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Chapter 3

We got to the shopping district he puts me down and I could see the large amount of people here. “Alright let’s begin. We need clothes, food, paints, decoration, bedding, and bathroom things.” He told me.

We went through stores I tried on a lot of outfits, I like comfy clothing, I’ll wear the odd dress too. We also got some pj’s as well. Then we also got hand soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, hair brushes, and accessories.

“Can I get my ears pierced?” I asked. “Sure.” He answered. I don’t think he knew I was going to get two ear piercings so ear ear having two holes the first had studs the second was small hoops called barbells.

We continued on and got some light purple and white bedding. We then went and grabbed a light purple paint for the walls. I grabbed some stencils and white spray paint. Leaf grabbed some decorations which I liked.

We got some food as well. I had some pancakes it didn’t taste as good as mom’s though. Afterwards, we bought food for the place.

“Alright we I have to go to one more place but you’ll have to wait outside.” He told me I nodded. I sat on a bench outside the store. I wonder where Leaf is keeping everything? I muttered.

“Hey what are you doing here little girl?” a weird man asked. “I’m waiting for my friend.” I answered swinging my legs back and forth. “Well how about you coming with us?” a creepy men asked. “No.” I told them.

“It wasn’t a choice.” the first growled grabbing my arm. I pulled my arm away from him a sent them a glare. That when the four of them came towards me. I didn’t like this so I got up and started to run. They followed me as I ran.

What am I going to do?! I can’t get off the island and I don’t know this place well enough. I’m so dead. I muttered. I felt something grabbed my arm and pulled me. I was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth.

I saw the 4 men pass and the person let me go. “Are you alright?” my saviour asked I just nodded. I couldn’t really see them but from their shadow, they looked to be my age.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before are you new here?” he asked. “Yeah. I’m here with my new friend to get some things for my new room.” I answered. “New room?” they asked. “Yeah I’m staying with them to keep my family safe.” I answered.

“Won’t they miss you?” he asked. “Maybe but it’s for the best. If I go home they will be hurt.” I answered.

“What do you mean keep them safe?” he asked. “I-“ I was cut off by the 4 men. “There you are. Now come with us and now one gets hurt.” the creepy man told me grabbing my arm. I shivered I didn’t like them touching me.

They were then hit in the face by my saviour. “Don’t touch her.” he growled as I went and hid behind him.

“Get out of here.” he told me. “Shut up kid!” the evil look man snapped hitting my saviour. My saviour hit the wall. “Run.” he told me.

I took a deep breath and focused my gaze on the 4 man. No more miss innocent. To get out of here I’ll have to fight. I huffed getting into a fighting stance.

I saw the 4 men look shocked at the sudden change. I then lunged at them I scratched the creepy one across the face. I pushed off the creepy one kicking him in the stomach, then kicked the weird one in the head. I punched the evil looking one in the jaw but was grabbed by the quiet one.

I wiggled a lot and sent my head back slamming it into his nose them kicked him where the sun don’t shine. Causing him to fall. I stunned them at moment. I grabbed my saviour pulling him from the ground.

“Thank you for the help. But please run. I’d rather you not get hurt.” I told him. “But what about you?” he asked. “Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I told him.

“There she is!” I heard the weird one growl. I then started to run again. I ran till I reach the end of the island. They had me cornered.

“What are you going to do now girl? I’m sure that you can’t fly.” the creepy one growled. “Leaf!” I screamed. “Get her!” the evil one growled. I back up but my feet touched the edge of the island.

I have now were else to go. I muttered the creepy one reached out to grabbed me and I pushed myself back to avoid this and fell off the island. “LEAF!” I yelled.

I felt something grabbed me stopping my fall. “You’re crazy. What if I didn’t hear you?” he huffed. “I knew you would. I trust you Leaf… do know why. But I trust you and knew you wouldn’t let me fall to my death.” I answered.

He let out a sigh as we got back to the island level. “These guys were trying to take me. I ran that they chased me here.” I told Leaf pointing to the four men.

“So that’s why you were gone.” he sighed I nodded. He put me down on the ground then beat up the four men.

“Now come on.” Leaf sighed taking me back to the store. He came out not too long afterwards. “Do you want to get some toys?” he asked I nodded my head. We went in a store and I grabbed 4 stuffed animals, a dog, wolf, cat, and a fox.

“Alright lets go back home.” he sighed as we left the store. I nodded he picked me up then flew us back to the small little island that first first came from. He opened the portal in front of us grabbing my hand as we went into the portal.


We were back at the temple and went to my new room. Leaf took everything out of there before we started painting. Leaf was able to paint really fast he says it’s because he’s using his powers. That cheater.

Leaf also sped up the drying process using some magic. Which made things quick.

I grabbed the stencils and white spray paint and began putting the pretty designs on my wall.

When everything was dry were put the room back together.

We made the bed with all new bedding and pillows. I put the six stuffed animals on my bed. There was something missing from my bed and I knew what it was.

“Leaf.” I muttered. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “There’s something missing.” I told him.

“And what is that?” he asked. I them whispered in his ear and he nodded leaving me as I finished putting everything together.

I put my clothes away and all the things in the bathroom and kitchen properly after finding them of course.

“I’m back Zara. Here you go.” he sighed handing me a blanket and a stuffed purple dragon. “Thank you.” I thanked him as I held the two things close to my chest.

I went back to my room and put them in their proper place on the bed through I just wanted to hold them.

“We will start tomorrow okay. Oh actually first.” he exclaimed racing off he came back quick holding something behind him.

“What hand.” he asked. “Left.” I answered. He showed me his left hand it had some kind of gadget. “Go ahead it’s yours.” he told me.

“It’s called a D-gear. It’s a dimensional’s greatest tool. It can call anyone no mattered where they are. It holds any information need, location, maps, missions. It’s connect to the main computer. It also holds all of your things.” he told me.

“So that’s were all the things we bought went!” I gasped he nodded. “It also gives us money to use for the current dimension, it can help you hide yourself. It can also do video calls, and holo-calls. It’s a warning system, it also will help you transform.” he told me.

I nodded looking at the thing in awe. I flipped the took open and it looked like a flip phone but I hit the button on the side and it change to a smartphone. I hit the button again changing it back, I hit the other button and it changed again whereI held to the side and there was a screen in the middle.

I change that back and press a third button. It also changed it but really just add two small screens and button pads. The last on it moved the screen to the side on the buttons and added more buttons.

He then gave me a journal with the same symbol on the front it had a writing tool attached to it. “This is your journal. Only you can open and ready it so write whatever you want you can even draw in there if you like.” he told me. I nodded to tell him I understand.

I went around the temple exploring and seeing other places here. I eventually made it outside to find the temple a suspended island hold up by a pillar of rock. The sky was a normal colour but I could see slight breaks and cracks in it.

I didn’t understand what this exactly was till later in life. But after a few hours I was tired and went to bed after getting change.

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