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Chapter 4

I woke up once again early as my dreams have only been filled with nightmares.


Surrounded by darkness it felt cold... so cold. Light suddenly breaks through and I race towards it. Something stops me and I turn to see Kai held back by the darkness I race over to grab him but and stopped as I’m pulled back. My fingers slip through his i get turned away but tear myself away to be face to face with someone older a look on his face that scared me.

I then see bodies on the ground and other figure that are even more scary.

“This is all your fault. None of this would have happened it you were never alive!”

“You killed them!”

“You are the reason for our pain our suffering you must die!”

“You are nothing no one wants or loves you.”

I then feel something grip my neck tight chocking me.

I had that dream a lot. It made me feel guilty.

“I’m so sorry.”

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