with blacks, blue and purples, I could easily see despite this. The only bright light was through these swirly circles.

The creatures took us farther along and it reviled large open places with many branching paths, each of them was similar to the one we just came from.

“Let us go!” Kai yelled moving around a lot.

“Stop this now or else!” a creature growled.

“Let me go!” he growled. I noticed the creature was going to kill him.

“NO!” I yowled.

“Shut up!” the creature snapped slapping me across the face.

“You jerks! I won’t let you hit my lady!” Kai growled.

“I’m not your lady.” I huffed. “The sentiment remains!” Kai huffed.

“Hum… this one has spirit the master could us one like him.” the creature huffed.

“But he is able to stay awake in the dimension gate sir. Can we even make him of use?” another creature asked.

“Of course all we have to do is just make him compliant.” the creature told them.

“I’ll never listen to you!” Kai growled.

“Maybe not now… but how about we get rid of that fight you have by getting rid of the other problem.” the creature huffed turning to me. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. It's hand went around my neck and began to choke me.

“No!” Kai exclaimed. He bit the creature that was holding his arm, causing it to loosen its grip on him. He jumped from that one to the other creature that smacked and was currently choking me.

It let go of me and tried to get Kai off as he attacked it. I watched as Kai fought for me, to save me. I couldn’t believe he would go this far for me.

Then all I could do was watch as another creature slammed Kai on the back of the head. I watched as he fell down to I don’t know where.

“Kai!” I screamed tears coming from my eyes as I watched him fall trying to get free to go after him.

“Should we go after him?” a creature asked. I could see it look at me in the corner of my eye.

“No. Leave him to die here. We can use the girl instead.” the creature huffed.

They dragged the 4 of us with them. I just continually sobbed I couldn't believe what just happened.

“Shut up girl!” the creature growled smacking me again. But I would stop it got to the point in which the thing want to kill me. It came to me once again and was going to hit me even hard this time but something or someone stopped them.

I saw a man with leaf green hair in front of me. He killed the creature that was holding me and took me in his arm. I could smell his scent from here. It was clamming, I liked it. He faced the one that has been hitting me.

“I was hoping to be able to avoid you today.” the creature huffed.

“Well that won’t be happening now hand over the rest of the children.” the man huffed.

“No, I won’t be doing that. You should hand the girl over as you a very much outnumbered.” the creature huffed as more of them showed up. The men then raced off with me in his arms.

“No! What about Milo, Elise, and Blaise. You can’t leave them!” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry kid I have no choice. I can’t let you get captured again or killed. I have no back up like they do.” he told me.

“No…” I trailed off.

The man then took us through an odd portal it was extremely hidden and oddly coloured. He placed me down on the stone floor. I looked around at the place from the spot on the ground and could at the time only get it was some kind of stone building. I had tears streaking my face, I shaking I was so upset.

“My names Leaf kid. This is my home… welcome to Dimensional base.” he told me. “I want to go home.” I sobbed.

“That’s not a choice anymore kid I’m sorry. If you go home now you will be more of a danger to them being there.” he told me.

“Why?” I sobbed.

“Kid your something called a Dimensional… those creatures you saw there are called Dime-invaders by most. Their real name is the Kaji. They are the remains of an ancient race that lived in the first dimension. They were exiled as the first dimension broke apart. But I’ll explain all these things to you later. But once again welcome to Dimensional base in the second dimension, we’re safe here.” he told me.

“What are you going to do to me? A-are you going to kill me like those creatures killed Kai?” I sniffled whipping away some of the tears from my eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“There was five of us. Kai and I were the only ones awake. When the boss man tried to kill me Kai fought back. They hit him and left him falling in the dimension gate place. They said he’s as good as dead. I was so mean to him… and he still tried to save me. Sniff… he should have let them kill me.” I cried.

I felt a warm hand on top of my head. I looked up and looked into Leaf’s silver (with hints of gold) eyes. “It’s alright kid. He must have really liked you to do something like that.” he told me.

“When someone likes someone so much they don’t care what happens to anything else as long as the one they love is safe.” he told me.

“So then what’s going to happen?” I asked.

“I’m going to train and teach you of course. You’re the first dimensional to appear for a long time. You will be the new hope for the dimensions. Rajin bringer of new hope.” Leaf exclaimed.

“But that’s not my name.” I told him.

“Right. What's your name kid?” he asked.

“Zara… Zara Fangs Dixon.” I answered.

“Alright, Zara. Well, let me tell you this your dimensional name… your code name you can call it. That will be Rajin for you are the bringer of a new hope for us all.” Leaf told me.

“Rajin.” I muttered quietly.

“Yes. Now I’ll show you to your room.” he sighed taking my hand and he leads me through the place. He took me to a room the was actually very big.

“We can redecorate it later.” he told me ruffling my hair.

“Now, go to bed and rest. You’ve had a very long day today, I’ll see you tomorrow.” he told me as he left me in the room.

“Good night.” I muttered.

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