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Chapter 2

“Zara come on wake up.” a voice broke the silence. I opened my eyes to be looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling. I sat up in the bed to be looking at the green haired man in front of me.

I rubbed my tired eyes as I looked at him. That’s right I’m not home anymore. I muttered. “What is it Leaf?” I muttered with a slight yawn.

“It’s morning. I’m going to go take you shopping. You’re going to redecorate your room and get some clothing and anything else to make this more comfortable for you.” he told me with a grin.

“Okay, are we going to have breakfast? I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.” I asked.

“Yeah we will when we're out.” he told me.

I got out of the bed I smoothed down my crazy bed head and fixed my clothes. I had nothing else to wear so I had to wear these again.

“Okay I’m ready.” I told him after getting my sandals on. He took my hand with his free hand he held it out in front of him and one of the dark swirly things opened.

“This is called a portal it will take you to the dimension gate. If your really strong and know where you want to go you can open a portal that will take you to that dimension.”

“At this time only dimensional’s like us and Kaji can open portals. Kaji can only open portals to the dimension gate and there base in the dimension gate.” he told me I nodded.

We stepped through the portal and was greeted with the darkness of the dimension gate. “Leaf why did my brother, sister, and friend fall asleep after we entered the dimension gate?” I asked.

“Well, when normal creatures go through portals without a dimensional they will pass out. Dimensional’s and Kaji are the only one allowed to see the dimension gate.”

“Dimensional’s are the protector’s of dimensions so we can take people through dimension’s with them awake unless we want them asleep. Kaji are the cursed beings of the dimension gods so they don’t get such luxury.” he told me.

“So when they take people and some are awake they kill them.” he told me.

“Leaf why is there no one else besides you and me?” I asked.

“We are the enemies of the Kaji so they’ve killed all the others.” he told me.

“Is that way I can’t go home then?” I asked.

“Yes, you can’t protect them yet. If you go home know it will just bring your dimension problems. Don’t worry Zara I will explain everything later to you. Today is just to get you settled into the temple.” he explain.

When enter into a portal on the others side it was really bright almost blinding.

“Welcome to Haven the 3rd dimension.” he told me. I could see the sky for miles it was breathtaking.

I began to walk around but felt myself being pulled back. “Be careful. The third dimension is made entirely out of floating islands.” Leaf told me.

I looked down from the cliff I almost walked off and saw only sky below.

“There has to be land some were down there.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t know about that one but hold on tight to me. I’m going to fly us over to the shopping district.” He sighed big feathery wings appeared on his back.

He picked me up in his arms as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He jumped off the island I buried my face in his chest to stop my screams then I felt as we stopped falling.

“You can look now Zara.” He told me. I lifted my head up and looked to see the clouds around us.

We were actually flying. I went to reached out to touch a could but almost fell wrapping my arms around him again.

I felt him grab me by my waist. “Let go.” He told me. I let my arms fall to my side. He held me out I could tell he wasn’t going to let go as his grip was tight.

“Go ahead touch them.” He told me. I reached out and let the clouds touch my hand.

They felt damp but light I looked in shock and heard him laugh.

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