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Chapter 6

I then spent the next 10 minutes teaching this person how fight in some form even if it’s not the best. “Um I’m not the best fighter as I have a lot of problems but you should try and see if you can find someone else to teach you that knows how.” I muttered.

“It’s not going to be that easy but this help me.” she replied.

“I’m not that good I’m just really strong… your actually pretty strong too.” I told her.

“Um… So what’s your name?” she asked me.

“It’s Zara Dixion.” I replied.

“Mine’s Mavis Yun.” she told me.

“I’ve never been good at making friends.” I mumbled. looking at my feet.

“Me neither… it’s hard to trust people here. Everyone’s pretty much against you here.” she told me.

“Well… maybe you can find someone that you can trust… it’s good to have someone to talk to.” I muttered.

“Yeah but have you now right.” she told me.

“I’m sorry… but me and my master are um… travels we travel around.” I told her.

“Can’t you stay or take me with you!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sorry but that can’t happen pretty young lady. It would be to dangerous for you and I can’t take care of two kids.” Leaf sighed as he came into the building.

“Leaf! You came for me!” I exclaimed.

“Of course I did.” he replied.

“I thought you’d forget me cause your not used to me being with you!” I told him.

“Finally found you Pup your going to pay for what you did!” that man from earlier growled.

“Zara what did you do?” Leaf asked.

“I punched him for hurting my friend.” I replied.

“Stop King!” Mavis huffed going in front of him but she what hit aside.

“Mavis!” I gasped.

“Well that’s something quite hard to forgive.” Leaf huffed crossing his arm.

“Come on men let’s show them not to mess with the leading Outcast gang the Blazers.” this King guy huffed and like he called. More guys came out.

“Alright Zara this is the perfect time to teach you some fighting techniques.” Leaf told me.

“What?! N-now!” I stuttered.

“Yes now come on these guys won’t go down by themselves.

“Wait teach me too!” Mavis exclaimed getting up from the ground.

“Fine you’d do good learning it too I guess.” Leaf sighed.

Mavis joined up with us to have us all surrounded by these guys. We where back to back facing off against these guys. Then like by the sound of a gun the gang members jumped at up.

“Mavis duck now! Zara clock ’em one, then Mavis sweep his legs.” Leaf told us as he was fighting off 5 guys at once. Mavis went to the ground and I sent a strong left upper cut straight into the guys jaw, then Mavis swept his legs out from under him I then knocked them out with a swift kick to the head.

“You two work on kicks and punches. One two one two three, rhythm, focus on precision not power.” Leaf told us as he set a person through the wall.

That rhythm just was in my head as I began to fight. One two one two three One two one two three, that was on repeat on my head as I switched between punches and kicks.

“Zara jump!” I heard Leaf yelled it snapped me out of my trance and jumped up into the air right away to see the large sword of Leaf’s sword sweep the air. “Flying scissor kick!” he told me… I didn’t really now what that was so I just did a normal kick. and slammed a guy into the ground.

“Argh!” I heard Mavis scream I saw her on the ground with a stab wound I noticed the blood was darker then what mine is but it didn’t matter to me. I raced forward to attack the guy but Leaf bet me to him and slammed him to the ground. What neither of us notice was there was another person. I felt something grabbed me by the ankle and pull me back.

“Leaf!” I screamed out in pure fear. Leaf turned around in pure shock.

“Thought you got ride of me did you it will take more than that to get ride of me.” it laughed. I tried to get free but it wasn’t working. “What you aren’t going to attack me will I have your little student? How sad for you there is no way you’re seeing daylight.” it laughed.

I was afraid, I could feel the blood run cold. “L-let got of me!” I screamed as I was surrounded by flames, causing the Kaji to drop me. That’s when Leaf jumped in and slashed it in half. I then turned around to see that King guy standing but there expression on his face was odd.

That’s when King fell to the ground with a piece of broken glass jabbed through his back answers bleeding.. Mavis was behind him covering in blood weather it was his or her or both I still am unsure of.

“He… was trying to kill you when you were distracted.” she muttered before falling to the ground. “Leaf we have to help her!” I exclaimed. “Alright! Alright don’t blow a fuse.” he sighed as he kneed right beside the girl and spoke something in a language I now as ancient Origic.

White light came from his hand to the Mavis and I watched as her wounds healed. “W-what happened?” she groaned.

“Thank good you’re alright You had me worried!” I exclaimed.

“I’m alive… thank you.for everything which includes saving me.” she told us.

“Mavis! Thank god I found you- Oh my god! Kings dead you killed king didn’t you?!” this guy gasped.

I found out why as Leaf put a spell on us to hide us from his view. Leaf did some kind of motion which caused her to reply. “Yeah.” she muttered.

“Thank god your alright I was worried, but your the new boss of the Outcast’s! Wait we should make a gang. Your thieving skills and kind nature with my knowledge we can protect the kittens in Outcast territory.” they exclaimed.

“Um okay.” she replied.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” he told her.

“Mavis there’s your friend, he seems to want to keep you safe.” I told her.

“Yes you have a new job now. Keep those Kittens safe and rase them. Keep training and make sure to keep your position. You’ll do great things on day kid.” Leaf told her.

“Come on Zara we should get going.” Leaf sighed.

“Okay Leaf. Bye Mavis! Good luck!” i exclaimed as I raced after Leaf. He suddenly picked me up and gave me a piggy back ride.

“I hope Mavis will be okay.” I sighed.

“I’m sure she’ll do fine Mavis I think she just needed someone to convince and motivate her to do something.” Leaf told me.

“Okay so then what are we doing now?” I asked lean on his head as we continued to get as far away from the town as possible to open a portal.

“I have to keep training you of course. I need you to be ready.” Leaf told me.

“Alright.” I mumbled as Leaf opened the portal and walked inside with me on his back.

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